Your Breast Options Guide for Sex Dolls

A lot of online stores now have thousands of sex dolls that you could purchase online. For this reason, buyers have a lot of questions as not all sex dolls are the same. Yet, it is worth noting that despite all the choices presented to you, choosing the doll that you are going to purchase takes some time and consideration.

Choosing your sex doll and its brand is already one thing. However, there are a number of options to choose from when it comes to customization. In addition, your choices may vary from one brand to another.

Your Breast Options Guide for Sex Dolls

Moreover, most custom features for sex dolls are self-explanatory. However, there are other features such as the doll’s breast type and material that need more time and attention before making a decision.

Choosing Your Sex Doll’s Breast Material

Two of the most common materials for a sex doll’s breast are jelly and TPE or silicone.

A sex doll with TPE or silicone breasts feel slightly firm and is medium soft. In addition, breasts made with TPE and silicone feel very realistic and bounce decently. 

Moreover, breasts that are made with TPE can be found on both hybrid dolls and TPE sex dolls. However, silicone breasts are only available on sex dolls that have 100 percent silicone bodies. For this reason, if you want to have your sex doll with breasts that are made of silicone, then you may have to opt-in for silicone sex doll models. 

On the other hand, sex doll breasts that are made with gel or jelly material are not common to most adult sex doll models. Instead, they usually come as an upgrade or add-on option. 

In addition, jelly breasts will allow experiencing a hyper-realistic touch. This is because the material is comparatively bouncy and soft.

Your Breast Options Guide for Sex Dolls

Options for Sex Doll Breasts

One of the most sought-after options when it comes to customizing a sex doll is choosing its breast type. Here are the three types of breasts that you could choose from when customizing your doll:

1. Hollow Breasts

A hollow breast type, of course, is hollow on the inside and the cavity is filled with air. Since the breasts are not entirely solid, they are much lighter and softer compared to other breast types. Yet, they still feel very realistic and great to touch.

Moreover, hollow breasts have no added cost if you want to upgrade them to other breast types. Because they are lightweight, there will be lower risks of tears. They are even softer and bouncier compared to other breast types.

However, the disadvantage is that they are less perky and are tougher in comparison to other options.

2. Solid Breasts

A lot of standard doll breasts are composed of either solid TPE or silicone. They are also often referred to as solid breasts. 

Solid doll breasts are soft and bouncy since they are made with TPE and silicone. But there are times when you will experience slight firmness and toughness when you are squeezing them.

In addition, this breast type may feel a little tougher and heavier because solid breasts have ni implants or cavities.

Moreover, the solid breast option is perfect if you do not want to focus on your sex doll’s breast and you are saving your money for more important add ons or upgrades.

This breast type definitely looks and feels realistic. Most of the time, sex doll owners who bought dolls with solid breasts do not feel the need to upgrade them. Therefore, solid breasts are really realistic due to the premium TPE or silicone material used for it.

In addition, this breast option does not have any additional cost if you want an upgrade. However, they are less soft and bouncy in comparison to other breast options. The solid breast type is also not suitable for bigger or larger breast sizes.

3. Gel Breasts or Gel Implants

Gel breasts or implants, as the name suggests, is a breast option where a gel or jelly material is placed inside the sex doll’s breasts. The gel used on this breast type is not only much softer among the three options, but it is also excellent in mimicking the feel of the real female breasts.

Your Breast Options Guide for Sex Dolls

If you are aiming to have a sex doll that has the most life-like breasts, then this option is the best choice. On top of that, upgrading to gel breasts is not too expensive. It is also worth the money you will spend. 

However, you can get gel breasts or gel implants for your sex doll as an additional upgrade. This means that it will cause you some extra fee if you want your sex doll to have this breast type. For this reason, this option may not suit you if you are on a tight budget or you do not want to spend extra on upgrades. 

The advantage of sex dol breasts that have gel implants is that they feel extremely soft to touch. On top of that, this breast option has the most realistic feel compared to real female breasts.

But the disadvantage is that gel implants for sex dolls are quite expensive and you need to pay extra if you want to get this breast option.

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