Jenny Kleeman’s Sex Robots & Vegan Meat — How Has the Way We Have Sex, Eat, and Die Changed?

A technological revolution is happening in a plain factory building located in the San Marcos hills, the north of San Diego, CA. in that establishment, a team of AI experts are creating a new type of woman that can flutter her eyelids, smile, participate in short conversations, and remember the names of the people around her. 

Her name is Harmony. However, she is not a normal human woman. Instead, she is a cut above an average sex doll. In addition, she is more than just an aid for masturbation. Harmony is a friend, a lover, and even a potential life partner.

Jenny Kleeman, the author of Sex Robots & Vegan Meat examined in her work the innovations that carry a promise to change the way people live, eat, reproduce, and die. In the preface, she warned her readers that what they are about to read is not science fiction. She added that the world is now on the brink of an age when technology will reshape the fundamental elements of human existence.

Jenny Kleeman’s Sex Robots & Vegan Meat -- How Has the Way We Have Sex, Eat, and Die Changed?

Notably, Kleeman is a journalist and a documentary-maker. She specializes in social affairs and tech. In addition, she creates a compelling and thoughtful attempt at understanding where the technological age can lead the world.

The first thing on her list of apocalyptic developments is the production of animatronic sexbots that are AI-enabled. Depending on your viewpoint, it will either provide socially isolated men with warmth or comfort or will allow sex offenders to bring their rape fantasies to life. Kleeman’s research took her to a company called Abyss Creations. This company is the heart of the adult industry. It manufactures hyperrealistic sex dolls that are made with customized hair, vaginal inserts, and nipples.

Abyss Creations is owned by Matt McMullen, a supposed-to-be rock star who was so pleased with himself that he created a few male sex dolls in his very own image. For matt, Harmony is his crowning glory. This sexbot is already on her sixth iteration in terms of software and hardware. Not only Harmony can make moaning noises during sex but her vagina also heats up on its own, thanks to her own heating and lubrication systems. Matt added that once she is completely created, Harmony will know how many times you want to have sex each day, your favorite sex positions, as well as what your kinks and fetishes are.

More About Jenny Kleeman

Apart from the increasing popularity of sexbots, Kleeman is also investigating the creation of “clean meat. Such is laboratory-grown food that is made out of animal cells. If this creation goes according to plan, it could lead the multitrillion-dollar farming industries to go bankrupt. 

Another innovation is the “bio-bag.” It is an artificial womb that could make childbirth as easy as opening a Ziploc bag. Finally, Kleeman also looked into the growing market for suicide kits. These kits promise the elderly a quick and painless death.

As a part of her investigation, Kleeman met entrepreneurs who are creating salmon sushis and beefsteak in Petri dishes. These entrepreneurs are scientists who are the masterminds behind the extra-uterine devices. She also met the “Elon Musk of suicide” — Philip Nitschke. Notably, Nitschke is the architect of the 3D-printed euthanasia device called Sarco. This device allows people to administer their own death through the use of liquid nitrogen.

What Sex Robots & Vegan Meat is All About

Sex Robots & Vegan Meat tackles the desire of humankind to overcome possibly catastrophic problems with shiny new products. As Kleeman says, instead of dealing with the cause of the problem, people tend to invent something to try and cancel that problem out. 

Everyone is aware that the meat industry is environmentally toxic and cruel. However, giving up chicken nuggets, burgers, and pork chops for the greater good seems too much to ask. In addition, the sex doll industry is seeking to satisfy the desires of men who cannot relate to or actively loathe women. A number of therapy sessions would be much cheaper than buying a sex robot. However, that would require Abyss Creations’ customers to admit and accept their hang-ups. 

Jenny Kleeman’s Sex Robots & Vegan Meat -- How Has the Way We Have Sex, Eat, and Die Changed?

Moreover, it is important to note that of all the innovations discussed in the book, there is not any functional version that currently exists. But does this mean that Kleeman is worrying her readers over nothing? Not really. This is because it seems like all these creations will be going on the market one day, regardless if there is no guarantee that they’ll come out desirable nor affordable.

You will be left dismayed after reading Kleeman’s book. Dismayed not by what lies ahead but by the current reality of men who have huge egos who want to control food, birth, sex, and death. 

Final Thoughts

The world is filled with people who want to change the way that things work. As mentioned by Kleeman, people would rather try and cancel out a problem by inventing an alternative solution rather than actually dealing with it. This applies perfectly to the sex doll industry. 

A lot of sex doll manufacturers are advertising their products as something that could stop a sex offender’s desire to rape women. The is because, with sex dolls, they can do all their sexual fantasies without their partner stopping them or complaining. However, the real question is that would this really stop sex offenders from raping women, or would it increase their fantasies? As everyone knows, sex dolls cannot move and make sounds. For this reason, it would only be so long before sex offenders can state themselves. Sooner or later, they will find the resistance that they could only get by forcing women. So, would sex dolls really help decrease rape cases?

Jenny Kleeman’s Sex Robots & Vegan Meat -- How Has the Way We Have Sex, Eat, and Die Changed?

The same thing goes for the meats made in Petri dishes. No matter what scientists do, people will always find the taste of real meat that comes from animals. 

Furthermore, would someone really invest in a machine that induces death rather than waiting for their last days on earth?

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