Indicators That Tell The Low Quality Of A Sex Doll

The pandemic has made people understand how important sexual wellness is. Ironically, the global health crisis made us realize the health benefits of having sex. Because of the unavailability of a human partner during the lockdown, sex toys and dolls rose in popularity. The increase in sales of sex toys is more significant, though sex dolls are the ideal products.


It is no secret that sex dolls are expensive. You would have to be thrifty to afford one. So, the idea of wanting to own a sex doll does not always translate to reality. Still, if you are determined, you can manage to save enough money to get one. Once you do, all you would wish for is to get your money’s worth. It would be devastating if you paid a fortune for a substandard model.

But how can you be sure that the sex doll you are buying is of high quality? Should you look for what indicators? 

If you have these uncertainties, it is a good idea to look for advice from experts. By following their pointers, you will be able to choose a sex doll partner that would not disappoint you.

Material Quality

You can quickly identify the quality of the sex doll just by asking what material is it made of. If the answer is neither thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) or silicone, the sex doll is likely to be of low quality.

TPE and silicone are ideal materials because they are very soft and smooth. Furthermore, these materials are virtually immune to wear and tear. Their texture resembles that of human skin. The sex doll industry puts a high value on closeness to reality. Thus, these two materials are considered superior to others.

So, if the sex doll is made of another material, it is highly recommended that you avoid it. You would not know how durable or safe they would be. In this case, it would be better not to try.

Unpleasant Smell

When something does not smell good, there is a high chance that something is wrong with it. There may be a few exceptions, in food, for example, but that is a general idea. That applies to sex dolls too. Sex dolls are not meant to exude any terrible smell. Remember that their purpose is to make you feel aroused, not turned off.

It is also possible for high-quality sex dolls to smell terrible. However, that only happens when the sex doll is not well-maintained. It is the fault of the owner for not keeping the product clean and tidy. 

The same cannot be said for low-quality sex dolls. Their unpleasant odor is natural – caused by the substandard materials and components. The worst thing is, the smell will not go away no matter how much you wash the sex doll. You will just be wasting your time, effort, and money on sex dolls like those. 

Indicators That Tell The Low Quality Of A Sex Doll

Susceptible to Allergic Reactions

Sex dolls do not have allergies, nor should they trigger reactions. Note that some lubricants can cause damage to the sex doll, depending on the material. However, it should not cause adverse reactions. 

Aside from their texture, silicone and TPE are chosen as primary materials for sex products because they are safe to use. They have many differences, but they are the same in that regard. 

Sex doll brands also test their models in various ways to make sure that they would not cause harm to the owner. On the other hand, low-quality sex dolls did not undergo those tests. Therefore, they are likely to irritate your skin or trigger reactions.  

Of course, if that is the case, you would not be able to use the sex doll at all. That is comparable to burning your cash. So, before you make your purchase, do some research about the sex doll you are buying. If you can run some tests as well, do so.

Amateur, Unknown, or Not Knowledgeable Manufacturers

Just like in other industries, there are big names in the production of sex dolls. These companies are trusted and well respected. It is wise to buy sex dolls only from them. However, since their sex dolls are top-notch, they are also incredibly pricey. So, you may want to look for alternatives.

As mentioned before, the demand for sex dolls is increasing. Naturally, new companies open up shops to accommodate the market. You may want to buy from them instead. But be wary because their sex dolls could be second-rate. They may not have the mastery of the know-hows of sex doll manufacturing.

Keep in mind that not all of the new names are not trustworthy. However, since they are still relatively unknown, it isn’t easy to distinguish which is good and bad. So, how would you know?

We are living in the digital age. Most businesses have a website that they use to advertise and sell their services and products. So all you have to do is find the company’s web address and check for reviews. If the manufacturer does not have a website, search for their products in a trusted marketplace. There, you will instantly know if the product is worth your money or not.

Incredibly Cheap

Again and again, it has been mentioned here that sex dolls are expensive. Even those that are missing limbs or do not have complete features cost a lot. So, it is understandable why offers of cheap sex dolls are tempting.

Indicators That Tell The Low Quality Of A Sex Doll

The thing is, you will lose more money with those. For what it’s worth, you may get an exceptionally frail sex doll. Also, sex with it could feel not pleasurable at all. There is also a chance that you receive nothing since cheap sex doll offers are almost always scams. Please stay away from them. 

If you are on a really tight budget, there is a way to afford quality sex dolls. All you need is to have patience. The price of sex dolls drops during special promotions. Use those windows to get one, instead of relying on o shady offers. 

We know how exciting it is for you to buy a sex doll. But do not let that excitement get the best of you. Keep your eyes open and be wise. 

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