How to Repair Your Damaged Sex Doll

Sex dolls are very robust creations. They are composed of high-quality materials that do not easily get damaged despite continuous use. 

However, despite the sturdiness of sex dolls, there will come a time when they will acquire some damages especially when they are not used with care. Luckily, you can repair minor damage on your sex doll yourself. In fact, the materials that you will need for the repair process might already be in your home. For this reason, there are instances when you no longer have to buy anything to repair your beloved sex doll.

But there are instances when certain damages, such as tears on the doll’s skin will require you to purchase a particular type of glue. 

Here are the Best Methods of Repairing Your Damaged Sex Doll

To let you know more about the easy sex doll repair methods, then dive deeper into this article.

The Best Sex Doll Repair Methods If Your Doll Has Pressure Marks

The Hairdryer Procedure

A hairdryer is a common house item. But despite the fact that it is used primarily for the hair, it appears that this tool is a versatile accessory. In fact, a hairdryer offers a solution for a damaged sex doll.

To get started with the hairdryer procedure, the first thing you need to do is to get a clean white towel. Next, wet your towel and use it to cover the indentation mark on the sex doll. Use your hair dryer to heat the surface that you covered.

Do the said process a number of times. After that, you will notice that the pressure mark is starting to disappear gradually. 

Here are the Best Methods of Repairing Your Damaged Sex Doll

The Hot Towel Method 

When using your sex doll, the impact that your weight produces may leave an indentation mark. This can also happen if you accidentally pushed a heavy item on the surface of your doll. In addition, pressure marks can also occur when you improperly lay your doll or store it in the wrong posture or position. 

In an instance that your doll acquired indentations, worry not as you can easily fix that using a hot towel.

The first thing you need to do for this procedure is to of course get a clean towel. Your towel should preferably white. This is because the dye on a colored cloth may bleed and stain your doll, thus giving it more damage.

Next, soak your white towel in water that is hot enough for you to touch. Cover the indentations with the hot towel for some amount of time. After that, wear a heat-proof glove and pat the area that you covered. Repeat this process until the pressure mark disappears.

How to Repair Tears On Your Sex Doll’s Skin

When you use your sex doll in a harsh manner, there is a great chance for it to acquire tears and abrasions. This type of damage, when not repaired immediately, can become worse over time. That being said, there are two easy methods that you can do to repair your sex doll if it has a tear or abrasion on its skin.

Using TPE Glue to Fix Tears

What you will need for this procedure are a TPE glue and a fine-tipped application tool. 

Before proceeding to glue the torn skin of your doll, you initially have to clean it first. This is to4 get rid of any oil or dirt on their area that has to be fixed. You can use 70 percent isopropyl alcohol to clean the damaged area. 

Now, locate the area of the sex doll’s skin that is torn and open it apart. Use your fine-tipped tool to apply the TPE glue on it. Next, cohere the two sides of the laceration together. However, it is important to note that you should use a glove to cover your hand. You should not touch the excess glue that gets squeezed out from the torn area as it may leave some unwanted prints on the skin of your sex doll.

Next, use a clean tissue or a white cloth to wipe off the excess glue from the laceration.

In addition, it is important that your applicator does not have excess glue hanging off its tip as it may drop on your sex doll’s skin and cause a stain. 

Once the two sides of the tear are bound back together, make sure to position your sex doll in a way that no pressure would be applied to the area that you repaired.

The Heat Gun Method For Fixing Abrasions

When doing the heat gun method, the best heat gun that you can use is the basic 1.5 Kilowatt one. You can purchase this anywhere online. Such a type of heat gun comes in handy as it has a temperature sensor attached to it. For this reason, you will be able to monitor the heat that you apply to the damaged area of your sex doll.

The first thing that you need to do when fixing your sex doll’s abrasion with a heat gun is to clean its surface. Use either petroleum jelly or baby oil to clean the damaged area. Moreover, applying either of these two serves two purposes. First, you will be able to clean and sterilize the area that you are going to fix. The other purpose is that the oil or petroleum jelly that you applied will allow you to distribute the heat from the heat gun more evenly. Therefore, this step is important if you do not want to burn the skin of your sex doll.

Here are the Best Methods of Repairing Your Damaged Sex Doll

Now that your sex doll is sterilized, proceed to apply heat on the abrasion. It is worth noting that you have to be mindful of the distance between the sex doll’s skin and the heat gun. Applying heat too close to the doll’s skin might cause more damage to it. For this reason, you should maintain about a four-inch distance from your heat gun to your sex doll’s skin.

Moreover, heating the skin of your doll will result in a glaze-like mirror finish to the area where you focused your heat gun. Once this happens, grab a piece of clean cloth and feather out the abrasion. Let the doll cool and then repeat the process. Do this until your doll no longer has any irregularities.

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