Should I Spend My Stimulus Check on Sex Dolls?

Now that there is a global pandemic, sex doll manufacturing companies are saying that self-isolation can still be fun and safe. 

Abyss Creation, the maker of ReallDolls sex robots, assured its potential buyers that the sex dolls it manufactures are free of COVID-19. Notably, this industry has been greatly affected by the pandemic since most of its products come from China. Fortunately, manufacturers were able to ease the minds of people about the myth that sex dolls are carriers of the deadly virus.

Should I Spend My Stimulus Check on Sex Dolls?


For that reason, sex doll sales have significantly increased since the beginning of the pandemic. In fact, another company called Sex Doll Genie had to employ more staff in order to keep up with the increasing demand. The company said that it received hundreds of more inquiries than usual last year. In addition, Sex Doll Genie witnessed a 51.6 percent increase in orders from single men in the first quarter of 2020. It also saw a 33.2 percent year-on-year growth in terms of orders placed by couples in April 2020.

Needless to say, sex dolls are already here to stay. So, people might as well invest in it. And now that the US government has released a stimulus check for its citizens, people who have always been curious about sex dolls are surely thinking if they should spend their checks on this cutting-edge innovation.

What is A Stimulus Check?

A stimulus check is basically a check that the US government sends to a taxpayer. Its role is to stimulate the economy by giving consumers some money that they could spend. When a taxpayer spends the money provided, it boosts consumption as well as drives revenues at manufacturers and retailers. As a result, the economy spurs. 

Now that there is a global pandemic, the United States House and Senate unanimously agreed to approve the coronavirus relief bill that costs $1.9 trillion. That amounts to a $1,4000 stimulus check for every taxpayer.

As mentioned, stimulus checks are spent on manufacturers to boost the economy. For this reason, it is only right that people spend it on an industry that is still thriving during the pandemic. One of those is the sex doll industry. 

Best Sex Dolls That Your Should Spend Your Stimulus Check On

Since the quarantine is not over yet, and it seems like it’s far from being over, it is a great idea to spend your stimulus check on sex dolls. If you are planning to do such, here are some of the best sex dolls that you could spend your stimulus check on:

Should I Spend My Stimulus Check on Sex Dolls?



Should I Spend My Stimulus Check on Sex Dolls?

This sex doll is a woman who will receive every advance that you make. She has a beautiful face that perfectly complements her attractive blonde hair. Her eyes are brown and tantalizing and her lips are soft and sexy. 

In addition, Jasmin is small so she is easy to carry around. This means you can position her in every sex position that you can think of. 


Should I Spend My Stimulus Check on Sex Dolls?

Anastacia is a bad girl in all ways you can ever think of. She has long blonde-white hair and beautiful lips that perfectly sit on her fierce face. In addition, her eyes are heart-deep.

In terms of her body, Anastacia has sexy curves and gorgeous round boobs, while her butt is small and cute. Needless to say, she is a personification of the angels but she can be wild enough to fulfill your fantasies. Every round of sex will be satisfying with Anastacia


Should I Spend My Stimulus Check on Sex Dolls?

If you are into a sporty type of girl, then Emma is the perfect girl for you. She has tan skin that looks so inviting. It perfectly blends with her long jet-black hair and striking brown eyes. 

On the other hand, her body has curves that every woman could dream of. When a man sees her, he will surely fall for her charms and will never be able to break from her spell. 


Should I Spend My Stimulus Check on Sex Dolls?

Looking at this gorgeous doll will make a man feel as if he is staring at the legendary lady in red. Gisele is beautiful in all ways you can think of. Her eyes are chinky and have a cloudy haze around them.

Gisele is smooth, soft, sexy, curvy, and anything that a woman would wish to be. She will make you feel your dream sex, get to your dream sexual positions, and say yes to all your advances. 


Should I Spend My Stimulus Check on Sex Dolls?

This sex doll is another epitome of perfection. She is one of the best dolls that you can spend your stimulus check on. Her boobs are so perky that they jump out of her bra as if they are inviting your hands to touch them. She has a small round ass that is so firm, you will want to squeeze it all night long. 

In addition, Irena has soft skin, long brown hair, and a sexy body. She knows every sexual position that can increase your libido. For this reason, she will no doubt be able to give you the best sex that you will ever have. 


Should I Spend My Stimulus Check on Sex Dolls?

This one is a work of art. Jessa is a unique masterpiece with her extremely sexy body. Looking at her will make you feel horny and wish that you can bring her home. She has a curvy ass, round boobs, and erect nipples. With the size of her breasts, you can watch them bouncing up and down while you are pounding her. 

Moreover, you are never going to get enough of Jessa once you had a taste of her. 

The Takeaway

Now that it seems that the pandemic will not end anytime soon, it is important for the government to keep the economy thriving. One perfect way to do just that is by giving taxpayers a stimulus check. And as citizens, you have the responsibility to use that check on an industry that you know would help in boosting the economy. Needless to say, one of those industries is sex doll manufacturing. 

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