Top 10 Myths About Pregnant Sex Dolls

Top 10 Myths About Pregnant Sex Dolls

The length to which people will travel to quench their thirst for sexual fantasies and fetishes will amaze you. It will also surprise you how varying sexual desires can be from one person to another. One other thing that is evident is the different preferences in sexual partners from person to person. As such, while other people prefer realistic-looking sex dolls, others would prefer to have shemale sex dolls, other elf sex dolls, and other even pregnant sex dolls! 

Top 10 Myths about Pregnant Sex Dolls

Pregnant sex dolls are made just like any other usual sex doll, only that this time around, they come with the shape of a pregnant woman. It is not well known whether male sex dolls can be given this looks, but the sex doll industry has too many surprises; maybe pregnant male sex dolls can be created after all. Apart from the protruding tummy, everything else in a pregnant sex doll remains the same. So, let us try and demystify some of the myths associated with pregnant sex dolls.

That pregnant sex dolls are uncomfortable to have sex with is exceptionally far from the truth.

The truth is that a pregnant sex doll is still as flexible as any other sex doll. It can be manipulated to bend in any direction, and it can give as many sex positions as its owner would want it to. Remember that, just as you would make love to your pregnant partner, it is the same way you would make love to your pregnant sex doll, only that this time around, it does not get tired quickly and can serve you a variety of styles.

It is wrong to assume that a pregnant sex doll would feel pain during sex.

Again, remember that sex dolls are only just plastic and rubber made in the form, shape, and size of a human being. They are not alive and cannot feel any sort of emotions at all. So, even if you wanted to fuck your pregnant sex doll in the missionary position, relax, you are not going to hurt the mother and ‘baby’ because there is no mother and baby; only a regular sex doll with a protruding tummy. 

Top 10 Myths about Pregnant Sex Dolls

That pregnant sex dolls can take the place of women is a total lie.

It is only a sex doll made to look like a pregnant woman does. It is not going to give birth to your baby, or even do the things your wife can do. It is only meant to allow you to have as many orgasms as possible, and ensure you do not feel lonely at any point. So, relax, do go treating it all delicate, and hoping it will turn around and take the place of the woman in your life. A sex doll can never replace a human, ever.

That man can only own a pregnant sex doll is not true at all.

As already said, it is not only men who have a desire for sexual gratification. Women, too, are in this mix, with their sexual desires able to even shock you with their magnitude. So, if you are a woman and you have the sincere desire to be with a pregnant woman, the closest you can come to that is by having sex with a pregnant sex doll; do not be held back from the pleasure of your fantasy.

That a pregnant sex doll is meant to be used by people who are cowardly and shy sexually is not entirely true.

We all know that some of the people who own sex dolls are as confident and as self-conscious as they come. Some of them are celebrity personalities, hence ruling out on shy and cowardly. Anybody that chooses to have sex with a pregnant sex doll is free to do so without fear of being judged according to societal myths.

Top 10 Myths about Pregnant Sex Dolls

Image: Pregnant Sex Doll. 

Single and unmarried people can only use that pregnant sex dolls is a big, fat, lie.

Pregnant sex dolls, just like any sex doll, are fun to be with regardless of your marital status. The reason behind your using them should be the biggest point of rotation for you. Some married couples would like to add that spark to their sex life, and they may prefer to use a pregnant sex doll. If a young person chooses the same option, or an older person wants the same sex doll, it should not come out wrong. It all boils down to one thing; your personal preference in relation to sex with a pregnant sex doll.

That pregnant sex dolls are rare in the market is not true at all.

Again, thanks to our vibrant sex doll industry, sex dolls of all kinds are in ample supply for all people interested in them. If you need a pregnant sex doll and you cannot see one on the website, just inquire from your manufacturer for more info. The higher chances are that the pregnant sex doll can be made for you and customized to suit your needs. Just like any other sex doll, male, female, or shemale, a pregnant sex doll is subjected to all forms of client customization.

That pregnant sex dolls are expensive is also a myth that we need to demystify right now.

As of today, sex dolls have become incredibly affordable. There are several options to go for if you want to purchase a sex doll, and with the growth and expansion of the sex doll industry to other continents, it is becoming increasingly easier to own your sex doll. Online vendors and third-party brokers are available, too, if you do not want to deal with the manufacturer directly. Do you know what else comes with a world of vendors for the same goods? Well, the price drops, and most goods are affordable. As the competition stiffens, vendors drop their prices to woo you over, and the prices eventually fall to within manageable brackets. Today, a beautiful pregnant sex doll can cost you anything between $500 and $6,000 if all factors remain constant.

Top 10 Myths about Pregnant Sex Dolls

Image: Pregnant Sex Doll. Photo taken from AliExpress

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