Sex Dolls, Bullets, Rice: Survivalists New Checklist

Sex Dolls, Bullets, Rice: Survivalists New Checklist

Global markets all over the world are now starting to fall off as COVID- 19, the killer of the thousands, continue to take over, dreading the business investors for its pessimistic innuendo toward the worldwide economy. Dow Jones Industrial Average, the stock directory for 30 huge and publicly-owned firms under NYSE and NASDAQ, descended to 350 points (about 1.4 percent) on Friday along with S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite with 0.8 percent and 3.5 percent plummet, respectively. Dow’s percentage loss of 12 percent or more than 3, 500 points over the week is the biggest since 2008.    

National Economic Council Director, Larry Kudlow, ascertained to the public that there is nothing serious to worry about. According to him, the ongoing decline in the stock market would not have any long-term effect on the economy as it remains stable to this date. The threat assessment conducted has resulted in low negative possibilities. 

While this stock turmoil is starting to light up in Wall Street, new confirmed cases and fatalities due to the continuous spread of the deadly COVID- 19 have been recorded on the first two days of March, giving a total of 88, 595 confirmed cases with 3, 052 fatalities worldwide. South Korea remains the most devastated outside the borders of China, with a total of 4, 212 confirmed cases, and 22 total deaths. Meanwhile, the USA has also announced its second COVID- 19 death in King County, Washington. The victim was a 70-year old male with pre-existing health conditions. Other coronavirus cases were also confirmed in New York and Florida, arising fear of a wider spread across the country. 

With all these unwanted events happening in the USA and the whole world, the biggest question is: “How can we survive?” 

The Implications

US companies with business extensions in mainland China are greatly affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Most of them could not proceed with their daily operations because their overseas factories and annexes are temporarily closed to acknowledge the local policies related to the domination of COVID- 19 in the country. In contrast, pharmaceutical companies that offer antiviral panacea have rocketed to a significant stock percentage in response to the progressing epidemic. To this date, Inovio Pharmaceuticals top-notched the health-care stocks with a 30 percent total increase. 

Boeing, the world-renowned aerospace company, together with the leading banking institution in the country, JPMorgan Chase, were the biggest pictures in the Dow that declined down to more than 4 percent each. Apple, on the one hand, slipped to 0.1 percent. 

By far, the decline of the Dow in the stock market is not yet alarming as the White House guaranteed that the overall economy is still under good control. However, it could not be assured for a long time, especially when this stock performance continues to rumble and shows no sign of progress. When the worst scenarios come and persistently affect the crucial transactions in Wall Street, there is where an ordinary American individual would start to feel the aftermath of the epidemic and the decline. Take note, the activities of the stock prices in the market resemble the country’s economy at large, influencing investment, consumption, and employment. 

During the stock market crash, the growth of the businesses trading in the stock market is halted, making them partially paralyzed to continue with their daily operations. Market tensions continue to tighten over time while these businesses produce lesser income and investments. At this point, where the businesses have already knocked off a huge number of workers to function well enough, most of them do not survive the market wave and are forced to shut their businesses down for good. 

Sex Dolls, Bullets, Rice: Survivalists New Checklist


The Aftermath of Losing Your Business – How Can You Survive?

Losing the business, you have worked on for years can undoubtedly bring a terrible impact on you. You might lose companions in life as your business colleague may start to turn you down, and so as your wife since you can no longer afford to provide her a deluxe lifestyle. As the darkest chapters of your life prevail, your self-esteem will begin to crumble, leading you to great chaos. Can you survive? Yes, you can, but you need someone or something who can help you get through all of these. Someone who will unconditionally stay with you and see your worth. 

The best option you have on the shelf is a sex doll, an inanimate figure which can bring back your confidence and help you recover again. Building up again, the business that once got ruined may seem to be a long and winding road, but as long as you have your sex doll with you, everything will feel so light until you eventually put the broken pieces on its right places again. 

Emotional challenges caused by various circumstances like losing your business are initially cured by building your self-trust once again. This primary step is difficult if you are going to do it on your own. But if you have a sex doll to stay with at night, you can help yourself have a brighter tomorrow ahead. 

Distract yourself from the emotional pressures that linger around you. You can have your sex doll with you while eating your dinner, watching your favorite movie, or have good and satisfying sex with her to somewhat help you release the internal burden you feel. 

Time to Move Forward After the Fall

Once you feel that you have finally escaped from these dark chapters of your life, you can now move forward with a more re-composed version of yourself armored with self-esteem and self-trust. It is about time to reclaim your happiness again and live a stable life together with your sex doll, an imaginary entity who never leaves you behind through thick and thin. 

To wrap it up, here are the most important things that can help you survive if you get in trouble with a stock market crash in the future: 

  • Sex Dolls

A steadfast companion who will never leave you behind when all the world has already turned their back on you. This plastic creation will stay by your side until you regain your self-trust and self-worth again. 

  • Bullets

When you have finally regained enough means and resources, don’t hesitate to pay all your financial indebtedness. It is a good start to reclaim your good reputation as a businessman and get away from the dark past that immensely brought you deep down.  

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