The Rise in Sales of Sex Dolls Continues Even During Lockdown

Last January, everyone was busy doing their own thing, planning for vacations, and setting business goals to reach during this year. But everything seems to become blurry when the sudden birth of COVID-19 threatens the life of many and results in lockdown. This global pandemic, the COVID-19 everyone faces, has indeed impacted a lot of people in different aspects. No one expected this thing to happen. Yet, people are left with no choice but to adapt to the sudden change. At first, people thought this would last in a matter of a few weeks. But that few weeks, slowly became into months and now will almost turn into a year. 

Some viewed this pandemic as such a waste of time when travel plans could have been pursued, students should be going to school instead of online, people should have been spending time together instead of a virtual gathering, and businesses could have been earning more instead of laying off people. It is undeniable that some of the business owners barely survive during this time of the pandemic. However, there is one company in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, who happens to still have an increase in sales even this time of crisis- a Sex Doll Company.

The Rise in Sales of Sex Dolls Continues Even During Lockdown

Since the global pandemic has begun, and lockdown restrictions took place, almost all in the business industries were affected. But the impact was far different from Sex Doll Companies, like Sex Doll Official. It was launched in 2018 and owned by a businesswoman named Jade Stanley. She’s 36 years old and a mother of four who runs a company that sells and rents plastic sex companions. This business has recently announced that they noticed an increase in sales every time there’s a new lockdown restriction imposed. Compare to other business industries, this one seems to continually thrive despite the pandemic. The businesswoman also explained that the surges in sales she saw during this time were due to the extensive isolation which urges the customers to buy these sex dolls.

During her appearance on This Morning, she mentioned that there has been a growth in demand for male and transgender sex dolls making it higher and couples who want to involve in a safe threesome in the bedroom has now a larger market. 

 Just like any other technology in the digital world which quickly evolves, the same goes for the creation of sex dolls in the global market to meet the needs of the customers. 

AI-Equipped Sex dolls and How It Respond to Its Users 

The latest sex doll now in the market is a robot companion or AI-equipped. These sex dolls are human-like silicone dolls that are pretty close to real human beings. Sex dolls may not have an actual pulse, but they can respond to stimuli sent by their users. Through artificial intelligence, they adapt their responses to the fantasies of their owners, making them talk, move, and act. In short, they actively react. 

 Jade’s most expensive AI-equipped sex dolls may cost up to £8,000. The design of these sex dolls can be customized in any way their customers want them to be. Customers can decide anything they want for their dolls to have. From the details of dimensions to hair they think looks better for their dolls, every aspect of the doll, the customers get to decide.

The Rise in Sales of Sex Dolls Continues Even During Lockdown

 One of her male sex dolls named Jessie also appeared in ThisMorning. She even showed another doll that she sent to the studio to hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

 According to Jade, a lot of people see the doll with a presence. Some of the reasons why their customers buy their sex dolls are simply to use it as a prop up in a chair or pose it lying beside them in the bed. Sex Doll Official also caters to everyone. With these sex dolls, age is no barrier, even gender.

 One more thing that Jade has shared is that she’s now in the process of setting up a physical shop to meet the needs of her customers as some of them prefer to see the dolls first before purchasing. 

 Today’s sex dolls were far different from the old dolls. Major upgrades have been made to provide users a companion more than just a sex toy. Users also get sex dolls according to their tastes and likings. 

Demand for Male and Transgender Dolls Became Higher During Lockdown

Male sex dolls have features masculine that works as a substitute boyfriend for women while the transgender sex doll has features of both masculine and feminine.

 Male and transgender dolls are becoming more popular during the lockdown. As previously mentioned, Jade noticed a higher demand for male and transgender dolls whenever lockdown restrictions are changed. In addition, many people now are having isolation issues, it urges those who stay alone to have this kind of sex doll. 

The Rise in Sales of Sex Dolls Continues Even During Lockdown

 Given the current pandemic situation, people only get to interact with others through social media, the online way. This COVID-19 has indeed transformed how everyone communicates. Now that people are cut off from normal social interaction, everyone opts to go to voice and video calls. While this interactive activity connects and helps people in contact with their loved ones, they don’t get to physically interact with someone and have a sexual connection. This is where Jade sees the surge in demand for her sex dolls. Through the use of these sex dolls, users ensure a COVID safe way to interact physically with someone. 

 People have sexual needs. Now that the global COVID-19 pandemic is making it hard for them to fulfill those needs, it is only natural that they look for an alternative that could provide them with sexual gratification. Moreover, sex dolls are a perfect solution. This is the reason why the demand for such adult sex aids are surging as the lockdowns caused by the pandemic lengthens. Needless to say, we can expect the sex doll industry to grow more.

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