Top 10 Hitomi Tanaka Sex Dolls

Japanese porn is not as “vulgar” as porn made in other countries. The laws in Japan require the studios to blur the genitals of the actors. Even still, Japanese porn has become globally popular.

Most people would agree that the beautiful women starring in these films are the ones who brought them to international fame. 

One of the most popular personalities – or perhaps, the most popular – is Hitomi Tanaka. In and out of Japan, many people fantasize about having sex with her. And who can blame them? Even Tanaka herself is aware that her breasts are massive. And she is proud to say that they are natural.

Those breasts – that apparently can crush cans – contribute to her popularity. But that is not all there is to her. She shows in interviews and social media posts that she has a wonderful personality.

Unfortunately, Tanaka says she would not agree to have sex with just anyone. She would not even sign a contract with US porn studios. So, the chances of you having sex with her are abysmally low. 

But cheer up! Sex dolls are here for the rescue. These sexual-wellness products will help you turn that dream into reality. Here are the top 10 Hitomi Tanaka look-alikes.


Top 10 Hitomi Tanaka Sex Dolls

Irina is a Japanese sex doll with a big bust. So, she really is qualified to be a Hitomi Tanaka sex doll. Aside from race and bust size similarities, they also share the same complexion. Their heights are not too far apart too. So, there would not be much need for customization. Furthermore, like Tanaka in her films, Irina can please her partners in bed. 


Top 10 Hitomi Tanaka Sex Dolls

This sex doll and Hitomi Tanaka have the same height; they are both 5 foot 2 inches tall. So that’s already a good sign. Moreover, they are almost equally gorgeous – with Hitomi Tanaka edging just by a small margin.

Eliza has humongous H-cup breasts. They make her even more worthy of the title “Hitomi Tanaka” sex doll. With this many similarities between the two, you can rest assured Eliza will satisfy your sexual desires.


Top 10 Hitomi Tanaka Sex Dolls

The website says Molly is an “all-American sex doll.” But that does not mean she can’t be one of the top Hitomi Tanaka sex dolls. There is clearly a resemblance between the two. 

Why should you opt for Molly? You would love having her over the others because she is lightweight. Molly is only 28 kilograms, meaning even men who don’t go to the gym can move her around effortlessly. The only downside to buying Molly is you have to sacrifice your desire to touch gigantic breasts because she does not have those.


Top 10 Hitomi Tanaka Sex Dolls

This sex doll’s breasts are unbelievably big. Reports say that Hitomi Tanaka’s breasts are between J to O cups. Lily’s breasts are N-cups, so they are in the range. Buy this sex doll, and you can get the experience of fondling Tanak’s breasts without actually touching them.

Lily also has three orifices, all with impressive tightness and deepness. Without a doubt, she will make you feel as lucky as Hitomi Tanaka’s partners in films.


Top 10 Hitomi Tanaka Sex Dolls

If you are a hardcore Hitomi Tanaka fan, for sure, you know that she is a black belter. She has also once posted a throwback photo on Instagram, showing her kickboxing capabilities. Martial arts kept her body in shape. 

Sophia is a sex doll that has the body of an athlete. She is as fit as one can be. Combined with her likeness to Tanaka, it makes her one of your top options. And yes, this sex doll is capable of making you experience intense orgasms.


Top 10 Hitomi Tanaka Sex Dolls

No kidding, this Asian sex doll is drop-dead gorgeous. She ticks all the boxes in the Japanese beauty standards. Ting has a small face and a pale complexion, to name a few. So, appearance-wise, she passes the test.

Ting has jaw-dropping, round E-cup breasts. You will love cupping them in your hands, especially if you opt to equip her with extra soft breasts with gel implants. She also has 


Top 10 Hitomi Tanaka Sex Dolls

Victoria has the same charms Hitomi Tanaka has. She has sexy lips and come-hither eyes. Also, Victoria has humongous H-cup breasts. You will want to bury your face in those glorious mountains while she sits on your lap. 

Admittedly, Victoria is a little tall for a Tanaka sex doll. But surely, you would not mind, as that means longer, sexier legs will wrap around you while you are pleasuring her.


Top 10 Hitomi Tanaka Sex Dolls

Vina is labeled as an Asian pornstar. Since she looks like Hitomi Tanaka, she fits the description. You don’t need to customize Vina to make her look like a Hitomi Tanaka sex doll. She already looks like that as is. So, you don’t have to worry about additional fees.

This sex doll has big, ultra-realistic gel breasts and anal and vaginal orifices. So whatever Tanaka can do – aside from giving blowjobs – she can do too.


Top 10 Hitomi Tanaka Sex Dolls

Catalina is on this list because of her naught-thoughts-provoking bosom. They will make you think about how they would feel in your hands, just like what Tanaka’s breasts do to men.

Like the popular Japanese porn star, Catalina also performs excellently in bed. She has a 6.7 inches deep vagina and anus and a 5.1 inches deep mouth. These orifices will let you have mind-blowing orgasms.


Top 10 Hitomi Tanaka Sex Dolls

Last but not least is Madison. She is a 5 foot 8 inches tall TPE sex doll. Like the others, Madison also has a chest that is too far from being flat. Her advantage over the other dolls is her equally deep orifices. All of her three holes are 6.7 inches deep. That means she gives more amazing blowjobs than other dolls. So, if you want to experience the joy of having your penis in Tanaka’s mouth, Madison is your premier choice. 

As you can see, each of these dolls has something to offer. It is just a matter of preference. But overall, none of these Hitomi Tanaka sex dolls will disappoint you.

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