Top 5 Chinese Sex Dolls of 2022

Happy Chinese New Year!

Just like how people have different sexual orientations, they also have different preferences for skin color, race, and ethnicity. No, it does not have anything to do with racism. It’s just that some people find certain features too sexy, and it’s inexplicable why. For instance, some men are drawn more to the chocolaty skin of black women. Then there are others who find great enjoyment in penetrating a brunette. And if you are keeping up with the statistics released by porn websites each year, you will know how popular the “Asian” tag is. From that, we can extrapolate that many men are lusting after Asians.

While Asia is an enormous continent, the tag in porn often refers to East Asians. They are the Japanese, the Koreans, and the Chinese. What people like about them are their youthful looks and their unique slanted eyes.

Suppose you are one of the avid fans of Asian porn videos. For sure, you want to get the experience at least once in your life. That’s not much of a problem if you live in their country. But if not, it entails searching for tourists or immigrants, then impressing them so they’d want to have sex with you. Obviously, that is easier said than done.

Try the best alternative then. You can buy Chinese sex dolls, instead. All it would take you are a few clicks, and you can have sex with a Chinese woman whenever you want. Sex dolls are not actual people, yes. But they look and feel so real you will forget that. Also, most sex doll factories are in China and run by the Chinese. So, if there are models that they can hit right, it is the models of their own people. 

Enough talk. Let us show you the top 5 Chinese sex dolls on the market. This will surely help you decide.


Top 5 Chinese Sex Dolls of 2021

This sex doll is Chinese, and she looks like a hot mama. June is a 5 feet 2 inches tall sex doll with looks that is a perfect mix of young and mature. That makes her super sexy. Just look at her seductive smile. Does it not make it you want to bring her to your bedroom? No doubt it does. Aside from her face, this Chinese sex doll also has a body that is to die for. This silicone-grade sex doll has cute, perky breasts. And because they are gel-filled, they feel and move like real breasts. Fondling them or just watching them jiggle as you do this woman will surely give you pleasure. 

Unfortunately, this sex doll does not have oral sex capabilities. But, her ultra-realistic vagina and anus will be enough to keep you pleased. 

Bing Bing

Top 5 Chinese Sex Dolls of 2021

This is a Chinese woman you would not be able to resist. She is as cute as one can be. But, behind her angelic face is a woman who is super wild in bed. She is capable of anal sex and intercourse. 

Bing Bing’s vagina and anal hole are both 6.7 inches deep. So unless you are very well-endowed, her holes shall be able to accommodate the whole length of your penis. And that’s not the only thing you will love about them. The internal structure of these orifices is very realistic. You will feel like you are giving an actual woman some pounding.

This Chinese sex doll has a steel skeleton with movable joints. Thus, different sex positions are possible with her. You can recreate the things you have watched on Asian porn and experience them yourself. 

Li Wei

Top 5 Chinese Sex Dolls of 2021

Open a new tab and search for the top female Chinese celebrities. What you will notice is how easily can this sex doll fit in that roster. That is how gorgeous Li Wei is. 

Li Wei’s pretty face is not the only thing that makes her look like she belongs. It’s also her body that is to die for. Any man would want to rip her clothes off after seeing her glorious cleavage. Now, if she can be that seductive with clothes on, can you imagine how hard she will make you be when she’s naked?

What’s more arousing than a woman’s cleavage? The entirety of her breasts! Li Wei’s tits are above-average and are perky as can be. Aside from this asset, she also has a sweet ass. And what is sexiness if the woman can’t perform? Li Wei has oral, anal, and intercourse capabilities. Regardless of which hole you choose to poke, you will find great satisfaction. 


Top 5 Chinese Sex Dolls of 2021

This Chinese sex doll looks so stunning. With Vanessa’s fierce looks, she seems to be the type of woman that screams, “Harder! Faster! Give it to me!” in other words, she looks like someone that enjoys hardcore sex. Perhaps you are into that too. If so, then you and Vanessa are a match made in heaven.

This sex doll has a really sexy body. She has nice-shaped, perky breasts, a tiny waist, and a fine ass. You will love her for that, but the things about her you don’t see will make you love her even more. We’re talking about her orifice depths, of course. She has an 8 inches deep vagina and anus. Her mouth with a depth of 6 inches is impressive too. With these, intense sex with her will surely be pleasing and satisfying. 

Mei Lien

Top 5 Chinese Sex Dolls of 2021

This Chinese sex doll is not just pretty and sexy; she also looks classy. She looks like she hails from a wealthy Chinese family. And so, if you are into women that’s like that, then this is the sex doll you need. 

She may look prim in proper, but this sex doll is as wild as a prostitute in bed. Mei Lien can help fulfill your deepest desires with her mouth, vagina, and anus. What’s more special about this sex doll is her inclination towards anal sex. Her anal cavity is 7 inches deep, while her vagina is 6 inches deep. But that does not mean intercourse with her does not guarantee your satisfaction because it does. Anything you’ll do with this Chinese sex doll will be enjoyable. And that’s what makes her worth it. 

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