Toronto Sex Coach Says Sex Dolls are the Answer to Having a Non-Complicated Relationship

Kazakhstan-based bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko is a self-described “sexy maniac.” Late last year, he got married to Margo, a woman that he rescued from some “unwanted attention” that she got in a nightclub. If this sounds romantic to you, then I am sorry to break your bubble. Margo is not a human. Rather, she is an inanimate life-sized doll.

Carlyle Jansen, a sex therapist and coach based in Toronto, and the owner of Good For Her, looked at Tolochko and Margo’s Instagram accounts to investigate their relationship.

Toronto Sex Coach Says Sex Dolls are the Answer to Having a Non-Complicated Relationship

According to Jansen, Margo is not actually a sex doll. Rather, she thinks that she is a mannequin that stores use to display their products. She added that no one has ever seen her genitals. However, Jensen thinks that Tolochko is doing excellent marketing because he is showing people all kinds of ways that plenty of women want to be treated. 

For instance, there was a time when Tolochko drew hearts around Margo in the sand. He also does striptease for her and brings her to romantic dinners. Tolochko also dresses her up and is even a crossdresser himself.

Moreover, Jansen — who emphasized that she is not an MD — noted that Tolochko’s act of having whatever kind of relationship with an inanimate object is a kind of paraphilia or sexual deviation. Revealing that she has not encountered a sexually deviant person, she said that she thinks a lot of therapists would say that Tolochko is delusional. He also needs to learn how to develop real relationships. 

Yet, Jansen still notes that many people willingly spend thousands of dollars to have human-looking and customized sex dolls. 

Who Purchase Sex Dolls?

Most people who buy sex dolls are those who are struggling to connect with other people. There are also those who do not feel accepted for whoever they are, as well as those who are worried that other people are going to judge them. In addition, people who want to satisfy their sexual desires but are having a difficult time picking people up also buy sex dolls. 

All the aforementioned things and the fact that people have to spend time with a relationship that sometimes would not work out, make people think twice about being in a relationship with a real woman. Instead, having a sex doll is an easy way. After investing thousands of dollars to buy a doll, the human brain becomes a phenomenal tool for fantasy. You can do every sexual thing you want with a sex doll. In addition, you can pretend that she loves you and wants to submit to the things that yout to do. This way, men will have a non-complicated relationship.

The Global COVID-19 Pandemic Led to an Increase in Sex Doll Sale

Moreover, Jansen also said that the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown implementation led to a spike in the sale and use of sex dolls. She said that this did not surprise her. She knows many people who are nervous about spending the cold winter alone in the Northern Hemisphere where there are so many restrictions. People cannot go to a bar to meet someone with who they can spend the night. 

The NY Post, an online news outlet reported that sales of sex dolls are blowing up amid the holiday season. Bryan Gill, who runs the sex doll manufacturing company Silicone Wives, said that their sales increased by 25 percent nationally in 2020 compared to 2019.

Toronto Sex Coach Says Sex Dolls are the Answer to Having a Non-Complicated Relationship

SexDollGenie another sex doll company based in Miami claimed that sales in the city in 2020 spiked by 218 percent in comparison to the sales in 2019. In addition, nearly 1,000 sex dolls were bought by people from Brooklynites (38 percent). This is followed by Manhattan, which made up 30 percent of the sales. Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island also comprised most of SexDollGenie’s sales with 22 percent, nine percent, and one percent respectively. 

SexDollGenie boasts itself for its vast array of sex dol inventories. Such includes hotties, petites, and MILFs. The company’s sex dolls even have names such as Aakaylie, Jessika, and Frankie.

In his own way, Tolochko was able to make sex dolls more socially acceptable. Jansen thinks that people are following him and Margo on Instagram to have strong judgments about the idea of being in a relationship with a sex doll. Some may say that Tolochko has gone nuts. However, there are still people who let him and the others who own sex dolls be. 

Furthermore, Jansen noted that she thinks people are slowly trying to accept that sex dolls are already here to stay.

Final Takeaway

Sex dolls are here to stay and no one can deny that fact. With the increasing sales of hyper-realistic sex dolls along with the increasing number of individuals who consider buying them, it is no longer surprising if every household would own at least one sex doll in the future. 

Moreover, Tolochko is not the only man who is so obsessed with his sex doll. In fact, a man named Davecat is also married to a doll. What is even more surprising is that he has a mistress living with him and his wife. The mistress, of course, is also a sex doll. 

Toronto Sex Coach Says Sex Dolls are the Answer to Having a Non-Complicated Relationship

Davecat met his wife Sidore Kuroneko at a goth club in the year 2000. She costs $6,000. Sidore is a sex doll produced by Abyss Creations. Her artificial skin is made out of silicone, making it so soft as a real woman’s skin. In addition, she is also anatomically correct and is even equipped with fake tongues. Davecat considers himself a synthetic love activist. He also advocates for the rights of synthetic humans.

Elena Vostrikova is Davecat’s mistress. He purchased her in 2012 and now the three of them share the same bed in a one-bedroom apartment in southeastern Michigan. 

Needless to say, people are becoming more and more hooked up with the idea of having a relationship with a sex doll.

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