Top 10 Best Sex Dolls Under $1000

Sex toys, especially masturbators, are great sex tech products. They let men experience sex even when there is no woman present. These products take masturbation to the next level. However, sometimes, you can still feel that something is missing. Unconsciously, you are looking for that human presence.  

For people who feel like that, sex dolls are the way to go. These products look like humans, so they provide not only sexual pleasure but also companionship. 

The problem is, sex dolls are generally expensive, so not everyone can afford them. There are cheap ones, but it is hard to choose from them. Some may be substandard or of low quality, so you should research intensively before making the purchase.

Since you found this blog, you would not need to do that.

Here, we list the ten best sex dolls whose prices are below or close to $1000.


Top 10 Best Sex Dolls Under $1000

For only $1099, you can get yourself the naughty Japanese sex doll that is Yuna. This oriental beauty stands at 5 ft and 2 inches, which is the average female height in Japan. Despite being Asian, Yuna’s eyes are naturally bright blue. They give her a peculiar but sexy look.

Besides her face, you’ll get attracted to her perky breasts and bubble butt. Her bust, waist, and hip measurements are 85 cm, 58 cm, and 87 cm, respectively. 

Yuna is manufactured by Climax Doll (CLM) and is made out of TPE material. Because of that, her skin feels soft to the touch. Cheaper sex dolls tend to have missing limbs, but Yuna’s body parts are complete.

You can have intercourse with Yuna or spice things up with anal sex. Unfortunately, she does not have oral sex capability. Though, for a sex doll sold for $1099, she is still an exceptional choice.

6Ye 165cm F cup Body + Head #17

Top 10 Best Sex Dolls Under $1000

This sex doll is definitely worth your $999. Her original price is $1990, but because of the wrong shipment, Sexy Sex Dolls sell her with an $1100 discount. She is beautiful, sexy, and can do lots of things in bed. 

Initially not cheap, this sex doll has a complete body. She stands at the height of 6 ft and 5 inches, a typical size among sex dolls, so nothing special with that. Her F-cup sex doll breasts, however, are very noteworthy. You would love cupping them in your hands or watching them jiggle. The best thing about this model is her oral, vaginal, and anal capabilities. Her mouth, vagina, and anus have depths of 12 cm, 16 cm, and 16 cm, respectively.

You will not regret spending $999 on this gorgeous sex doll.


Top 10 Best Sex Dolls Under $1000

If you don’t mind dating smaller women, Jocelyn could be a good choice for you. This short and petite woman is sexy in her own ways. For starters, her face looks immaculate, like that of a prim and proper princess. She looks elegant.

Jocelyn has a complete body but still stands at only 4 ft and 10 inches. She may be tiny, but her breasts are not. Jocelyn is blessed with perfectly round G-cup breasts. They are irresistible. After she lured you in with that, she will put your manhood in her 14 cm deep mouth. After that, you can enjoy sexual intercourse or anal sex with her. Jocelyn’s anal orifice is 16 cm deep, while her vagina is one cm deeper than that.

Furthermore, she is articulated with a metal skeleton. So, you can position her in many ways. Being a small sex doll, Jocelyn is also light. She weighs only 27 kg. That means managing her is easier to do.

Jocelyn is a cheap sex doll that offers great value. Get yours now!


Top 10 Best Sex Dolls Under $1000

She is a TPE sex doll manufactured and sold by Madam Dolly. Her height is only 2 ft and 11 inches because she does not have limbs. Despite her missing parts, she still does the things sex dolls do. Jennifer gives her owner sexual pleasure and companionship. 

Once you look past her imperfections, you will see how gorgeous Jennifer is. She looks like a pop icon with the pink gradient in her long straight hair. Furthermore, her face looks perfect. There is a mix of innocence and confidence in it, which makes her very attractive. 

Jennifer has three orifices, which puts her at an advantage versus dolls with complete body parts but only two entrances. So, for $999, one of your best choices is Jennifer: Deluxe Torso.


