Things You Need To Know Before Buying a Sex Doll

Things You Need To Know Before Buying a Sex Doll

Buying a sex doll is an idea you can fight for so long. But once you decide on buying one, things become much easier. However, you cannot just walk into a store and buy any sex doll; you have to take your time to search until you get the best one out there. Remember sex dolls are expensive, some of them costing even more than your car! Make it a worthwhile investment by considering it from all angles and then make an informed choice. Some of the things you can decide on are the color and size, the price and maintenance, among many other factors. So, having decided to own your first sex doll, how do you go about to make the experience smooth?

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Sex Doll

Before buying a sex doll, the most important thing is to prepare yourself psychologically; of course by deciding to buy one you are already emotionally prepared.  Shift your mind into acknowledging that there will soon be a new family member. If you have not told your loved ones (partner), now would be the best time.

Consider The Price

Sex dolls have varying price ranges depending on a few factors. Investing in a good sex doll may cost you a fortune. The price may depend on the size; smaller sex dolls tend to cost much less as opposed to large sex dolls that are way costly. Operate within the range of your pocket content by going online to look for the best dolls for your estimated price.

The Size of the Sex Doll

Sex dolls range from the mini, tiny sizes to the medium sizes and the large, human-like sizes. Sex doll sizes are entirely dependent on your desire. While someone else would want her small and compact, another would want her big and realistic. Decide on the size you prefer and get as many reviews as you can on it.

Things You Need To Know Before Buying a Sex Doll

Material Used

Sex dolls can be made from different types of materials. The most common ones are silicone and TPE because they are the closest you can get to a realistic feel on the sex doll. If you opt for the silicone sex dolls, research on them as much as possible and know all the pros and cons before indulging; the same applies to the TPE sex dolls. Remember, as much as TPE sex dolls feel more real; they may not be as versatile, just as the silicone sex dolls may not be soft enough but can serve you forever.

Consider The Sex Doll Accessories

It would be great to consider the sex doll accessories you want for your doll. Most sex dolls come with some clothes and wigs but you can go ahead and get more for her. If you love different looks on the same doll, consider getting extra heads as well as the different color of wigs for the doll. You could also consider getting your doll some detachable body parts like an extra vagina or a detachable penis, for example.  On top of all this, you could also acquire some of the detergents used to clean the sex doll, shampoo, oil, soaps, and other bathroom essential. These can be accessed online preferably from the same manufacturer of your sex doll. Do not forget the sex lube!

Storage Method for the Sex Doll

Not all sex dolls can be stored in the same way. While some can be left to always lie on the bed, others should always be hung up as their own weight can make them lose their shape if in one position for too long. The storage options range from boxes to hooks for hanging the torso in the closet, and even headstands for freely storing the sex doll head in a standing position. Do not forget to get your sex doll the cotton wrappers to keep her in good condition for longer. For more storage options, contact your manufacturer before buying your sex doll.

Make-Up Options

Some people go the extra mile for their sex dolls. They get some makeup kit to use in making the sex doll appear more attractive for added pleasure. But, you need to remember that not all make-up options are ideal for any type of sex doll. The TPE sex dolls for example, stain faster on anything colored, including clothing. It is advisable, therefore, to talk to your dealer for the best make-up and perfume options to use on your sex doll. It is a common rule to use water-based things whenever your sex doll is involved to avoid staining it. It happens accidentally, you can obtain a good stain remover for the same.

Your Privacy Matters

We know that we are not yet in an era where sex dolls are all comfortable to have around for everyone. Some people are still reserved about them and it should be your own private matter owning a sex doll. When buying a sex doll, ask your manufacturer how the sex doll will be packaged on shipping. Some custom officials may get nosy if the package is a sell-out. Imagining going to pick your package and everyone looks at you secretly from the eye corner. You would feel embarrassed and exposed; it is not a good feeling. Ensure you demand that your sex doll be packaged in the unlabeled and unmarked plain package to prevent the feeling of the privacy breach.

Things You Need To Know Before Buying a Sex Doll

Things You Need To Know Before Buying a Sex Doll

Owning a sex doll is not supposed to be a bad thing after all, right? From the above notes, you will realize that you will need to do so much of research before indulging. You can get more information from sex doll websites, manufacturer websites, and sex doll blogs and vlogs. Read as many reviews as you can so that you make an informed decision to ship your sex doll over. Remember, in most cases, sex dolls are not returnable; you have to be absolutely sure before you place that order. Good Luck owning your first sex doll!

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