Top 5 Femboy Sex Dolls

Men like women who exude femininity, while women like very manly men. That’s at least what’s common. But not everyone’s preferences align with that. For example, Some women and some men like men who look and act a little feminine. That explains the popularity of Femboys.

No, Femboys are not the same as transgender people. Likewise, not all of them are gay. They are as what they term says they are – feminine-looking boys. 

Femboys, like Twinkies (another different group), are characterized by youthful appearances, slim to average physical build, and attractiveness.

Now the question is, how often can you find Femboys? Also, if you were to ask them to have sex with you, how likely are they to say yes? Furthermore, would it be safe?

As you can tell, fulfilling this desire is not smooth sailing. But it is not impossible either, so don’t lose hope. Besides, if you can’t get the experience from an actual person, there are easier alternatives. You can buy sex dolls instead. These synthetic love partners would not say no to you. Furthermore, sex with them is tenfolds safer than sex with strangers. So you may want to opt for this method of fulfilling this desire instead.

Lucky you, we have searched for the best Femboy sex dolls, so you don’t have to waste your time. In just a few minutes, you can learn about your best options. 

Perhaps, currently, you can barely keep your pants on. So we’ll not make you wait any longer. Let’s proceed with the list.


Top 5 Femboy Sex Dolls

Philip checks all the boxes required for a person to be called a Femboy. He looks as if he just celebrated his 18th birthday last week. Furthermore, he has a slim build. More importantly, the feminine charms this man has is palpable.

Of course, when buying a sex doll, it is best to buy one that you find attractive. And Philip has a high chance of being the one. His face is the amalgamation of pretty and handsome. That fashionable hairstyle, those full eyebrows, beautiful eyes, and kissable lips make you want to smooch him. And that fit – but not so muscular – body looks scrumptious.

Philip is a sex expert. He has a 7.09 inches long penis women and bottom men would love riding. If that’s too big for you, you can choose to have him equipped with a 3.94 inches long one instead.

Now, suppose you are a penis owner and a top. You’ll enjoy using Philip’s mouth or anus to reach climax.

The bottom line is Philip is a Femboy that will make you behave like a sex maniac.


Top 5 Femboy Sex Dolls

People often say BTS and other male K-pop idol groups are gay because of how they look. Despite that, women still get wet when seeing their sexy photos or watching their performances. If you are a K-pop fan, you will love Owen.

This Femboy sex doll looks like he belongs to those groups. His youthful appearance, great hair, and fair skin fit their aesthetics so well. You can say the same for his average build.

So, what can this eye candy of a Femboy do? He can please you with either a small 4-inches long penis or a big 7.09 inches one. 

There are more choices for you if you don’t like these sizes. You can get an erect average-sized 5.9 inches long one. Or you can go to the extremes with the erect 9.8 inches long one. 

Owen also offers oral and anal sex to penis-owners.


Top 5 Femboy Sex Dolls

Mikael looks like the type of person who frequently exclaims, “I’m so fabulous.” And whether he says that as a joke or he’s serious, you can’t help but agree. You just can’t deny this Femboy’s attractiveness.

That said, Mikael will make you eager for sex. And he will ensure that you will be as satisfied as possible. This 5-foot tall Femboy sex doll has an anal orifice that is 5.1 inches deep. He also has a 3.9 inches deep oral orifice. So if you have a penis and a top, Mikael has the assets to make you pleased.

But he excels more as a top. Mikael says go big or go home. You only have two penis size options: 7.48 inches or 9 inches long. These are both well-above average. So, he will hit your G-spot without the shadow of a doubt.

Hyper-realism Male Love Doll with Multiple Penis Size – Carter

Top 5 Femboy Sex Dolls

This androgynous sex doll will charm you with his amazing assets. He looks a little older than the first three options. So if that’s what you want, here is your Femboy.

Carter is a 5 foot 3 inches tall sex doll with a nice body. His pecs and abs will make you drool. And don’t worry, Carter is not so muscular that he loses all traces of femininity. It is still there, and it is unmissable.

This hyper-realistic love doll has a flexible and fully articulated skeleton. That will allow you to put her in feminine poses. Moreover, that will allow you to have sex with him in a position that you want.

This sex doll has a 2.8 inches deep oral orifice and a 4.7 inches deep anal orifice. Admittedly, those are not very impressive. But Carter is clearly made to be a top. You can choose between a 5.1 inches long or a 7 inches long penis.


Top 5 Femboy Sex Dolls

This Femboy’s spiky hair makes him so cool and cute at the same time – exactly what you want to see on a Femboy. Moreover, her feminine features and physically fit body make a very great combination. Altogether, these will make you curious about what Peter can do in bed. To answer your question, he can do many things.

His 6.7 inches or 7.1 inches long manhood will make anyone who will ride it experience euphoria. Likewise, his 5.1 inches deep oral orifice and 6.3 inches deep anal orifice are guaranteed to make tops experience intense orgasms. 

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