Top 5 Mini Sex Dolls Review

Let’s say you do not have an extra $2000 to spend on a sex doll. What are your options?

Real Sex Dolls Reviews is certain that there is an option for everyone! The market today offers Mini Sex Dolls that can satisfy you just like the real-size dolls. They are usually from 65cm to 125cm and are super sexy! Let’s review Top 5 Mini Sex Dolls in this article:

#1 Bebe

Top 5 Mini Sex Dolls Review

Bebe is a very timid sex doll. She needs a man by her side to protect her. Bebe is very obedient and is going to listen and respect her man. She is 125cm, with beautiful breasts, and made from high-quality TPE material. She is a tiny sex doll that is easy to take with you while traveling. Oral, vaginal and anal capabilities.

#2 Roxy 

Top 5 Mini Sex Dolls Review

A super sexy angel Roxy has incredible curves, tiny waist and beautiful breasts and booty. Her gorgeous blonde hair will keep you going all night. Roxy is made out of the most realistic material (silicone), and her skin is very soft.

#3 Elsa

Top 5 Mini Sex Dolls Review

This blue-eyed beauty is flat-chested and made for men, who love tiny sexy girls. She is so innocent and adorable. Elsa will make all your sex dreams come true!

#4 Anna

This gorgeous brunette is a tiger in bed. With nice tight booty and dark eyes, she will seduce any man on the planet. Anna is made of high-quality TPE and is very flexible. She can take any sex position shown in Kamasutra. Anna can have anal, oral and vaginal sex.


#5 Yelena 

Top 5 Mini Sex Dolls Review - 5

This Japanese beauty is made for men who love some exotic sex. Yelena has a beautiful body with sexy long legs and perfect facial features. She is meant for the ultimate pleasure. Yelena is created for countless sexual experiences in any position you have ever dreamed of. This sex doll is so small you can take her anywhere you go.

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