Practical Guide to Repair Your Damaged Sex Doll

Sex dolls are very durable. However, since you have been using your doll for a long time, you cannot prevent it from having slight to serious damages. Luckily, there are various repair tools that you can buy in order to fix your doll at home. 

For instance, you need to have the usual 1.5 Kilowatts infrared gun at hand when you need to repair your TPE doll. Such a heat gun comes handy because it allows you to see the temperature feed in real-time. You can purchase this type of heat gun on Amazon or in any store online.

Practical Guide to Repair Your Damaged Sex Doll

Meanwhile, the repairs that you will carry out will differ depending on the damage that your sex doll has acquired. If the damage is simple, then repairing it will not require much skills or effort. 

Moreover, your TPE doll can have indentations on its body due to the impact of weight when you are using it. The same damage can occur when you improperly store your doll in its case. 

 However, you can still sit back and relax because there are a couple of procedures that you can do to fix your beloved sex doll.

Different Procedures in Fixing a Sex Doll

Repairing Indentations 

The Hairdryer Procedure

Your hairdryer can do more than just drying your hair. Indeed it is one versatile accessory as it offers a solution in fixing your damaged TPE doll.

To begin with, this procedure, get a clean wet towel. It would be best if you will use a white cloth as colored towels could stain the skin of your sex doll. 

Now that you already have a clean wet towel, cover the indentation mark on your doll with that and then heat the surface. Repeat this procedure a couple of times. Eventually, you will notice that the indentations and pressure marks on your sex doll’s surface will begin to gradually disappear.

Fixing Dents Using a Hot Towel

Get a clean towel, preferably white, and wet it with hot water. After that, cover the visible pressure dents for some amount of time. The next step is to put a glove on and pat the indented part of the doll with your hand. Repeat this process until the damage or indentation disappears. 

An Easy Step to Fix Leg or Neck Rip, Tear, and General Abrasion

There are times when you will use your sex doll in an inappropriate and rash manner. This can pose a structural hazard to your sex doll, resulting in damage like tears and abrasions. 

That being said, you do not need to worry as there are two easy ways for you to repair your damages sex doll.

Using TPE Glue

The first thing that you need to do in this procedure is to locate the damaged or torn area of your doll. Next, get a fine-tipped tool that you can use to apply the TPE glue on the tear. 

Practical Guide to Repair Your Damaged Sex Doll

Once you have already applied the glue to the silicon skin of your sex doll, pull the two sides of the laceration together. It is important that you make sure to press the patch for a minute or more until it becomes intact again. 

But before applying the TPE glue, it is important to clean the damaged surface first. This is to remove any dirt or excess oil that might prevent the glue from sticking cleanly. You can clean the damaged area by wiping it with 70 percent isopropyl alcohol. 

In addition, you need to wear a glove when fixing the tear. Once you are all ready, get a fine-tipped tool or spatula and apply the TPE repair glue on the inner surface of the tear. Make sure that your spatula does not have any excess drop of glue on its tip as it can damage your sex doll’s skin further. 

After applying the TPE glue, pull the two sides of the tear together. Hold the tear together until the two sides bind back. 

Once you bind the lacerations together, the excess glue will get squeezed out. Get a tissue or any clean cloth that you could use to wipe that away from your doll’s skin. In addition, you should refrain from using your finger in wiping the excess glue as it will leave unwanted finger marks and impressions.

While the glue is drying, make sure that there is no tension on the doll’s surface the can re-open the joined wound. You should also position the doll in a way that the critical surfaced that you fixed will not get any tension. Leave that for 24 hours.

Heat Gun Procedure

What you need in this procedure is a typical 1.5 Kilowatt heat gun. You can purchase this on Amazon or anywhere online. 

To get started, clean the surface of the doll that needs to be fixed with either Vaseline or baby oil. Applying either of the two serves two purposes. First, it will clean and sterilize the surface of your doll. Second, it will distribute the heat applied more evenly. Needless to say, applying oil or Vaseline is important if you do not want to burn your sex doll’s skin. 

After evenly applying Vaseline or baby oil, proceed to focus your heat gun on the damaged skin. It is important to note that you have to be mindful of the distance between the doll’s skin and the heat gun. A distance of about four inches is advisable. 

Practical Guide to Repair Your Damaged Sex Doll

The next thing that you need to do is to reach the needed temperature, That being said, the melting point of the silicon used fo a sex doll’s skin is somewhere around 110 degrees Celcius. After heating for a couple of minutes, you will notice a glaze-like mirror finish. After that, get a clean cloth and feather out the surface damage caused by abrasions. Repeat this process several times with intervals for cooling until the abrasion disappears. Heating and cooling the doll surface is the key to getting a smooth finish.

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