Sex Toys Sales Surge Amid Social Distancing Implementations Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Not all businesses are drooping during this coronavirus pandemic. In fact, several different industries have been on the rise and these include the sex toy industry. With a lot of people having no choice but to stay at home either all alone or with someone else, some folks get the urge to do something that only their bed and bedroom walls could see. While they might not have mastered the art of social distancing yet, they might have been mastering something else.

Various reports suggest that there has been a significant increase in the sales of sex toys. This is probably because schools and workplaces began stopping their operations and people were asked to stay at home. For instance, it was reported by Charlotte Graham-McLay from The Guardian that the sales of sex toys in the New Zealand-based Adult Toy Mega Store have tripled. This happened after New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden declared a one-month lockdown. 

Sex Toys Sales Surge Amid Social Distancing Implementations Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Now, it is important to note that the Adult Toy Megastore is different from the Virgin Megastore. The Adult Toy Megastore that sells different adult sex toys that people can purchase online is based in New Zealand.

If you think that New Zealand is the only place where sex toys sales surged, then you have to know that the sex doll industry in Australia has also recorded an increase. Similar to what happened in New Zealand, this is also caused by the lockdowns and social distancing implemented by Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

After UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced similar implementations, the country has also seen a significant swell. The sales of sex toys also surged in Denmark and Colombia. Apparently, sex toys are becoming a part of more people’s shopping lists.

A Survey was Done to Show the Surge in the Sex Doll Industry

Tracy’s Dog, which is not really a dog but a sex toy company based in the US publicized results of what they described as an anonymous survey. The survey was done to 877 individuals. 47 percent of them were from the US, 32 percent from Europe, 13 percent were from Asia, and the remaining 8 percent were from Australia. 

The survey found out that out of 877 respondents, 62 percent already own sex toys. Among the remaining ones who did not, 57 percent is planning to purchase them amid the quarantine. Moreover, among the respondents who said they already own sex toys, 62 percent said that they will use them more often. 

Sex Toys Sales Surge Amid Social Distancing Implementations Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Furthermore, it is important to note that it is still not clear how the respondents of this study represent the general population. So, you can go counting the people somewhere and assume that more than half of them own sex toys. Doing such could infect your brain with some images that no disinfectant could ever erase. Nonetheless, the results of the survey conducted by Tracy’s Dog shows that if you are employing help to polish the banister, dial the rotary phone, or null the void, then you are not alone.

In fact, some people are not being so bashful about what they want. If you are not yet aware, people use such sex toys in order to assist either with masturbation or sex with someone else. It is not as if people are buying vibrators to help them make a glass of smoothies from frozen fruit during social distancing. Think of sex toys as a bicycle or any other vehicle. They can aid you in getting to your destination faster. But if your destination is really far away, then they could help you go there along with other means.

Should Sex Toy Sales Surge During Social Distancing?

Why should the sale of sex toys increase amid social distancing? After all, sex toys are not like rubbing alcohol, sanitizers, or rolls of toilet paper. So, hoarding sex toys the same way people hoard necessities may seem to be a bit unwieldy. In addition, it can get awkward if you have a housemate or apartment-mate or if you happen to show a wide-angle shot of your room on Zoom. Of course, “Are those sex toys back there,” can be a difficult question to answer. In addition, if you are discarding your sex toys the same way that you discard your used toilet papers, then you are doing something very wrong. 

Rather, chances are there are more self-love as well as other sexual activities that are occurring. In addition, people may be trying to find ways to add more variety when having sex. 

The COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing implementations can leave people to feel more stressed, lonely, isolated, and bored. For this reason, people are trying to find things that they can do while isolated at home either alone or with their intimate partner. 

Staying in the corners of your home can mess up with your sleep-wake cycle too in either a good or bad way. In addition, working from home can give you more unoccupied time as you no longer have to commute to get to your office. 

Sexual activities can help you fill the unoccupied time gaps that you have with this quarantine. It can help you pass the time. Also, it can stimulate the release of dopamine or “happiness hormones.” An increase in dopamine in your body could help in relieving stress.

Sex Toys Sales Surge Amid Social Distancing Implementations Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Moreover, the other hormones that can be stimulated during sexual activities are endorphins or the natural pain reliever, as well as oxytocin or the love hormone. Needless to say, sex can really make you feel good. However, there is one problem with having sex with someone else. It can breach social distancing implementations because, as mentioned, it requires someone else. As noted by various news, at least a six-foot distance must be maintained during the pandemic. For this reason, having sex can be challenging. This is the same reason why people opt to buy sex toys rather than looking for someone with who they can have sex.

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