Someone Made A Brad Pitt Sex Doll!

No, you read that title correctly. Someone made a sex doll that is vaguely reminiscent of Brad Pitt. Unlike that weird Melania Trump sex doll that I saw the other day, this one is a bit more grounded in reality. And a little bit more normal. Although it would look weird on your end, make no mistake, as this is a healthy way of relieving your libido in a healthier but more unconventional way.

Everyone who grew up watching Hollywood movies would know who Brad Pitt is. Ask anyone you come across the street, and they have an idea who he is. He’s a household name at this point. His movies are always sure to be a blockbuster hit. He may be aging as time goes on, but he ages like fine wine at this point. It’s almost as if magic at this point. How can he maintain his elegant good looks and his body even at his age? The fact that he remains hot to this day remains a mystery, even for someone like me.


Why Would You Want a Sex Doll? And Why Would You Want It to Look Like Brad Pitt?

Firstly, Brad Pitt is everyone’s dream man. Every one of us has seen him, be it in his prime or on his latest outings. His suave good looks, mixed with his supreme acting skills, would be sure to make any woman swoon with anticipation. Everyone would recognize him no matter what, and there are always press releases about him and his current relationship status. 

Now, sex dolls that look like Hollywood celebrities aren’t a particularly new thing. Some companies create sex dolls that look like Angelina Jolie or some other obscure Hollywood celebrities. Would they be mad about this? Probably. But, some stars would allow companies to use their face on their sex dolls. They’re allowed, as long as they would receive royalties as long as their faces are on the product. Though, if you’re an upstart sex doll company, you could make faces that look vaguely reminiscent of the celebrity you wish to copy. 

Desire is a fickle thing. Though not everyone might have something for Brad Pitt, some of us might want to have sex eventually. Your sexual orientation doesn’t matter. Sex is not just a desire; it’s an instinct that we all have from the moment we’re born. Libido was, and always is, a natural part of being a human. And as such, everyone should always resolve it healthily. 

Someone Made A Brad Pitt Sex Doll!

Sex dolls are notorious for being expensive. Some of them come at almost a thousand dollars, maybe even more. You can buy a second, or perhaps even third-hand car for that price. But then, public transport is accessible for most parts of the country. Masturbating isn’t enough for the regular person. Sex is something that people always want, no matter who you may be. Sex dolls provide a healthy way of alleviating one’s libido. 

“But,” you might say, “sex dolls are a weird purchase on their own! Why not just have sex like a normal person?” That’s all fine and well, but not everyone can have sex. Some people are hopelessly single. Though some may have partners, they’re not always ready to have sex when you want them to. And this is where sex dolls rise into action. They provide a healthy way to alleviate libido and the tension that inevitably comes with it. They’re also safer for couples who don’t want a child, as there are no risks of either you or the doll getting pregnant. Sex dolls are also a healthier way of having sex than just hooking up with strangers you met online. Sex dolls cannot get sexually transmitted diseases, which would make them safer in the long run. 

What Would Brad Pitt Say to This?

For starters, the people making it would be in a world of action-class lawsuits and a tirade of questions from Mr. Pitt’s lawyers. But, as long as it doesn’t look like nor has the same name as him, then it’s alright. What he doesn’t know couldn’t hurt him, and that’s what Charles (the name of the sex doll) is for, and so much more! There’s absolutely no way in hell that Brad Pitt would allow this to happen. But as mentioned earlier, it’s going to be fine as long as he doesn’t know that it’s him. There probably wouldn’t be lawsuits involved as long as they don’t directly market it as a Brad Pitt sex doll.

Charles As A Sex Doll

As a sex doll that has a striking resemblance with Brad Pitt, Charles would be sure to bring a smile to everyone that would purchase him. Let’s be honest. Unless you were either Angelina Jolie or a 27-year old German woman, nobody would know what it would be like to sleep with the Hollywood big shot. So, when all you ever wanted to do in life is to sleep with Brad Pitt, Charles is the perfect solution for you. 

Charles comes with a variety of eye and hair colors, and you can even choose an option of body hair and their tongues as well. What’s more, if you’re feeling just a tad kinky, then you can also choose to customize his penis style when you don’t want the default penis that he comes with when you’re feeling kinky. 

Someone Made A Brad Pitt Sex Doll!

Where Can I Get Charles?

Now that I’ve waxed endless lyrical about Charles and his striking resemblance to Brad Pitt, you’d want one. If so, then look no further than the only Sex Doll Genie! Their quality sex dolls are sure to satisfy you in a way that no other sex doll would. What’s more, the variety of choices that they offer boggles the mind. Every single sex doll is customizable, giving you the sensation of having something uniquely yours. The Sex Doll Genie is one of the top names to remember when looking for sex dolls. Give them a knock if you want to get your sex doll now!

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