How Often Did People Have Sex During The Pandemic?

As the number of people infected of covid-19 grew, the world was forced to impose lockdowns. The lockdowns are for preventing or slowing down the spread of the virus. The protocols include wearing face masks and other protective gears, and more importantly, quarantines and social distancing. Meeting up with people, gathering during events, and even romantic dates for couples not living together were highly discouraged. Of course, this affected people’s sex lives as well. 

How Often Did People Had Sex During The Pandemic?

According to Research

A study published in The Journal of Sex Research examined the sexual habits of nearly 500 British adults between 18 and 32 during lockdowns. The researchers found that sexual activities and social restrictions are inversely proportional. As social rules increased and tightened, fewer and fewer people engaged in sexual activities. 

Dr. Liam Wignall, a lecturer in psychology at Bournemouth University, told Salon that the study does not limit itself to sexual intercourse. Things like masturbation, with or without using sex dolls and sex toys, watching pornography, and online sexual relationships are also included.

The study revealed that there had been a decrease in engagements for each of these behaviors. Casual sex, like one-night stands, has the most significant drop. Considering how the world is right now, that was to be expected. According to the data gathered, sexual intercourse of this nature happened 88% less during the lockdown.

Sex Life of Different Genders During Lockdown

Men and women admitted that since lockdown started, they had a decrease in sexual desire. The study also revealed that women are more affected than men. It is not surprising, according to Dr. Wignall. He says that sexual desire naturally decreases during times of anxiety and stress. He also explained that women are more affected than men because they are typically in charge of chores and childcare. That, combined with their job- if they have one, makes them more tired and leaves no more time to think about sexual things. Thus, they are reported to have the lowest participation in sexual activities happening during lockdowns. Men claimed to be more active than women, while non-binary and non-cisgender people are revealed to have the most active sex life. 

Sex Life of Different Civil Status During Lockdowns

Aside from gender, one’s civil status affected how sexually active he is during the pandemic. The reports showed that people who are married or who are in a serious relationship engaged in more sexual activity than single people. This result surprised the researchers. 

This situation is expected to happen if sexual activity strictly refers to sex with intercourse. People who live together can touch each other, and so they are free to be intimate. Casual daters do not have this privilege. However, the study counts in sex chats and sex video chats as well. Likewise, using sex toys, sex dolls, and masturbation are included. These activities could be done even by single people or people who just met on the internet. Still, they are revealed to have a less active sex life than couples. 

How Does This Affect Sexual Wellness?

These happenings made people finally realize the importance of sex in our lives. It is not just an act to feel good and ecstasy. Instead, it has as much role as physical and mental health to our well-being. 

How Often Did People Had Sex During The Pandemic?

The researchers say that having a good sex life is vital to people’s sense of well-being and happiness. So, the decline in sexual activities during the pandemic can be called a health crisis.

If you once had a happy, healthy sex life before lockdowns were imposed, you might notice how it affected your overall mood and the dynamics of your life. You might be missing the intimate moments, the heart-pounding action, and the warmth of another human’s touch.

“While it’s understandable that the social policy focus was on stopping COVID-19 transmission, the impact on sex is significant and warrants attention,” Dr. Wignall says. “It is not something we should ignore,” he added.

Going Forward

The pandemic will not last forever. With vaccines being developed and distributed, we may achieve herd immunity soon. It will allow us to go back to our lives, or close to that at least, before the lockdowns. Still, it will not completely erase the effects of the pandemic and the threat of the virus. 

Doctor Wignall stated that it is unfair to deny the right of having sex from people not living in the same household. With sex as part of our basic needs, people should have equal access to it. It should not be exclusive to people living together. 

Policymakers should start thinking of a different way to implement social distancing measures without hindering people’s sex lives much. Especially since lockdowns are about to be loosened once more. There will likely be an increase in sexual activities soon, as the sex-deprived people will finally get back to their game. 

We were not prepared for this the first time. The role of sex in our psychological well-being was underestimated. As it turns out, human instincts tell us we need sex, not just for reproduction purposes. It is not about temporary pleasures either. Sex highlights our connection with others. Having sex would not be called being intimate otherwise. It is not just a physical desire, but an emotional one too. Relationships are strengthened through sex. This makes people with a good sex life livelier than others. They feel more connected to the rest of the world. 

How Often Did People Had Sex During The Pandemic?

With this in mind, society and the government should give more importance to the sexual aspect of human lives. They should give more focus and resources to developing sex care products. Spreading awareness about sexual health should also be in mind. More importantly, they should give it a thought how people can navigate their sex lives when they are imposing restrictions like social distancing. It should be a way that would keep people safe but would allow room for sexual activities and interactions to occur. 

Admittedly, it is a difficult task. But it should be done for the sake of everyone.

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