Pain During Sex With a Sex Doll

Sex is fun! That is more than enough reason for men to look for it. The idea of pleasing and being pleased by someone makes them happy. Then the act itself- the heat, the pounding, the penetration, and the physical gratification, feels irresistibly good.

However, there are times when they would feel ready for sex, but no one will be there for them. That frequently happens since men have a naturally high sex drive. In those cases, men rely on masturbation to satisfy their desire. Some do it vanilla, while others use sex toys to make the experience feel better. 

Pain during Sex with a Sex Doll

The best way for men to please themselves when no one is around would be by using a sex doll. 

Purpose of Sex Dolls

Men use artificial vaginas, like fleshlight, to mimic the feeling of real sex when they are pleasuring themselves. Though most of these are handheld so the experience is still viewed as masturbation. However, through the use of sex dolls, they would feel like they are having the full experience. Aside from elevating masturbation to a higher level, men can use sex dolls to practice their lovemaking techniques.

Sex dolls are life-size sex toys shaped like humans and have complete with all body parts. They improve self-pleasuring sessions for men by completing the illusion that they are with someone else.

Sex dolls are designed to imitate real sex, so the experience should be nothing but pleasurable. If a man feels pain when penetrating a sex doll, when it does not happen with real women, then there is something wrong. And probably, it is not the sex doll’s fault.

Here are some of the possible reasons why men would feel pain when having sex with a love doll.

Not Lubricated Enough

One of the factors that make sex pleasurable is lubrication. It reduces friction and allows ease of movement for the male genitalia. 

Dryness is the most common cause of painful sex or dyspareunia for women. Though they are the most affected, men may get sore from having sex with them too. 

With that in mind, intercourse with sex dolls also requires lubrication. And unlike real women, sex doll’s vaginas do not produce lubrication naturally. 

Men should try increasing the amount of lube they use if they feel pain when having sex with a sex doll. They should do it gradually to identify how much exactly is needed. The choice of lubrication type also matters. Men can try each one to see which causes them pleasure and which causes them pain. Heads up, using silicone-based lubes is discouraged most of the time because they can damage the sex doll.

Pain during Sex with a Sex Doll

Poorly Maintainance of Sex Dolls

Another reason why men could be feeling pain when having intercourse with a love doll is that the product is poorly maintained. 

Aside from natural lubrication, another property a real vagina possesses that artificials do not is the ability to clean themselves. Real vaginas clean themselves regularly, with the help of good bacteria living inside them, through secretion of fluid or discharge. Of course, sex dolls do not have this microbiome. Men can also not expect dolls to take care of their synthetic parts’ cleanliness. They are inanimate objects, after all. 

Uncleaned dolls retain viruses, bacteria, dust, residues, and other particles in them. These can cause irritation and/or infection that results in pain. It is the sex doll user’s responsibility to take care of their synthetic partner’s “hygiene.” They should do it, especially if they finish inside the sex doll while they are not wearing a condom. Otherwise, the accumulation of nasty things in the sex doll may render them unusable.

For cleaning instructions, men should refer to their love doll’s manufacturer. They should be given a list of things they need and pointers on properly storing and maintaining the sex doll.

Allergic Reactions

Something that men should also consider is the material used in their sex dolls. There are existing research and studies that show there are people who are allergic to rubber and latex. These are materials commonly used for sex products like sex toys and contraceptives. 

Men should also watch out for dolls with phthalates or plasticizers. These are chemicals that are used to soften hard plastics to make them more durable and flexible. They are commonly found in all sorts of things, from soaps to pesticides to vinyl flooring, to sex toys. Phthalates are now banned from children’s toys because they can disrupt hormones and affect reproductive health. 

Naturally, a man allergic to these things will feel pain if the sex doll contains these materials.

The sex toy industry is still largely unregulated. So identifying which products are safe and which are not can be a difficult task. So, to make sure that the doll does not pose health risks, men should buy only from credible companies. 

A good indication that the firm could be trusted with their products is if they are transparent. The company should provide detailed information about the materials used in the manufacturing of the sex doll. They should also give instructions on how to use, clean, and maintain the product. If they do not do any of that, men should avoid consuming their products, no matter how cheap they are compared to other brands. In fact, that is an indication of its low quality.

Pain during Sex with a Sex Doll


To complete this list, we cannot rule out sexually transmitted infections. The pain men feel when having sex with a sex doll could be caused by an infection they got from their last sexual partner. Aside from that, they could also have gotten the infection from someone they share the sex toy with. That brings us again to the importance of cleaning the sex toy. 

If a man feels that this is the reason for the pain they feel, he should see a doctor immediately to be treated. He should also refrain from performing sexual activities with a live or synthetic partner to avoid the spread of the disease.

This point cannot be stressed enough, but sex should be fun and pleasurable. If it is not, do not be afraid to speak out and seek help. Men or women, your sexual health is essential to your well-being. Please do not be ashamed of how you take care of it.

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