The Reviews of The Sex Dolls Are Coming

Have you ever wondered how Harmony — a life-sized AI-enabled sex doll — would look like while reciting the lyrics to Thriller? If yes, then Channel 4’s The Sex Robots Are Coming has got you covered. This fascinating documentary was able to explore the question of how close machines and humans are going to be. This closeness one day hopes to make life-like silicone women who can talk and show pre-programmed emotions. These life-like dolls are more obedient pliable, and passive than the free-willed real thing. 

Thinking about a life-like human doll that is designed to become better than real human women is both hilarious and upsetting. But as upsetting as it may seem, the California-based company called Abyss Creations is on its way to make a realistic sex robot. The company is already selling sex dolls for people who have enough extra cash to spend on luxurious things. Matt McMullen, Abyss Creations’ founder, noted that while they sell male dolls for the female market, 80 percent of their customers are looking for female dolls. 

A Review of The Sex Dolls Are Coming

In addition, McMullen said that he initially conceived of his now one of the most popular sex doll manufacturers as a form of art. He even said that his customers only want a life-sized sex doll that has a realistic vagina, so that they can dress it up, style its hair, and do its makeup.

What A Sex Doll Lover Loves About Sex Dolls

Harry (not his real name) has a harem of life-sized sex dolls that are uncomfortably living with his wife Christine, who can do nothing but live with the fact that her husband has a weird dedication to sex dolls. Harry’s dedication to these fake girls is so much that he does not mind appearing on television to demonstrate his not-so-normal family set up. 

During one of the interviews, Harry casually batted away the question of how his newest and most favorite doll named April looks like. But he addressed the question of whether he would choose his sex dolls over his wife. 

Thinking about how Harry is living with his wife and his sex dolls, one would become so desperate to find out the psychology of his devotion. However, no one can be sure that they will e able to understand why Harry was so attracted to these inanimate objects to the point that he is so comfortable with them.

Harry even takes his favorite sex doll April into dates. He insisted that no one even noticed that she is not a real person when he once took her out for a meal with her sitting in a wheelchair.

Later on, Harry was given a chance to date Harmony. However, Harmony is not a real woman She is Abyss Creations’ upgraded version of an unmoving, cold, and nontalking silicone sex doll. The sexbot is comically unsexy that she induces hysteria almost every time that she appeared on TV and videos on the internet. 

What Abyss Creations’ McMullen is Planning for Harmony

Without her face, Harmony resembled a budget waxworks museum of Homer Simpson. McMullen, Harmony’s creator, dreams that one day, technology will become so advanced that his creation will be able to have a full conversation with customers. 

In addition, McMullen also revealed that he will bring back harmony’s pubic hair. What is even more surprising is that Harmony can talk sexily in a soft Scottish accent, saying, “Shoot your load for me, baby.” 

However, there are some complications that are unfortunately only partially addressed. De Montfort University’s Dr. Kathleen Richardson has founded a campaign which she called the Campaign Against Sex Robots. This is because she creates a connection between misogyny and passive lifeless dolls. 

According to McMullen, his critics describe sex dolls as sad, disgusting, and pathetic. However, he emphasized that such is not true. He also added that while trying to make Harmony more human, they are not just creating a realistic sex doll. Instead, they are making a submissive woman who is created only to titillate and flatter her owner, saying obedient phrases like “Whatever you say.” 

A Review of The Sex Dolls Are Coming

On Harmony’s date with Harry, watching the two communicate was like talking to someone via video call while the internet is slow. The sex doll even makes mildly sexist jokes, which amuse men, of course. 

Moreover, there is an old episode of Buffy titled “I Was Made to Love You” aired in 2001. In that episode, Warren, an evil nerd created a realistic girlfriend for himself. April (not the one that Harry owns) was programmed to be solely devoted to Warren. When he already had a human girlfriend and realized the difference, April tried to track him down, which left a trail of destruction behind her. 

In the end, Warren became one of the biggest misogynists of the show. On the other hand, April’s batteries ran down because she is no longer useful to her creator. This show seems oddly prophetic. In the coming years, people may deem The Sex Robots Are Coming as some kind of warning. It may also be a prequel to a real-life version of a dystopian sci-fi film wherein an army of female sex robots looks for their revenge. 

The Takeaway

Sex dolls and even sex robots are becoming more and more mainstream than they have ever been. Back then, such adult products were never sold in broad daylight because people fear that they might get judged by the public. But now, there are countless sex doll websites on the internet. These sites sell sex dolls to both the male and female market as if they are selling normal products. For this reason, it is not impossible that every household will have at least one sex doll in the years to come.

A Review of The Sex Dolls Are Coming

However, it is important to note that these faux-human creations have their own drawbacks. Not everyone accepts the existence of sex dolls. For this reason, it would become difficult for these dolls to get the acceptance of the entire society. 

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