Bodybuilder Asks His Sex Doll “Will You Marry Me?”

Yuri Tolochko proposes to his sex doll. Now they are getting married. 

Yuri Tolochko, a bodybuilder from Kazakhstan, recently asked Margo, her girlfriend the “Will you marry me?” question. Now, they are going to get married soon. This scene seems so normal, right? However, there is a bit of an issue: Margo is not a real human. She is a silicone sex doll.

Margo and Yuri Have Been “Dating” for Almost Eight Months

Despite the fact that Margo is a lifeless, inanimate object, Yuri cannot deny the fact that he is totally smitten. He treats Margo like a real woman. On top of that, he also keeps an Instagram account for her. There, he shows off their daily activities as well as their closeness as a couple. 

Bodybuilder Asks His Sex Doll “Will You Marry Me?”

In addition, Yuri does with Margo what normal couples do. They go out to dinner dates, spends vacation together, workout together, cuddle in bed– basically everything. Yuri even says that he met Margo when she was working in a bar. 

True enough, Yuri acts like Margo is a human girlfriend. However, he is still aware that she has her limitations. He has already accepted that his girlfriend is not a human woman and that some of the things in their relationship are going to be different. 

For instance, Yuri admitted that Margo cannot walk by herself and that she needs help in everything that she does. In addition, she does not know how to cook. However, Yuri said that Margo still has a favorite food. According to him, Margo loves Georgian cuisine, and her favorite dish in khinkali or dumplings.

Apparently, Margo, the sex doll has also got a sassy streak. Yuri said that she swears. But despite this, she is a tender soul inside. He also admitted that there are times when the two of them quarrel. Yet, he says that he and Margo are inseparable ever since the two of them first met in a bar. There, he claimed to have rescued Margo from a young man who has questionable intentions on her. 

Yuri Proposed to Margo to Get Some Attention on Social Media 

The bodybuilder is insisting that he is 100 percent serious about his relationship with his sex doll, as well as marrying it. But at the end of the day, he would come to realize that saying that he is going to marry a lifeless sex doll is a tactic that could help him get some attention on social media. In fact, this might be the reason why he agreed to appear as a guest in 2018 on Comedy Club, a Russian TV show. 

The husband-to-be posted photos of him and Margo at the set’s backstage. In the caption, he wrote, “I won’t spoil it. You’ll find it out at the right time.”

Bodybuilder Asks His Sex Doll “Will You Marry Me?”

The TV show guesting has caused the couple to get much attention, resulting in Margo developing a complex. While wholeheartedly telling his bizarre tale, Yuri said that Margo has faced a lot of criticisms the moment he presented her photo to the world. 

Sex dolls are generally created to be physically perfect. But Yuri said that Margo has developed a complex because of all the attention that they were getting online. To get rid of this complex, he treated the doll to some plastic surgery.

According to Yuri, Margo underwent plastic surgery in a real clinic with a real doctor. The said surgery has changed the doll a lot. He said that it was difficult to accept at first. However, he added that he got used to it later on. 

Yuri also claimed that the surgery was extensive. 

There has not been any announcement when the wedding would be. 

Furthermore, this bodybuilder is not alone when it comes to being committed to a sex doll. A documentary by The Starz titled “Silicon Soul” premiered in October 2019. It took a closer look at the daily lives of dotting doll partners. 

After the premiere of the documentary, the first sex doll brothel in Italy opened. The brothel immediately booked out for weeks. Moreover, the sales of male sex dolls have also increased significantly. 

The Sex Doll Industry is Growing

Indeed, sex dolls are gradually becoming a part of people’s daily lives. These love dolls were once unaccepted by society. In fact, those who sell them must hide from the eyes of people to avoid judgment. 

But now, the sex doll industry has been significantly growing. People have begun accepting that love dolls are here to stay and they cannot do anything about that. Some people are buying sex dolls not to satisfy their sexual craving. Instead, they are looking for some company that they cannot get from a real woman. 

Furthermore, the adult toys and sex dolls market has grown largely this year. People are isolating alone in their homes due to the pandemic. In addition, most of them are afraid to have sexual intercourse with a real human in fear of contracting the COVID-19 virus. This is the reason why a lot of people are opting to purchase sex dolls. 

China and Japan are the biggest producers of sex toys and dolls. However, other countries like India are also starting to adopt the idea of having sex dolls. 

Bodybuilder Asks His Sex Doll “Will You Marry Me?”

The sex doll industry in North America is also growing rapidly. There has been a rise in the demand for adult toys and dolls from older women and couples in this region. Needless to say, the common misconception that only single men are fond of sex dolls is not true. In fact, there are couples who buy love dolls to spice up their relationship.

Women are also beginning to find out the many benefits of love dolls. This is the reason why the sex doll industry has witnessed a significant increase in the demand for male sex dolls. Sex toys that are similar to a man’s penis such as dildos and vibrators are also on the rise.

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