A Deep Dive to the Furry Community

A furry is a person that loves animal characters with anthropomorphic traits. The passion could be so strong that they adopt a furry persona or, in their terms, a fursona of their own. Someone’s persona could be anything from a catgirl to a pegasus with butterfly wings and peacock plumage as a tail. A furry may or may not own a fursuit of his fursona. Even more, instead of a fursuit, the furry may hold a mursuit. The difference between the two is that a mursuit has openings that allow the furry to engage in sexual activities while wearing it.

To outsiders, the furry community is just a bunch of weirdos with their love for unusual things. But, in actuality, the world of furries is more complex than they imagine. 

A Deep Dive to the Furry Community

Here is a deep dive into the furry fandom that can help in understanding the peculiar behavior.

Knowing the Furries

Not all furries are the same. There are two classifications of furries – the fanboys/fangirls and the lifestylers. The former are there only to enjoy the art and show support and encouragement for those who promote it. The lifestylers, on the other hand, are those who try to be one with the art by adopting a furry identity. 

Furry Origins

Fred Patten, a writer, and historian for sci-fi, anime, and furry fandom, said that the first official furry appeared in the ’80s. The ConFurence, the first furry convention, held back in 1989, had two attendees wearing fursuits. The fursuits quickly became so popular that there had been a high demand for their production. Since then, the furry fandom has grown to what it is today.

Furry Artworks

Furries would not discover their love for anthropomorphic animals if there were no artworks of them. After all, before the fandom evolved into its current state, it has initially been just people adoring the concept. Comics, manga, anime, and cartoons are the most common form of media where such characters appeared. Prime examples are characters from Winnie the Pooh, Looney Tunes, and Tom and Jerry. However, furry artwork has since grown to be focused on more serious and thought-provoking matters. 

Likewise, the fetish of two anthropomorphic characters having sex will not be born if there was no inspiration. One can find sexual furry content all over the world. They can be as subtle as sexually provoking pictures to hardcore pornography. The latter was responsible for the creation of mursuits. Here’s the list of the best sex dolls in the market. 

Furry pornography should not be confused with bestiality, for they are entirely different things. Furry porn depicts two anthropomorphic characters pleasuring each other or two people having sex with one or both in a mursuit. Meanwhile, bestiality is when one human engages in sexual activity with an actual animal.

A Deep Dive to the Furry Community

Furry Lifestyle

Avid fans of the furries engage in a unique lifestyle which is adopting a fursona. When one does this, they behave in a similar way to the animal of their choosing. A prominent example is when a Japanese furry adds “Nyaa” in their sentences to imitate a cat. It is also likely that they wear accessories that will make them look like their fursonas. In this example, it could be wearing a hairband with cat ears or painting their cheeks to make them look like they have whiskers. Furthermore, a furry will show empathy towards animals. 

Furry Community

The furry community is composed of people with varying fursonas. Wolf boys and catgirls are popular choices, but there are also deers, frogs, and even dragons. A straight man may even have a queen bee as his fursona, and a woman can be lion king. The other furries will not question their sexuality because of their choice of persona. Moreover, unless they are looking for someone to mate with, most furries are indifferent to each other’s sexual preferences. This inclusive nature of the community makes it an ideal place for members of the LGBTQ+ community or people who feel oppressed by normal society. It is where they can feel that they are left out.; it is where they can finally feel that they belong. As long as one is not hurting others, the furry community will welcome them with wide-open arms.

Furry Behaviour

Perhaps this is the reason why people are giving furries the side-eye. Some of them exhibit behavior that is not considered normal by many. Though there are timid furries, some are bolder and game to grooming or petting each other. Others may even prefer to be leashed. Another thing is they may act extremely silly or foxy and constantly seek attention. The rest of society may see these acts as abnormal behavior; they are entirely accepted in the furry community. They are ready to accept a more touchy and affectionate culture. 

The underlying concept behind this is that animals do not have to suppress themselves. They are free to do what their instincts tell them to do. By adopting this trait, furries can get away from their insecurities. How can high-quality sex dolls help people? 

Furry Conventions

It is not uncommon for fandoms to have conventions. These are events organized to celebrate people’s love for something. There is Comic-Con for comics and superhero lovers and Adultcon for pornography enthusiasts, for example. For the furry community, some of the most known conventions are ConFurence, Further Confusion, Albany Anthrocon, and Feral.

These events showcase various furry artworks. Aside from that, there are workshops, forums, games, costume events, and performances that focus on the lifestyle of being a furry. In these meet-ups, furries can shamelessly act like their fursonas in the open, knowing that everybody else is doing the same. There is no time to worry about the opinions of the outsiders. Only happiness and positive vibes are allowed. 

A Deep Dive to the Furry Community

Event gatherings like these can also be as modest as having a small party. For the furries, these are called house-cons.


Contrary to what an uninformed person may think about being a furry, it is not about sexualizing animals. It is also more than acting like an animal. Instead, being a furry means being able to express one’s idea of himself in a creative way. With this lifestyle, a person can learn and discover more about himself- untouched by restrictions and influences from society’s norms.

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