Top 10 Biker Sex Dolls

Most men like shy princesses and damsels in distress, but some like tough women. They like fierce, confident, and independent ladies who are not afraid of going to unknown waters. These girls would charge to danger without second thoughts, and there is something admirable about that. Men are naturally rough and rowdy themselves, so women who can keep up are deemed sexy. 

That is why biker babes are famous. The trope is even more popularized by action movies featuring these leather jacket-wearing, bike-riding women. They are hot, to say the least. Of course, many men have fantasized about having sex with them. 

However, finding one and pursuing a relationship with her could be difficult. One, they could be out of your league. Two, they could be taken already. If their boyfriend is from the bike gang, then there is more reason to back off.

Luckily, sex dolls exist. They are here to make your sexual fantasies come true. There are hundreds of models on the market – so many it becomes hard to choose one. 

Do not worry, though. We have collected information and researched the best sex doll models for this specific preference. Here are the ten best biker girl sex dolls to make your fantasies come true.


Top 10 Biker Sex Dolls

Sex Doll Genie is one of the most respected sex doll manufacturers. They produce quality TPE sex dolls that offer sex that feels realistic. The company had made sex doll versions of all types of girls you can think of. Yes, that includes biker chicks.

Giselle is one of them. She is a 5′ 1″ sex doll with D cup breasts. Giselle has short wavy hair that is unkempt as if the wind has blown it while she was riding her bike. After her tiring ride, she wants to relax. Her ideal way of relaxing is having sex. Be it intercourse, oral sex, or anal sex; you name it, she wants it. 


Top 10 Biker Sex Dolls

Step on me is a slang phrase you would often encounter on the internet. Boys mostly say it to a cool woman they admire so much they would be honored even if they were violated. BDSM, standing for bondage, dominance, submission, and masochism, is the kink for these people. When you think of cool biker girls, this is one of the top kinks that come to mind.

Jenna is a good sex doll choice for people who are into sexual power play. She is a gorgeous 5 ft and 4 inches blondie who looks best with leather clothing, straps, belts, and metal chains. Jenna has huge breasts that would feel great in your hands. She is capable of intercourse, oral, and anal sex.


Top 10 Biker Sex Dolls

Kendra is a sex doll that looks like a grid girl or an army girl. She is not really sold as a biker sex doll, but you can make her one. Kendra easily fits the criteria. She is a tough girl who loves action. Try dressing her in a leather jacket, and you will see a smoking hot biker chick. When fully naked, she looks even better.

This 5′ 5″ sex doll has cute and perfect C-cup breasts atop her small waist. Her body is slender and sexy. She has a cute mouth and nice butts you can penetrate in oral and anal sex. The best part, however, is her vaginal orifice which can be H2O Cyberskin.

H20 Cyberskin is the closest thing to a real vagina. It does not need much lubricant because of its special material. For that, Kendra is one of the “biker” sex dolls you can get.


Top 10 Biker Sex Dolls

Now here is a real biker sex doll. Peanut, by YL Dolls, loves riding motorcycles and men. She is made out of TPE, so her skin feels soft and realistic. 

Regarding physical appearance, Peanut is a very attractive woman. She stands at 5 ft and 2 inches, which is not bad for a sex doll. Peanut has gorgeous long black hair. Just imagining her letting them flow down as she removes her helmet can make you feel aroused. 

You can find her most notable feature once you remove her clothes. Peanut has medium-sized breasts with large puffy nipples. Those are eye candies, and they would make you think of nothing but having sex with her. Peanut has intercourse, anal, and oral sex capabilities. With her, you are in for a ride.


Top 10 Biker Sex Dolls

Have you ever heard of the term motorcycle mama? It refers to young women who ride motorcycles with other bike gang members. Though, it could also refer to MarryAnn.

This sex doll is a voluptuous beauty. MarryAnn is a woman endowed with humongous breasts. They say “Hi” to you even when MarryAnn is wearing clothes. Then looking at the rest of MarryAnn, you would think that she best be a dominatrix. She has a body to die for and a face that screams, “You want this? Then bow down and kiss my feet.” That is a huge turn-on, even for not submissives. And for a doll that is only 5′ 1″, that is impressive.


Top 10 Biker Sex Dolls

This sex doll has the face of a sexy delinquent. In a better phrase, she looks like someone who knows what she wants to do, and she likely will, without hesitation. She is the type of girl who would join a bike gang or any gang if she fancied. However, beneath her strong appearance lies a girl who secretly wishes to have someone take care of her. 

Erika is a tall TPE sex doll, standing confidently with a height of 5 ft and 8 inches. Sex dolls that tall are rare. Aside from her face and stature, she has other assets she is proud of. For instance, she has perfectly round D cup breasts. Erika also has orifices that offer sex that feels realistic. Overall, she is one of the best biker girl sex dolls you can get.


Top 10 Biker Sex Dolls

Saying that Eliza is gorgeous is an understatement. She is perfect in every way. Eliza is a tough, confident woman with an athletic body that is to die for. She stands at 5′ 2″ and has body proportions of 40 inches bust, 25 inches waist, and 43 inches hips. Eliza has impressive H-cup breasts. You would want to bury your face in them. Eyes going down, she has a small sexy waist, and further down, you will see her thick thighs. Imagine how great it would feel between them. 

Eliza has a steel skeleton with movable joints. If you decide to include the shrugging shoulders add-on, you can position her in many ways. 

Eliza has one of the best bodies a sex doll ever had. She also offers fantastic oral, vaginal, and anal sex. Needless to say, she is a prime choice for a biker sex doll.


Top 10 Biker Sex Dolls

Do you want to date a woman who looks like a gang member and a supermodel at the same time? If you do, take a look at the premium TPE sex doll called Amy. She is a curvy sex doll standing at 5 ft and 4 inches. Remember Megan Fox’s character in the Transformer film? Think about how sexy she was in there. Amy emits the same aura and energy. 

Aside from looking good, Amy is also great at naughty things. She is fantastic at sex, capable of engaging in vanilla intercourse, anal sex, and oral sex. 


Top 10 Biker Sex Dolls

Who said only delinquents could be classified as sexy bikers? Instead of a motorcycle, this pink-haired, quirky girl likes riding bicycles. She is concerned about keeping her nice, sporty body. Thus, she loves working out. Another thing she loves dearly is having hardcore sex. You would love to have that experience with her too. 

Kessy is an attractive 5 foot and 5-inch tall girl with sexy olive skin. 

She has beautiful perky C-cup breasts, 53 cm waist, and 84 cm hips. Kassi has a 6.7-inch deep anus and vagina. Unfortunately, Kessi does not have oral sex capability, so keep that in mind. Still, Kessi is a different take on a biker sex doll, and she is worth the try.


Top 10 Biker Sex Dolls

Last on our list is Regina. This sexy woman stands at 6 feet and 7 inches. She has the body of a well-grown woman, and she will definitely look sexy on a big bike. You might even think she is one of Charlie’s angels because of how hot and gorgeous she would be. 

Regina’s face does not really shout “bike gang member”. However, there is a hit of confidence and command in there, making it appear like she is in charge. And when it comes to pleasing you, you should let her. 

Regina is excellent at sex. With her vaginal, anal, and oral sex is possible. She also has a steel skeleton with movable joints, so you are not limited to one sex position. Furthermore, you can have her with a built-in heating system. That would make sex with her hotter, literally and metaphorically speaking.

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