Quarantine Season Positively Impacts the Sex Doll Market

Almost every part of the world has been affected by the deadly coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 becomes a nightmare for everyone as long-months lockdowns and restrictions were implemented to curb the continuous rollout of the infectious disease in the corners. But while a number of sectors worldwide had been deeply devastated, there is one that remains standing at its post. In this matter, let the sex industries, especially the sex doll manufacturer and distributors, in. 

Sex doll companies from different parts of the world received a flock of inquiries and orders in the past months of quarantine. No certain reasons have identified, but one apparent is perhaps because people were prohibited to have interactions. Bringing a sex doll in the comfort of their home help them alleviate stress and anxiety from what is happening outside. This pandemic is really a huge wave that wipes out everything in the nick of time. So it would be highly recommended if people won’t face this disastrous chapter alone. 

Good for people who have somebody to lean on inside their home. But they can’t be singled out in this health crisis. Beyond what you know, there are also some who have no one to cry on, who have no one to talk to whenever they feel afraid and anxious at night. It’s definitely bad, especially this time when the future is withheld. Believe it or not, you really need someone or ‘something’ to help you get through this. 

It’s undeniable that one implication of the month-long or more quarantine is the surge in the sale of sex dolls. Unfortunate people who are facing this health challenge alone are also human and also weak. They also need to have by their side. That’s why; they run to sex doll distributors in-store or online to finally get in touch with their preferred companion. 

It’s painful at some point that the world has to go through this, but 2020 is not completely bad for everyone. Industries that provide sex pleasure savor this opportunity to accumulate sales in the raging storm. But of course, they’re also looking forward to the final ending of this vicious chapter in the lives of everyone. They’re also affected, emotionally, and mentally, by this pandemic despite the positive impact on their business. All people around the world have the same wish now which is to gain victory over COVID-19. Well, why not? It has already sickened more than a million people around the world and claimed thousands of lives in just a matter of 3-4 months. It’s really unbelievable and acceptable that this year turned upside down. But the world is already here, and the only option left to everyone is to move forward even if every step is heavy and hard. Just make yourself believe that this will end soon enough. And to be able to reach it, you need somebody to be with you on the road. The sex doll is probably the answer seen by many. 

How about you? 

Companies In the Front line of Surge in Sex Doll Sale

One of the many companies that experienced on hand the sudden surge in the sale of sex products, including sex dolls is the great Sex Doll Genie. This widely-acclaimed sex doll distributor had accommodated hundreds of queries from interested customers in the past months of quarantine. According to them, people who turned to their store are mostly single, but there are also some who are couples. Based on their internal statistics, Sex Doll Genie observed at least a 51.6% surge in sales from single people and 33.2% from couples. What more surprising is that it all happened in just a span of 3 months, ranging from February to April. 

Janet Stevenson, a representative, said that they have adequate stock to support the rising demand for their products. However, they can’t deny that they couldn’t work so fast to create more than once a day. They are still committed to creating the highest quality possible in every product they send out, so they can’t take to compromise it just for the sake of demand.  

Quarantine Season Impacts Positively On the Sex Doll Market

To counter this, they admitted that they are on the look for more people who are going to join their production team in order to at least accelerate the manufacture of their products. Sex Doll Genie also added more customer support personnel who are ready to get in touch with the wave of queries coming from different parts of the world such as the US and Europe. Hence, you won’t get a hard time going through it if you wish to sleep with their top-of-the-line and high-quality sex dolls. 

So if you think that you’re the only people coping with the pandemic, you’re definitely wrong. Everyone is here to adjust to the new measures. 

Make the Most of Your Quarantine Days

If you accidentally contract the virus, whether you like it or not, you’ll be isolated for some time until you get cleared from the infection. Of course, you’ll be spending at least 14 days in a room alone. There’s no one with you but a team of medical staff who will only get rounds every 5 hours or more. In short, you’re literally alone. You have to win the battle alone. 

Therefore, it’s going to be so much help if you’re going to bring your sex doll with you when you’re subjected to quarantine. She’s going to be with you through days and nights. You can talk to her and she will listen. You can ask for some privacy and you can bang her the way you want. If you won’t have severe symptoms, why not make the most of your quarantine days together with your sex dolls. 

Quarantine Season Impacts Positively On the Sex Doll Market

So while you’re still free of the virus, get one sex doll now. It’s going to help you a lot, believe it or not. 

The Receipt that People Need

Many people are still against the use of sex dolls. But according to the book published by Dr. Kate Devlin, the use of sex dolls for companionship and for pleasure is highly associated with men who have no partner in life. That’s the mindset. But more than what people know, the actual sale of this product actually comes from couples, people with disabilities, or people who are socially awkward.

That’s the reality of life. Not all are blessed. So if you know someone who is coping with their own life, don’t judge them. Respect their process. 

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