A Lonely Man Says He is Not Shy After Buying A Sex Doll Worth £1,100 to Keep Him Company During the COVID-19 Lockdown

Scott Pearson is a 53-year-old man who has been single for almost 20 years. Now that the global COVID-19 pandemic is keeping everyone isolated, he opted to buy a sex doll, which, according to him, looks like Janet Jackson. 

He added that the sex doll, which he named Kianna, is keeping him company during the lonely nights while he is quarantining alone. 

Pearson, a kitchen porter noted that his unsociable working hours were making it challenging for him to maintain a relationship with a woman. For this good reason, a sex doll is a perfect companion for him. 

A Lonely Man Says He is Not Shy After Buying A Sex Doll Worth £1,100 to Keep Him Company During the COVID-19 Lockdown

Pearson Says That He is Not Ashamed About Having A Sex Doll

This lonely singleton lives in Brighton, East Sussex. He said that he does not like calling Kianna a “sex doll.” Rather, he prefers calling it a “love doll” or “partner.”

Pearson also emphasized that he is not ashamed of owning a sex doll. This is because he believes that he is not doing anything wrong. 

Moreover, Pearson revealed that he was previously married for 10 years. Unfortunately, his marriage ended up in a painful divorce in 2001. 

With his love doll, Pearson said that he does not have to go through heartbreak again. He also added that he is working for long hours, leaving him with no time to handle a relationship with a human woman. He added that he likes to have his own space for him to have peace and quiet.

However, it is important for every individual to release their tension. In fact, Pearson admitted that he was very irritable at work before he bought a sex doll.

But now that he has Kianna, he said that he is happier. This is because the love doll calmed him down so much and made him feel less lonely. 

The Feeling of Having A Sex Doll As A Life Partner

When asked about how it feels to be in bed with his love doll, Pearson said that he does not think that it is weird. In fact, the feeling is the same as having sex with a real human being. 

A Lonely Man Says He is Not Shy After Buying A Sex Doll Worth £1,100 to Keep Him Company During the COVID-19 Lockdown

In addition, he is giving credit to the thermoplastic elastomer or TPE material used to create the love doll. This is because the said material was able to make the doll feel like a real person. He noted that his love doll is a soft rubber that has a metal skeleton. For this reason, cuddling with Kianna while Pearson is watching TV feels like cuddling with a real woman. 

Furthermore, Pearson is living alone so his love doll helped a lot in keeping him company during the COVID-19 lockdown. 

Kianna is the third sex doll that Pearson has ever had. His other two love dolls got him through Christmas day. According to Pearson, it does not matter how many friends a person has but it is very difficult to celebrate Christmas alone. 

Moreover, Pearson is proud to show his relationship with Kianna online. It does not even matter to him if some of those who see his pictures with the love doll is calling him a pervert. Yet, he still thinks that those who are calling him a pervert are unfair. This is because he thinks that he is not doing anything wrong. He also added that he does everything sexual with his love doll behind closed doors, similar to any other relationship. 

He also noted that his love doll is not a secret. All of his friends and colleagues are aware of the love doll’s existence. Pearson also added that he posts his photos with the love doll online for a laugh. 

However, Pearson admitted that he would never bring his love doll out in public. His reason is that he would be completely upset if someone other than him would touch Kianna. 

Pearson also praises his love doll for making him less selfish. He said that before he purchased his love doll, the only thing that he ever thought about was himself. 

But now that he has his Kianna, he already has someone to buy wigs, clothes, eyelashes, and jewelry for. Pearson also said that buying things for his love doll feels like buying for a real woman. However, the only difference is that a real woman could dress on her own and do her own hair. On the other hand, a love doll needs its owner to do everything for her. 

A Lonely Man Says He is Not Shy After Buying A Sex Doll Worth £1,100 to Keep Him Company During the COVID-19 Lockdown

Furthermore, Pearson is completely smitten by his love doll and he is trying to give it a perfect image. 

Final Thoughts

There is no denying that sex dolls are a beneficial creation for people who are alone in life. This is because it is sometimes easier to buy a sex doll as a life-time companion instead of looking for a human partner. 

In addition, people like Pearson who do not have much spare time to spend with their partner. Thus, it is more difficult for them to maintain a healthy relationship. As everyone knows, spending less time with your partner could lead to them getting upset, leading to fights. If this matter persists, it is clear that the ending would be break up. But with sex dolls, things are different. These creations will not demand anything from you. If you do not spend time with your sex doll, it will not nag you. What is even more compelling is that it will not say no to whatever you want to do with it. 

With that being said, sex dolls are the perfect partner or companions for everyone. They will make you feel less lonely especially during nights as you could cuddle with them. 

The perfection of sex dolls is the reason why the sex doll industry is thriving. More and more people are getting hooked on the idea of owning a sex doll. For this reason, we can expect that the industry would remain growing for quite a long time.

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