What Are the Most Effective Ways of Storing Your Sex Doll?

It is a known fact that society is slowly accepting the existence of sex dolls. In fact, a good number of people already own love dolls. They are an excellent source of satisfaction and excitement. In addition, these hyper-realistic dolls can keep you busy during times that you do not have anything to do. 

Lovers who are in a long-distance relationship can also benefit from sex dolls. What is even better is that you will have no chance of getting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) as well as other prevalent infections. 

What Are the Most Effective Ways of Storing Your Sex Doll?

Since your sex doll brings you so many benefits, it is important that you know how to take care of it. That being said, it is crucial that you know how to properly store your sex doll. This way, you will be able to protect your doll from any damages. 

With that, here are the things that you need to know about storing your sex doll.

The Disadvantages of Having An Unreliable Storage For Your Sex Doll

There are a number of disadvantages when it comes to installing unreliable storage for your sex doll. These disadvantages may differ from one person to another. Needless to say, not storing your doll in the proper way will definitely affect it negatively.

In addition, when you do not store your sex doll properly, your privacy becomes at stake. Not everyone accepts the idea of owning a sex doll. Some people even think that owning such a doll is a bad thing. So, to avoid this stigma, it is important that you store your doll in a place that no one could see it. After all, your sex doll is your private property. It is your partner that you should not share even with your closest friends. 

Now, let us look further at the disadvantages caused by improper storage for your sex doll.

Damages the Love Doll

Improper storage of your sex doll is equivalent to mishandling it. Of course, the only thing that you can expect from handling something carelessly is damage. 

Moreover, there are owners who hide their sex dolls under the bed without covering it properly. While beneath the bed is a good place to hide your doll in plain sight, this is an unhealthy act. 

What Are the Most Effective Ways of Storing Your Sex Doll?

Keeping your sex doll under the bed with covering it would certainly invite mites to feed on its skin. Apart from that, there is also a chase for mold build-up to occur on its skin. For this reason, make sure that the storage option you will choose for your doll will safeguard it.

Ineffective Sex Doll Storage Puts Your Health At Risk

As mentioned, improper sex doll storage causes damages to it. However, this habit can also put your health at risk. 

For instance, if your sex doll was exposed to dust or had mold build-up on its skin, there is a high chance for you to get skin irritation. What is even worse is that when your doll contracted infection-causing elements, it could result in a more adverse health problem for you.

This is why your sex doll must be stored in such a way that no elements could come in contact with it.

Makes the Room Look Disorganized

Putting your sex doll somewhere in your bedroom, at one corner, for instance, would make your entire room look disorganized. You might even trip from it when you are walking to your bed. To avoid this from happening, make sure to choose a storage option that would allow you to render your room neat and in order.

How to Store Your Life-Sized Sex Doll Properly

Properly storing your sex doll comes in many options. The choice you will make will depend on the budget that you are willing to spend. 

To make the choice easier for you, you can either hang the doll vertically or do a horizontal lying position.

Vertical Storage for Sex Dolls

Doll Stand-Up Feet

This is one of the most recommended vertical storage options. However, not all sex doll owners are willing to invest money in this option. For this reason, this type of storage is only effective if you have the budget.

Moreover, you will be able to find the stand-up feet add-on on most online stores that sell sex dolls for no more than $100.

If you are planning to store your sex doll in your closet or somewhere where space is limited, then this storage option is perfect for you. Apart from that, having your doll stored in a standing position will let you dress it up and make it look like a regular mannequin.

Store It In Your Closet

If you happen to have a closet that is large enough to fit a life-sized object in it, then you no longer need to worry about storing your doll. In addition, hanging your doll in a closet is the most affordable way of properly storing it. In fact, sex doll manufacturing companies store the dolls they produce in this manner. 

What Are the Most Effective Ways of Storing Your Sex Doll?

In addition, hanging your sex doll on a wall mount will prevent unwanted pressure on its joints and skeleton. Closet hook kits for sex dolls are extremely budget-friendly. You can in fact order online for no more than $20 on most sex doll stores.

Horizontal Storage for Sex Dolls

Purchase a Doll Storage Case

If you are looking for the safest method of storing your sex doll, then buying a doll storage case is what you are looking for. 

Sex doll storage cases are designed in a way that provides optimal padding. In addition, such a storage method can protect your doll from external damages. However, it is worth noting that this option is quite expensive. A single unit could cost between $650 to $800.

Furniture With Built-in Storage

If you have furniture, a couch, for example, that has built-in storage, then you can use that to store your sex doll. This would be very efficient as you will be able to store your doll without it getting too much space.

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