Jenny Kleeman’s Sex Robots & Vegan Meat and How Technology is Changing the Way We Live

In 2001, Australian researchers were able to fertilize a mouse egg without the use of mouse sperm. Since then, human men have had no choice but to live up to their own venerableness. Clearly, this has been difficult for the male species. Such a way of controlling biology was one of Jenny Kleeman’s inspirations in writing her book Sex Robots & Vegan Meat.

Jenny Kleeman’s Sex Robots & Vegan Meat and How Technology is Changing the Way We Live

Moreover, Alan Flake, a pediatric surgeon, said that it will soon be possible for humans to grow a baby in an echogenic “bio bag.” If this happens, giving birth will become as easy as opening a Ziploc bag. Childbirth will no longer be painful and dangerous for mothers. Flake and his two co-inventors noted about their so-called miracle of being able to watch an unborn developing fetus breathing, dreaming, swallowing, and swimming. All of those while it is detached from the placenta and from its mom.

In addition, the continuous advancement of technology will soon give life to sex robots. Such are customizable hyper-realistic dolls that can make small conversations, blink their eyes, and smile. They also come with self-lubricating vaginal inserts. 

Basically, those two inventions are artificial replacements for a woman’s capability– giving birth and giving pleasure. 

What is Inside Kleeman’s Sex Robots & Vegan Meat?

Kleeman’s work explains four reports about emerging technologies that have always been topics in science fiction. Apart from sex dolls and biogas, there is also another biological manipulation called vegan meat. Basically, these vegan meats are grown in Petri dishes inside a laboratory. There are also these 3D-printed suicide machines for people who want to end their life in a painless and dignified way.

Moreover, Kleeman is a former foreign correspondent who became an investigative journalist and documentary creator. It would not be a surprise if this work of hers will soon have an eight-part Netflix series where she features silicone sex dolls, vegan meat, and euthanasia coffins. 

Kleeman is an accomplished storyteller. She can capture the silliness of the creators of the aforementioned inventions without failing to emphasize the dark implications that their inventions can bring. 

Clean vegan meat may sound more utopian considering its goals. However, Kleeman sees it as something that is synthetic in every aspect. She also thinks that it is dubious in its claims. 

Right now, lab-grown flesh producing more carbon emissions in comparison to raising poultry. Kleeman said that people would be better off reducing their red meat intake and rather eat chicken to save the planet. Contrary to how it is advertised, lab-grown meat is far from being vegan. Lab-grown meat is made from a serum that is extracted from the beating heart of a living calf fetus. So, the fact that it has been sliced out from its mother’s uterus is butchery.

In addition, Kleeman said that lab-grown meat tastes disgusting. She even said that the companies that are competing to get such a product to market still have a long way to go. In addition, she sampled a $50 lab-grown chicken nugget made by a San Francisco start-up. According to her, the meat’s texture is “very, very mushy.”

Jenny Kleeman’s Sex Robots & Vegan Meat and How Technology is Changing the Way We Live

Kleeman has also pointed out something that she refers to as “ick factor.” Human disgust at the technology that meddles in areas like food, sex, birth, and death. The reason is that people think these areas should be left to function naturally. However, she also emphasized that we have already got over the “ick factor” of technology meddling in biological functions like test-tube babies. For this reason, it is no longer surprising if people will accept the innovations that she described in her work, no matter how weird they seem now. 

On the other hand, Philip Nitschke, the so-called “Elon Musk of suicide,” is the Australian doctor who created Sarco– the machine that promises painless death. Through this coffin-size machine, people can administer a painless death to themselves using liquid nitrogen. However, Sarco can only reach customers via a 3D printer. Kleeman, who said that the machine looked like one of his kids’ Octonaut toys, suggested that there are many ways that Sarco can malfunction.

Sex Dolls and Artificial Intelligence

One of the best examples of men’s patriarchal assumptions over their technological inventions is Harmony. She is a $15,000 slim, and flawless doll who gives consent to every sexual urge.

Harmony is created by Matt McMullen, the owner of California-based sex doll company Realbotix. When this sex robot came into the market in 2017, she immediately became popular as the “rape robot.” As Kleeman noted, Harmony is the representation of the most high-end masturbation on the market. However, her creator said that her artificial intelligence means that she is something that a person can have a long-term relationship with. 

McMullen also added that his creation is a convincing conversationalist who one can talk to about literature, politics, and whatever topic they want. In addition, Harmony’s attitude and personality can be programmed based on her owner’s tastes, kinks, and opinions. She never monas unless you are having sex with her. Her creator also programmed her in a variety of noises depending on which part of her she squeezes. 

Former rock star McMullen, just like many of the men who are in the same branch of AI, is claiming that the androids he creates will provide lonely men with companionship. Such is either true or sex robots will rather give men an extremely twisted view of what a relationship looks like. This is similar to how free online form has changed people’s sexual expectations. 

Jenny Kleeman’s Sex Robots & Vegan Meat and How Technology is Changing the Way We Live

Moreover, isolated and lonely women also have an option to get an android companion. Only that what they will be getting has a face that resembles McMullen’s younger rock star self. 


There is no denying that technology has already meddled with the way we live our everyday life. But apart from that, it has long affected science, allowing experts to replicate the human biological function. 

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