Are Sex Dolls High Maintenance?

Do not be led into thinking that the ball stops at buying a sex doll for yourself. The truth is, just like a woman needs a lot of service to remain in good condition with the salon sessions, the spa sessions, manicure and pedicure among others, the sex dolls also have to be treated nicely and taken care of for optimal performance and service.

Unlike a car or house whose maintenance is done periodically, your sex doll does not have to wait two weeks for you to perform the tender love and care on it. On the contrary, servicing and taking care of the maintenance of your sex doll is supposed to be an often thing, most every after you use it, or even occasionally when you are not using it. The advantage of regular maintenance on your sex doll is that you will be able to notice any upcoming defects so that you can work on them early enough before the damage grows. Get all the tips of taking care of your sex doll here.

Maintaining Your Sex Doll

With time, you will realize that your sex doll’s maintenance happens almost on every stage of interacting with It, and not only when having sex or bathing together. Here are the various stages in which you have to observe your sex doll’s care.

Upon Delivery – Opening

The tender love and care for your sex doll begins upon you receiving it for the first time. The way you carry the package has to be specific, and the way you open the box has to be even more carefully done. Open the box carefully, avoiding the use of sharp things like knives or razor blades. If they accidentally touch it, your sex doll’s tender skin is ruined. Follow all the given instructions and all will go well.

Are Sex Dolls High Maintenance?

On Cleaning the Sex Doll

Here, all protocol has to be observed. Cleaning your sex doll requires warm water and detergents given by the manufacturer. This also applies to when bathing with your doll. The difference comes in when you either have a silicone sex doll, or a TPE sex doll. While silicone sex dolls can stand hot baths, your TPE sex doll will instantly lose its firmness and start to melt away in your tub! None of this is reversible. You will have lost your fortune and may need to lose more money to get another. Again, following instructions is vital. Do not use soap made from vegetable oil at all!

After Bathing – Routine

After bathing your sex doll in the required water temperature using the required detergents, you will need to wipe her with an absorbent towel and ensure 99% of the water is off her body. Some people will prefer to oil their sex dolls in which case you can only use oil that has been recommended by your dealer. In most cases, however, you will be required to powder her entire body with regular baby powder so as to retain her softness. Do not use oils that are made from vegetable oil please.

Cleaning The Orifices

For the sake of oral and anal and vaginal sex, because it involves penetration, you will need to clean up your doll by way of flushing out the content. After flushing, you can use tampons to absorb the extra moisture and water to leave the area dry as new.  If you have the removable orifices, you are a lot luckier.

Dressing Your Sex Doll

Here, you have to consider your sex doll material. Silicone is okay to be dressed in any kind of clothes as long as they are not loose colored. With the TPE counterpart, you have to stick yo white clothing; the soft skin stains fast. While stain removal is easier with silicone sex dolls, it gets worse with the TPE sex dolls.

Having Sex With Your Doll

You need to have sex with your doll as you would your woman. Treat her gently and avoid roughing her up; we know she does not feel pain. Rough sex wear your sex doll over time and maintenance becomes quite expensive. Some effects of roughing up your sex doll are almost irreversible. Use the required lube in The required way and you will be sexing her for longer. You may turn her over in all positions, but it has to be in a gentle way.

Are Sex Dolls High Maintenance?

Storing Your Sex Doll After Use

Appropriate storage measures will ensure your sex doll remains in great shape for longer. Do not keep her in a folded position for too long; she will wrinkle up and may remain like that longer or forever even. The best way to store her is to detach her head and store it separately and then hang her up in a way that distributes her weight evenly through her body.

Most Importantly…

Do not use any form of alcohol on your sex doll. The same applies to any forms of solvents and oils that are vegetable or silicone based. These tend to wear out your doll fast.

Yes, Sex Doll Maintenance is Expensive

From the warehouse sex doll repair staff, abusing your sex doll, I any way, poor storage, and poor cleaning lead to faster wearing out for your sex doll. Some of them get to a no-repair point and you end up having wasted so much money. At first, it will be okay to just use some glue to patch up your sex doll, but gradually, the silicone or TPE material wear out and leave the dolls looking saggy and unattractive. In conclusion, the most important thing to do is to follow the instructions you get from your dealer from the moment you lay your hands on your sex doll.

Make it your personal doll and not everyone’s and you need to opt to treat it like you would your woman. After sometime, it becomes easy to do maintenance on your sex doll if you make it a routine procedure. Just think of the money you spent on purchasing your doll and all comes flowing through.

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