Dollfie Sex Doll Alternatives For Real Fans

A Dollfie is a hybrid between a fashion doll and an action figure. These products by Volks are popular among anime fans. They are like the Eastern counterpart to Funko Pops, in the sense that many people are trying to collect them.

Dollfie dolls are excellent as they are, but there’s a way to improve them further. That is by making them capable of engaging in sexual activities. Volks wouldn’t do it, though, no matter how many of the collectors would want it. But thankfully, there are sex dolls. Some of these look like anime characters. Furthermore, like Dollfie dolls, a sex doll is like the love child of action figures and Barbie dolls. So they could definitely pass as Dollfie doll alternatives. But of course, you have to look for the right models.

Continue reading this article to be up to speed with the best sex dolls you can use as Dollfie doll alternatives. 


Dollfie Sex Doll Alternatives For Real Fans

Volks has once collaborated with Sailor Moon and released Dollfie doll models of the sailors. The classic anime was loved both by men and women. While it is really targeted at teen females, males loved it because of the pretty ladies starring in the show. Many of these men think that Sailor Jupiter is the hottest one out of the group.

The Sailor Jupiter Dollfie doll could have been the best way to bring her to your home and make her your “waifu.” Unfortunately, Dollfie dolls are too small. Also, again, she does not offer sex – which is a part of relationships. 

Worry not. You can buy the Lilly sex doll instead. She is life-size but still, has that cute look Dollfie dolls are known for. Moreover, if you change her eye color to green – which you can do – she looks like Sailor Jupiter.

What you will love about this love doll, aside from her appearance, is her sex capabilities. Lilly offers oral, anal, and vaginal sex – all of which feel realistic. So why settle with the Sailor Jupiter Dollfie as a companion when you can have this?


Dollfie Sex Doll Alternatives For Real Fans

Towa is one of the five standard Dollfie doll models, and she is a popular one because she’s too perfect. Towa has that beautiful, long blue hair. Very anime. But her charms do not come from that alone. She also has very pronounced boobs. One can’t help but notice them when looking at the Dollfie doll. With that said, it does not come as a surprise that some people get turned on after seeing Towa. 

You are one of them, aren’t you? If you are, Lileas is the sex doll you should consider buying. She has flowing blue hair, a slim body, a wide ass, and big boobs. Besides those, you will love Lileas’ tight and realistic pussy. Lileas is like the upsized and sexier version of Towa, and hence, she’s the best choice as a sex doll alternative. 


Dollfie Sex Doll Alternatives For Real Fans

One of the most sought-after Dollfie doll models is the Limited Hatsune Miku model. Hatsune Miku is hands down the most popular Vocaloid, so that’s hardly a surprise. She’s all over the internet. People love her voice, her personality, and of course, her looks. Looking for one that crushes on Hatsune Miku is like searching for a needle in a pile of needles. They are pretty easy to spot!

Are you guilty of that? If your answer is yes, you are in luck. There is a sex doll you would love to see waiting for you on your bed. Her name is Sue. This sex doll is modeled after the virtual idol, made obvious by that iconic long blue hair tied in pigtails.

What’s to love about this sex doll other than her striking resemblance to Hatsune Miku? For starters, Sue has perky D-cup breasts. Furthermore, she has a realistic vagina and anus that are both 6.7 inches deep. Those would give you the time of your life.


Dollfie Sex Doll Alternatives For Real Fans

To Heart 2 is one of those anime that is filled with “waifu-able” characters. One of them, and perhaps the most interesting one, is Lucy Maria Misora. She’s quite a mysterious girl – claiming that she’s an alien and has the ability to talk to animals. Regardless of whether that is true or not, one thing cannot be denied: she’s super pretty. 

Volks Inc. gives her justice with the DD Lucy Maria Misora model. It is among the prettiest dolls in their range to date. One thing is missing in it, however. It does not offer fantastic sex. Moon, the sex doll that looks like it, on the other hand, does. 

Moon is a 5 ft. 1 inches tall Platinum-cured sex doll. She offers oral, ana, and intercourse sex. The experiences she can provide are so realistic you would feel like you are with a real woman. You would not regret getting Moon as a sex-capable alternative to the Lucy Maria Misora Dollfie doll.


Dollfie Sex Doll Alternatives For Real Fans

Dollfie Dolls have also once collaborated with The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and made a model of the titular character. This was well-received by the anime community as the show is a classic that many have loved watching.

Haruhi is a girl that’s obsessed with finding supernatural beings like aliens. However, unbeknownst to her, she herself has special abilities. She can warp reality – change it, reshape it, or destroy it. The members of the club she leads are tasked to prevent her from being bored, as that could lead to detrimental consequences. 

One could say that Haruhi is a goddess, and who doesn’t dream of banging one? Disappointingly, Dollfie Dolls don’t offer sex, so you can’t fulfill that dream with the Haruhi Model. However, you can do so if you opt for WM Doll products instead. The Katana love doll model has an appearance that is close to the eccentric anime character. This is a busty sex doll complete with all three orifices. Have you fapped with Haruhi in mind before? No need to do that again. You can experience how good it feels to thrust into her with this sex doll.

There are other love dolls you can buy as Dollfie doll alternatives. But these are among the best ones you can find. 

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