Best Sex Toys for Bi, Gay, and Queer Men in 2021

The way society sees sexual health has changed and evolved throughout the years. It is now viewed as a normal part of life and essential to one’s well-being. However, not everyone has a partner to have sex with, or they may still be uncomfortable with doing it with others. That is where sex wellness products, especially sextech, come in. These products, the cheapest sex toys or most realistic sex dolls, help people achieve sexual gratification in a more pleasurable way than masturbation. They are designed to mimic the feeling of having actual sex. Everything is considered in making these products, from tightness to pressure, size and depth, and speed.

But, most manufacturing companies forgot the existence of the LGBTQ+ market. At the start of this industry, men dominated it, and only products for them were produced. Then, women seeking sexual satisfaction were normalized. It led to the production of dildos and other toys for that gender. Now, the LGBTQ+ community is the center of one of the hottest topics in society. There have been many movements fighting for their rights, and members have been receiving more support. LGBTQ+ people are more accepted in today’s culture than in the past. Services and other businesses have adopted new ways to make the non-binary people feel like they belong and matter; their needs are as important as the needs of heterosexuals. 

Our Favorite Bi, Gay, and Queer Catered Sex Toys

Best Sex Toys for Bi, Gay, and Queer Men in 2021

The sextech industry is one with this push for inclusivity. To show their support, companies have produced sex toys specifically for non-binary people. 

Here are some of the best products available in the market for bisexual, gay, and queer men.

Fleshjack Bliss

Fleshjack is best for non-hetero men who still want to do the pounding than be pound. They function the same way, and they look similar to a fleshlight, except they are more targeted to gay customers. Fleshjacks are modeled after the bodies of famous gay pornstars. The physical pleasure that the toy gives, combined with the illusion of having sex with a hot pornstar, is sure to result in a great orgasm. e

One of the best-selling Fleshjacks is the Fleshjack Bliss. It is modeled after the famous adult film actor Brent Corrigan, who is lusted by many. 

Head To Head Double Stroker Masturbator

For non-heterosexual men, finding a partner is already hard enough. But finding the right sexual partner is even more difficult. Some pairings may have two bottoms, and some could have two tops. They could be already in the relationship phase where an emotional connection has been built and developed. It would be such a waste if they will throw away all that just because they both fill the same role when performing sex. Sex toys are MVP in this situation, as they would let the romance blossom by providing sexual pleasure to both parties.

An example is the Head To Head Double Stroker Masturbator, which is great if no one wants to be penetrated. The two ends of the toy act as entrance points to two male genitals. It means that two men can use the masturbator at the same time. The material is soft and easy to bend, so it is comfortable to use. There is one bullet attached at each end, providing vibrations. Furthermore, the toy is transparent, meaning one can see himself and his partner go in and out. It will give an arousing sensation that will send a person to the edge. 

Overall, the Head to Head Double Stroker can make mutual masturbation more playful and exciting.

Buddy Expander Double Header

Like the toy above, these are for gay couples who fit in the same role. In this case, the Buddy Expander Double Header is for when neither of the two guys wants to do the penetrating. This extra long dildo can be inserted in both of their buttocks. It allows the couple to share a sexual experience without the need to switch to their unpreferred role. Hence, making it pleasurable for both and leaving them both satisfied.

Best Sex Toys for Bi, Gay, and Queer Men in 2021

Lovense Max 2

Max 2 is an interactive sex toy, meaning it can connect to a compatible toy, and they will react and control each other. Max 2 is a masturbator that has a gender-neutral design, so it is friendly to non-heterosexual people. On top of that, it can connect to either a Nora – its female counterpart, or to a Max or another Max 2. With this feature, you can pair up with pretty much everyone from any gender. It is a dream toy for bisexual men. 

This product of teledildonics is more advanced than its competitors. They can react to the user’s movement and send feedback to the toy of their partner almost in real-time. The other toy will respond based on the information sent by Max 2. It allows two people to have sex while being apart. 

If that is not enough, Max 2 can keep records of patterns from past sessions. This feature lets people “have sex” with their partners even when they are unavailable. Moreover, this sex toy can be synchronized with VR porn so single people can still have a wonderful experience. 

Lelo Hugo

Hugo by Leo is crowned by many as the best male anal toy. It is a prostate massager with two motors strategically placed to ensure even vibrations. This toy stimulates the P-spot and the perineum simultaneously. The stimulation of these two leads to a more explosive ejaculation with a 33% increase in the intensity of the climax. 

With SenseMotion technology, this anal toy boasts up to 8 adjustable settings and a wireless range of 12 meters. The vibration of the two sensors can also be controlled using the remote.

Best Sex Toys for Bi, Gay, and Queer Men in 2021


These are just some of the homo and bisexual-friendly sex toys that come to mind. There are many others out there like the b-Vibe Cinco Anal Beads, sex dolls, and double-sided Quickshots. The point is, the sextech industry is now gender-inclusive, and no matter where you fit in the spectrum, there will be a toy for you.

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