Ways To Heat Your Sex Doll

The sex dolls that we see today are as aesthetically as close to human appearance as they can get. It came to the point where a photo of a sex doll could be mistaken as a photo of a real human being. Believe it or not, there are even sex dolls that became influencers.

That is a huge improvement compared to the sewn cloths and sticks and blow-up sex dolls of the past. Aside from the looks, some even have sound systems that let them speak or moan.

Ways To Heat Your Sex Doll

What separates sex dolls from regular dolls, obviously, is their ability to provide sexual pleasure. They are capable of giving their owner sexual experiences that feel real. Their skin feels soft, like that of humans. More importantly, their artificial vagina and anus are modeled to resemble what an actual person has. Some can even offer oral sex. 

Needless to say, sex with love dolls feels fantastic. However, it is not perfect, as there are elements that only a human partner could provide. Sex doll manufacturers are aware of that. Actually, they are doing continuous research to achieve that level of realism. 

Heating systems are products of the aforementioned extensive research. While the orifices of the sex dolls mimicked the texture of real vaginas, mouths, or anuses, they lack body warmth. In sex, body warmth adds to the pleasure, so it becomes more enjoyable. Sex doll brands realized this, and so they introduced various ways to heat sex dolls.

Internal Body Heating System

A built-in heating system is an add-on that you would not see very often. Only a few sex doll manufacturers offer this option. Moreover, it is compatible only with select sex doll models. Besides, sex dolls with built-in heating are expensive.

In this feature, the heating device is installed inside the sex doll. The body is linked to a port located either in the head or the upper body. To start the heating process, a power chord should be plugged into a wall socket. The other end of the chord should be inserted into the port on the sex doll. It is similar to how you charge a phone or laptop, except the electricity is purposely converted into heat. 

Most of the time, there will be a digital screen where you can set what temperature you want your doll to be. Depending on your choice, the process could last for about 20 to 30 minutes. Once done, the whole body of the sex doll is heated. It is as if it is alive.

Unfortunately, there are some complications. Internal heating systems cannot be repaired, changed, or modified on the fly. Even if a professional or an expert doll technician is doing the job, it will take some time. Of course, during the downtime, you would not be able to use the sex doll. But as long as you are careful and you maintain the sex doll properly, you would not encounter this problem.

So, if you do not mind spending more money, it is highly recommended to opt for this heating feature. It is easy to use, and it offers the best kind of heating possible.

External Body Heating

On the flip side of the coin are external body heating systems. Sex doll owners generally prefer this heating method. For one, it is cheaper than the built-in function. Furthermore, it is low maintenance. 

In this method, heating dildos or “wands” are inserted in the orifice of the sex doll. Obviously, it only warms up that area, not the whole body. It does not fully fulfill the concept of body heat. Sometimes, it does not even work or perform unsatisfactorily. In that regard, it is inferior to internal heating systems. But, if the heating devices are broken, it does not affect the availability of the sex doll. That is its advantage. 

Ways To Heat Your Sex Doll

If you are on a tight budget but desire to have hotter sex – literally- with your synthetic partner, then go for it. Just keep in mind that affordability is often inversely proportional to reliability. So do not expect too much.

Heating Alternatives

Aside from the standard heating methods, there are other techniques you can use to increase the temperature of your doll. However, keep in mind that these methods are less convenient and reliable than the past two systems.

Using Of Heating Blankets Or Lubricants

You can use heating blankets to transfer heat to your sex doll. Be careful, though. They have the potential to damage the doll’s skin. You can use warming lubricants to a similar extent. It is a great way to bring heat to the table – or bed, in this case. Just remember to pick water-based warming lubricants. Lubricants that are not water-based – silicon-based, for instance- can damage the skin and texture of your sex doll. So be aware of that.

Warm Bath

If you take a warm bath during a cold day, it increases your body temperature. The same can be said for sex dolls. They can retain the heat for a few minutes after the bath. You should hurry if you choose this method, though, as the heat would not last for long. That could be not easy, though. 

For the sex doll to absorb the heat, it needs to be submerged in warm water. Many sex doll owners refuse to do this because it could be dangerous for the dolls. If you still want to push through, remember not to submerge the head in the water. Furthermore, you should dry the sex doll thoroughly. If water gets into the skeleton of the sex doll, it could cause rusting and mold build-up. Those will reduce the durability of the sex doll. 

Cuddling and Spooning

We can transfer body heat to other people and sex dolls through these activities. So, you can hug your sex doll for some time to warm them up. The thing is, it takes a lot of time and effort. Even then, the result could not be optimal. You could make it work, but it would be difficult. To be frank, it is not worth it.

Ways To Heat Your Sex Doll

Final Advice

It is highly recommended that you opt for standard heating systems. Internal or external, both are fine. Those methods are trusted, and they pose no danger to your sex doll. Then in terms of convenience, it is clear that they are the superior choices. 

You have saved enough money to buy a sex doll. So, why not go the extra mile and save a little more for heating systems. We promise it will be worth it.

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