Women’s Guide to Looking Sexy in the Eyes of Men

Whether you are a single woman looking for love or hookup or are already in a relationship, you might be looking for ways to keep a man interested. And you may not know how to do that. Here, we have listed nine things women do that men find sexy. Remember to take notes so you can keep your man swooning over you. 

Dressing Nicely

The way you dress tells things about you, and men like women who have a great sense of fashion. Do not worry; it is not as complex as you might think. Dressing well does not mean wearing expensive brands of clothing. Instead, it means being presentable. If you went out on a date looking like a tornado carried you to the meeting place, they may misjudge you and think you are irresponsible. That is not attractive at all. However, if you arrived wearing neat clothes, with hair combed, and everything else organized, they will notice the discipline. 

Women's Guide to Looking Sexy to the Eyes of Men

Goofing Around

Men like women who are confident and carefree. They like it when their girl is not afraid of doing silly things with them just like a sex doll whose inability to initiate actions makes them totally submissive. The gesture indicates that the woman is comfortable around them, which they love so much. Men also like it when their woman shows some competitiveness. For instance, they enjoy it when their woman throws jeers at the opponent team in the middle of the game. It shows confidence and shows that they do not care about what other people think of them. These women are all about self-expression, and men love it when they do that.

Taking Initiative

Women who are not afraid of making the first move are more attractive. They appear sexier than those who will wait for the man to take the first step just because the norm tells them to. It shows that they are serious about how they feel. Also, men hate it when women beat around the bush cause it only leads to misunderstanding. When women exhibit this straightforwardness, men know that they can have a healthy relationship. So do not be shy and ask the man you like out on a date. It could land you closer to his heart.

Being Kind and Helpful

Compassionate, kind, and helpful are some of the most sought-after qualities in women. People who have these traits are great to be around. They spread positivity, and life looks brighter with them. Thus, it is natural for men to look for these traits when searching for a partner. After all, who wants to have a toxic partner? When people look for romance, they want to find someone who can help them grow. Men believe that they can achieve growth and development by being with vibrant women. Treat people nicely and always try to see the positive side of things; it will make you look sexier.

Doing Small Favors

Men love being pampered as much as women do. Offer to give him a massage after a long day at work. Cook his favorite meal for breakfast. Take care of him and fuss all over him when he is sick. It can also be as simple as wearing his favorite dress. Doing small things and gestures for him will melt his heart. Overall, the gist is to make him feel special. If you do, he will find you really, really sexy.

Women's Guide to Looking Sexy to the Eyes of Men

Being Appreciative

There is nothing sexier than a woman who shows appreciation towards her man. Never take a man for granted. Thank him for the nice things he does for you. For example, laugh at a man’s joke, even if it’s corny or unfunny. You can also tell him how much you like their personality. Another way is to listen to whatever a man has to say, even when you are not interested. Also, you can use the information to know about the things he likes. Take notes about those things, and if you can, take him to events related to them. Those are just a few ways a woman can show they appreciate their man. 


You can increase your appeal to men by showing that you love being with them. Spend as much time with them as you can. Put away your phone and stay out of social media when you are with them. Instead, use the time to do fun activities with them. Or, it does not even have to be as active as that. For example, you can extend your quality time with him by doing slow sips on your drink when you are on a date. Even more, you can do absolutely nothing. Just stay beside him to inlet him know that that is the place where you want to be. When you do that, your man will find you more special and attractive.

Thinking Deep and Engaging in Long Conversations

Forget small talks and engage in conversations with more substance. Long conversations help build intimacy and strengthen relationships. They allow you to understand each other more. Furthermore, having long conversations means that you are a match and that there are things you can talk about when together. Men see women who can connect with them as more charming. In addition to that, long conversations mean more you can spend with him, which, as stated in the previous point, is sexy. Today, even sex robots can now interpret language and speak to their owners. That’s how people give importance to communication. 

Being Sweet to Children

To most relationships, the end goal is to build a family. Although some couples do not plan to have children, the majority of them do. Regardless, even if they like a baby for themselves or not, a woman who is friendly to children softens the hearts of many men. It shows them how sweet and caring they can be. A man would want his future wife to be like that to him or their children. Thus, they are sexy.

Women's Guide to Looking Sexy to the Eyes of Men

Befriending His Friends

It is a huge turnoff when a woman is in constant war with a man’s friends. You could be his top priority, but his friends also matter to him. Even before you met him, a man has his friends, so trying to remove them from his life is unfair and unattractive. Instead of being jealous and playing tug-of-war with them for his attention, you should befriend his peers. That way everybody is happy. Men will appreciate that.

Showing Affection

Last but not least, if you want a man to find you sexy, flirt with him. Show him how much you adore him, in private and in public. When done in front of your friends, the gesture will tell him that of all the people in there, he interests you the most. The gestures will also trigger romantic feelings that will leave him wanting more of you.

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