Are You Cheating on Your Wife? (You’re Better Than That) Get a Sex Doll!

Back then, sex dolls do not have sex appeal. They were nothing more than inflatable figures that hardly look like a woman. Thanks to the continuous advancement of technology, manufacturers were able to create sex dolls that look and feel like real human women. 

The sex dolls of today are made out of high-end materials, allowing them to become very realistic. For this reason, men, regardless if they are single or not, have started to use hyper-realistic sex dolls. 

However, there is a question that never left married men who use sex dolls. Is using a sex doll mean they are cheating on their wife? To answer that, this article will dive into that burning debate. In addition, we will offer a deeper perspective about why people use sex dolls even when they already have a partner. 

What Qualifies As Cheating When Men Use Sex Dolls?

Before everything else, let us find out what is considered cheating with a sex doll. 

Using a Sex Doll Without the Knowledge of Your Wife

Probably, the reason why you are having a side relationship with a sex doll is that your wife would never approve of it. For this reason, you hide your sex doll somewhere she would not find out, preferably somewhere far from home, so you can have sex with her in secret. But after that, you will feel the guilt eating you from the inside after going home from her. This is something that all cheaters usually feel. And if your wife discovers, she will end her relationship with you.

Spending More Time With Your Sex Doll Than With Your Wife

If your wife allows you to own a sex doll, then ask yourself, are you spending more time with the sex doll than with your wife? It is completely understandable that sometimes, due to their busy schedule, women get so tired that they do not want to do anything but rest when they get home. For this reason, their husband seldom has sex with them. 

Needless to say, having sex with your sex doll occasionally is fine. However, if you are having sex with your sex doll more than the time you spend with your wife, then that only means that your priorities are twisted. That also means you are cheating on your wife. 

When is Having Sex With A Sex Doll Not Considered Cheating? 

You see, the instances when owning a sex doll is considered cheating is only minimal. Hyper-realistic sex dolls can be weird, yet, there is no doubt that they are satisfying. In fact, they sometimes can become very addictive. Not addictive in a good way, but in a way that you feel like sex dolls are more satisfying than your wife. 

However, women are not just made to lay in bed and provide you with sexual gratification. And if you know how to prioritize your wife even when you own a sex doll, then you are definitely not cheating. 

Below are more instances when having sex with a doll is not considered cheating:

When your wife knows that you own a sex doll

If your wife is aware of you owning a sex doll and you are only having sex with the doll occasionally, then you are not cheating. She knows that you are having sex with an inanimate object, so she understands. She will support your relationship with the sex doll since you let her know about it from the very start. 

When you have sex together with the sex doll

When your wife is adventurous enough to have a threesome with you and your sex doll, then you will both be able to add more fun to your relationship. That is something that is very healthy. And since both of you agreed on having a sex doll, it does not qualify as cheating. 

In addition, you will be able to use your sex doll to build a more intimate relationship with your wife. For this reason, the next time that you have sex with your doll, make sure that your wife is aware. 

Is Using a Sex Doll Right or Wrong?

With all that has been said and done, it is safe to say that the answer to the aforementioned question is subjective. For instance, owning a sex doll is not cheating when your wife is fully aware of it. 

In order for you to decide if using a sex doll is right or wrong, the first thing that you need to do is to thoroughly understand what cheating means. In addition, it depends on the level of understanding that your wife has. 

Sex dolls also go a long way. For this reason, the best thing to do is to talk to your partner about it. Tell her the advantages and disadvantages of this lifelike doll. This way, she will understand why you want to own one and how it can assist you in your relationship.

Needless to say, having a sex doll when you are married is not cheating when your wife knows about it completely. 

Sex Dolls that Married Men Can Choose From

Now that you have your wife’s permission to have a sex doll, then it is time to choose the sex doll you are going to purchase.


Lana is a Japanese beauty who is perfect for men who adore petite women. From head to toe, her entire body screams perfection. At first, she may look like she is a shy girl. However, she is wild in bed and can satisfy all your sexual desires. 

Are You Cheating on Your Wife? (You're Better Than That) Get a Sex Doll!


Another petite girl worth having, Adah is one of the cheapest silicone sex dolls in the market.  She may only be 5’’5’ in height but she has large breasts that make men go crazy. In addition, she can give in to your vaginal, oral, as well as anal fantasies.

Are You Cheating on Your Wife? (You're Better Than That) Get a Sex Doll!


Irina is a gorgeous woman who will patiently wait for you in the bedroom to ease your tiredness with mind-blowing sex. She has soft and perfect skin that is made from high-quality TPE material. With her beautiful face and amazing talent in sex, you will surely experience sexual gratification that you never felt before. 

Are You Cheating on Your Wife? (You're Better Than That) Get a Sex Doll!


This petite and extremely gorgeous sex doll costs much less than most of the average sex dolls available in the market. She can make her owner’s life a dream come true. Amy is only 4’’7’ in height, weighs 56lb, and skinny. She is a sexy teacher that can give you the best sex that you can ever imagine.

Are You Cheating on Your Wife? (You're Better Than That) Get a Sex Doll!


This sex doll is one who will conquer your heart the moment you see her. While Elsa is flat-chested, it does not hinder her from being one of the sexiest dolls on this list. She’s got a nice little butt and she can give you oral, vaginal, and anal sex. Moreover, Elsa can make any man scream out of pleasure and satisfaction. 

Are You Cheating on Your Wife? (You're Better Than That) Get a Sex Doll!


This woman is a tan beauty who has silky blonde hair. Her skin is perfectly tanned as if she just came from the beach. In addition, Victoria will patiently wait for you until you can give her the attention that she needs. What is even better is that you can have her customized. You can purchase clothes, extra wigs, as well as other accessories that will make them sexier and more attractive. 

Are You Cheating on Your Wife? (You're Better Than That) Get a Sex Doll!


This sex doll has a metal skeleton. But despite that, she can be extremely flexible. In fact, Jordan can do almost every sex position that you can think of. Additionally, she has a perfect body paired with her long and flawless legs. 

When you have Jordan, you will certainly never look for any other girl because she can already give you more than you could ever ask for. 

Are You Cheating on Your Wife? (You're Better Than That) Get a Sex Doll!


Lexi is a realistic sex doll, a country girl who is well aware of how she can please a man in bed. She can give you vaginal, oral, and anal sex. In addition, she can give you the wildest sex once you have her. And since she is a country girl, she can ride you like a real cowgirl to satisfy all of your sexual desires. 

Are You Cheating on Your Wife? (You're Better Than That) Get a Sex Doll!

Elf Princess

The Elf Princess is a sex doll that is perfect for men who have special tastes. This Elf Princess has blonde hair, pointed ears, and huge breasts. On top of that, she is smoking hot.

Moreover, the Elf Princess is for men who like to have something unique to fulfill their sexual fantasies. In addition to that, she is much cheaper in comparison to other sex dolls out there. For this reason, you can easily have her right in your bedroom. 

Are You Cheating on Your Wife? (You're Better Than That) Get a Sex Doll!

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