Top 10 Best Sex Dolls Under $1000

This model is another deluxe torso by Madam Dolly. Similar to Jennifer, her height is only 2 ft and 11 inches. They also have the same body proportions of 87 cm bust, 65 cm hips, and 100 cm waist. Likewise, the two have oral, vaginal, and anal depths of 14 cm, 18 cm, and 16 cm, respectively. 

What sets them apart is their aesthetics. Rather than a pop star, Paige looks more like a supermodel. She has gold, wavy, long hair, full lips, and defines cheekbones. If you fancy someone that looks like this, Paige is the right choice for you. 


Top 10 Best Sex Dolls Under $1000

CLM’s Ayame is another excellent option if you are on a tight budget. She is sold for only $1099. She is cheap, but not low quality. Your money will be well spent with her.

Regarding the sex doll itself, Ayame is an attractive lady with cute, short black hair. You would want to spend your nights with her. She stands at 5 ft and 2 inches, has a slender body and a pretty face with a permanent foxy smirk. It looks like she is always tempting you to attack her as if you are hungry for sex. Well, you will be hungry for sex once you learned about how amazing Ayame is in bed. She is capable of giving you vaginal or anal sex. Both of those orifices feel realistic, so you will easily fall in love with the sensation you would feel when inside her. 


Top 10 Best Sex Dolls Under $1000

IronTech Doll’s Emm is another one of those sex dolls that have neither arms nor legs. Emm is only head and torso, but that does not stop her from being an exceptional pleasure giver. 

Like the other sex dolls of her kind, Emm measures only 2 ft and 11 inches in height. Still, she is a sexy one. Her hazy blue eyes will invite you to bed every time you look at them. You would not regret answering her invitation, for she will make your sexual fantasies come true.

Emm is incomplete in body but complete in function. She is capable of oral, anal, and vaginal sex – all of which feel realistic. Emm is also made out of high-quality TPE, so her skin would feel soft to the touch. With those features, you would forget that you are having sex with a doll and not with a human. 

You can buy Emm at Sexy Real Sex Dolls for only $794.


Top 10 Best Sex Dolls Under $1000

Do you like cowgirls? If your answer is yes, Danaya is the doll for you. Sold for only $794, Danaya offers great value for a low price. 

Danaya is a TPE love doll whose manufacturer is also IronTech dolls. She is a beautiful Latina with perfect curves in the right places. Her body measurements are 87 cm bust, 65 cm waist, and an impressive 100 cm hips. 

You would love to be inside her vagina or mouth, but you’d enjoy anal sex the most. Danaya has a plump butt you would love to smack.


willa sex doll under 1000

Would you like your synthetic partner to look young? If that is the case, Willa is the doll for you. 

Willa has an innocent and youthful face, matched with short brown hair. Her porcelain white skin, in combination with her small stature, also adds to that purity. You might mistake her for a child, but her well-developed body says otherwise. Just look at her C-cup breasts. They are voluptuous. 

Willa is capable of oral, vaginal, and anal sex. Her orifices are 14 cm, 17 cm, and 16 cm, respectively. 

You can buy Willa, the strange goldilocks, for a relatively low price. 


Top 10 Best Sex Dolls Under $1000

Last but not least is Soriya. She is another product by Madam Dolly with missing body parts. 

Soriya is a gorgeous blue-eyed brunette with a nice tan. If you do not like those colors, you can customize them for free.

Right off the bat, your eyes will get glued to her huge breasts. Her beautifully shaped torso will make you feel very aroused. You would want to have steamy sex with her as soon as she arrives at your home. Although, you might have to wait for a little bit if you opted to include the free vaginal warming dildo. Do not worry; the wait will be worth it. The additional warmth will make the intercourse feel even more realistic. 

Aside from sexual intercourse, you can also have anal and oral sex with Soriya. 

Madam Dolly sells Soriya for only $999. She is excellent in bed and is affordable. What more can you ask for?

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