The Most Popular SSBBW Sex Dolls of 2022

Most men go for petite women. They look frail and fun to dominate. So that’s totally understandable. But some men are not into that. They value nice curves more than the “weakness” or what the Japanese call the “moe” quality. So, they chase plus-sized women, also known as BBW – short for big, beautiful women, instead. The curves of these people are more defined.

But why settle with regular BBWs when there are SSBBWs? The SS stands for super-sized, of course. The bigger, the better, right? 

The catch is – how often can you come by an SSBBW? Maybe it isn’t that hard. But, how sure are you that you will find the ones that you would meet attractive? There is definitely a lot of uncertainty. So you can’t be sure your needs will always be taken care of whenever you feel horny. 

Or is that really the case? It is not if you take the existence of sex dolls into account. The pool of sex dolls is very diverse. You can find small ones, tall ones, skinny ones, and chubby ones. That said, you can also find BBWs, and with a little more searching, you can stumble upon SSBBWs.

The thing is, while SSBBW sex dolls exist, there are not very many of them. So searching for one can be a little more time-consuming than what you would like. Also, you can never be sure that you would like the qualities of the ones you will find. It is the same ordeal as with SSBBWs that are actual people. 

Thank the goddess of lust; you don’t have to do the searching yourself. Here, you can find the most popular SSBBW sex dolls in 2022. You can just check these two out and select the one that suits your preferences more. And because these two are really impressive, there is no way you wouldn’t like them. 


The Most Popular SSBBW Sex Dolls of 2021

This sex doll is so thick it’s unreal. She has 42 inches wide hips, rhino legs, and a huge AF ass. Because Autumn’s tits are small, your eyes will be naturally funneled to these thicc parts. With how impressive her legs and butt are, they will – without a doubt – never cease to amaze you. 

Autumn’s face is not something you can ignore either. She has that businesswoman look. You know, the type that’s strong and independent. So if confidence turns you on, there’s more reason to get this SSBBW doll.

It’s not a life-size Barbie doll we are talking about, however. This is a sex doll. So no matter how incredible she looks, you should not buy her without knowing how she can please you. So, let’s get into that.

This 5-foot 1-inch tall sex doll has oral, anal, and vaginal sex capabilities. Considering she is a WM Doll and made of high-quality TPE, expect pleasure as you have never known. The orifices are so realistic it will be easy to forget Autumn is a sex doll and not an actual person. 

You can have sex with Autumn in different positions. But unfortunately, you can’t have all the nice things in life. Because this sex doll is mega thick, she is pretty but also pretty heavy. Autumn weighs 43 kilograms, to be exact. 

Her weight may also be a maintenance issue. Cleaning anything is already a chore, but if you have to lift something heavy to do it, the task becomes more annoying. Thankfully, you can opt to equip Autumn with a removable vagina instead of a fixed one. With this, you don’t have to carry the whole doll to clean the sex organ after use. The two removable vagina choices are both 7.8 inches deep – a very good depth. But, you have the choice between a 2 inches wide and 2.5 inches wide one.

With all that said, it is clear why this SSBBW sex doll is very popular. She’s amazing. 


The Most Popular SSBBW Sex Dolls of 2021

Momo is a big momma, and she is a white-hot one. This SSBBW, brown, curly-haired sex doll has gigantic boobs and butt. They are sights to behold. Indeed, with these assets Momo has, her appearance alone can please body curves enthusiasts. 

Now, since this sex doll is solid TPE and not a blow-up, she is quite heavy. Momo weighs 45.2 kilograms. So, even though there is the possibility to have sex with her in different sex positions, you may not be able to. It depends on how strong your muscles are. 

But don’t let that fully turn you off from buying this sex doll. She will send you to the pleasure realm with her three orifices. Momo has a vagina that is 8.7 inches deep. With it, she can take the whole length of your weapon in. Meanwhile, her anus is 7.9 inches deep – not as deep as her vagina, but still deeper than other sex dolls’ anuses. Then, her oral orifice is 7.5 inches deep. For an oral orifice, that is very impressive, considering oral orifices are commonly only 5 – 6 inches deep. She can give you deepthroats with that thing. Momo is a super-sized doll, for sure. With these holes, Momo will make you have sex with her until you are knocked out. 

But wait, because there is more. You can do some modifications to make this already fantastic SSBBW sex doll even better. You can make her have a removable silicone tongue. That will make the blowjobs you can receive from this sex doll more realistic. 

So, even if SSBBW sex dolls are known for being heavy, it is still worth getting sex dolls. The way her abyss-deep holes will please you will compensate for the inaccessibility of some sex positions.

Momo is a Latina that is not just thick. She is also gorgeous and is a master in lovemaking. With this SSBBW sex doll, you can turn your erotic fantasies into reality. So get her if you can. You will not regret it, even for a second. 

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