Top 10 Disney Princess Sex Dolls

Ever since we were little, we were told about these Disney princesses. Charming, beautiful, elegant, and above all else, kind, they were. Girls aspire to be like them when they grow up. Meanwhile, boys wish to find someone like them and make them their wives. 

It’s a pity that Disney princesses are only characters from fiction. You could spend your days searching the world for Cinderella or Ariel and still never find them.

Fortunately, there are products that could help you find your happy ending. The world has sex dolls – which you can customize to look like your favorite Disney princess. They can offer you companionship, and unlike your typical Barbie dolls, they can give you sexual pleasure.

Satisfy both your romantic and sexual desires with these 10 Disney princess sex dolls.


Top 10 Disney Princess Sex Dolls

Fa Mulan is a free-spirited and family-oriented woman. When her father got drafted to serve the army to protect China, she took his place. She did it to protect her father and prove her self-worth. Anyone would agree that what she did was very brave – and that’s admirable.

People are drawn to Mulan more because of her non-conforming nature. She refuses to be shackled by standards and tradition, and that makes her even more attractive.

Those who are into Fa Mulan would love to have Madam Dolly’s Akira sex doll. This Asian sex doll looks like the Disney princess herself, so no need to modify or customize it. Though one can opt to add an intelligent sound system, so the time spent with their Fa Mulan would be more immersive.


Princess Belle

Top 10 Disney Princess Sex Dolls

Belle is the beauty in the tale Beauty and the Beast, and she deserves that title. She was blessed with attractiveness but did not think it mattered. Belle believes that real beauty is on the inside. What’s considered conventionally ugly is not automatically ugly in her eyes. Beneath a beast’s appearance, there could be a pure heart. Belle knows that you only need courage and kindness to be able to see that. That just shows how great a person she is. Thus, dreaming of someone like Belle is highly understandable.

If you want to have your own Belle, you can try Silicon Wives’ Regina. Regina is a B-cup TPE sex doll that stands at 5 ft. and 7 inches tall and weighs 38 kilograms. Just like the Disney princess, she’s a beauty to behold. Also, one of Belle’s most known traits is her craving for adventure. This doll is quite adventurous in bed; you can have vanilla, anal, or oral sex with her. Furthermore, Regina has a steel skeleton with movable joints. Thus, you can position her in many ways.



Top 10 Disney Princess Sex Dolls

Wise, kind, noble, and beautiful – that is how one would describe Pocahontas. The daughter of a Native American chief is the only member of her tribe that is not xenophobic. She knows that a person is more than his race or color. Unfortunately, her tribemates can’t see things the way she does. So the differences between them and the white settlers sparked a war. Now, the love of her life is a white settler. Inspired by their relationship, she took it to herself to bring peace and unity between the two parties.

Who would not like someone like Pocahontas – a peace-loving, assertive, intelligent woman? If you aren’t one of them, you will surely like Madam Dolly’s Kiyomi in your home. Order this doll with a darker skin tone, and you’ll get yourself a sex doll version of Pocahontas. 

Did you know that Pocahontas means “Little Mischief?” Well, with this doll’s amazing sex capabilities, you’ll be more than just a little playful.


Princess Jasmine

Top 10 Disney Princess Sex Dolls

Princess Jasmine is the sixth Disney princess and the first that is not of Caucasian descent. Without a doubt, she is one of the princesses with a strong personality. Jasmine is someone who knows her worth and what she wants to do. Moreover, she’s not afraid to speak about her beliefs and follow them. She considers her rights as a person more important than the title of a princess.

A strong-willed character like Princess Jasmine is truly admirable. Understandably, there would be people who would fall in love with her. If you are among them, you may like Madam Dolly’s Bali. 

Bali – the 5’2″ sex doll- has captured Jasmine’s Middle-Eastern beauty. Also, Jasmine’s feistiness shows in her facial features. With that said, having Bali in your home would really feel like you have Jasmine with you. The best part is she has 3 orifices that will bring you to “a whole new world.”


Princess Aurora

Top 10 Disney Princess Sex Dolls

Is there anyone purer than Sleeping Beauty? She is like the personification of kindness itself. Her gentle, loving, and angelic nature could make anyone protect her at all costs. Being elegant and graceful also adds to her charm. These qualities Princess Aurora possesses make her the perfect princess. 

Many men wish they were the prince who woke Princess Aurora from her otherwise eternal sleep. Those who still have this fantasy would be pleased to hear about Joy Love Doll’s Anastasia. This premium TPE sex doll is a blonde beauty, just like Aurora. With a few tweaks and a little use of imagination, you can make her your own Sleeping Beauty. Bonus, aside from kissing her lips, you can also put your genitals in her mouth. She offers fantastic oral sex.



Top 10 Disney Princess Sex Dolls

While other princesses were busy finding true love, Moana was busy saving the world. She journeyed across the sea to restore the legendary heart of Te Fiti. Her mission was full of danger, yet, she faced it headstrong. With her courage, resourcefulness, and intelligence, Moana was able to accomplish her mission.

Indeed, Moana is a strong, independent woman, and that makes her remarkable. Many men prefer this type of woman over the passive ones. To them, Moana is one of the best among those in the Disney princess lineup. But they can’t have her since, again, she is only a fictional character. They can have sex dolls, however, and there’s one that resembles Moana.

Joy Love Dolls’ Regina is the best Moana sex doll on the market. She has Moana’s curly brown hair and well-built physique. Admittedly, she looks a bit more mature, but who’s complaining?

Regina’s capabilities will make you ask yourself: How far can you go?


Princess Merida

Top 10 Disney Princess Sex Dolls

Brave is the title of the movie where Merida starred, and it was aptly named. Merida is not your stereotypical princess. She’s rowdy, ungraceful, and has bad manners. But those were not the traits that made her stand out. It is her brave, daring personality. To demonstrate, she is too courageous that she challenged her kingdom’s long-standing traditions in order to live a life of independence.

Merida is the perfect girlfriend, wife, or companion for those who are attracted to rebellious girls. If you are charmed by Merida’s tomboyishness, rejoice! There is a sex doll that is just right for you.

You would find joy in having Silicon Wives’ Auburn. She is the synthetic love partner version of Merida but beautified by a lot. Auburn keeps Merida’s appearance diverted away from Merida’s cartoonish proportions to appear more lifelike. But she keeps Merida’s curly red hair, so the resemblance is still there. 

Give this sex doll a try, and for sure, you will not regret it.


Princess Tiana

Top 10 Disney Princess Sex Dolls

They say that the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Perhaps, this is why Tiana is popular among men. They want someone who can feed them good food, and Tiana is a very good cook. Put two and two together, and you can draw the conclusion.

But that’s not the only thing Tiana is known for. She is also intelligent, resourceful, and highly talented. Moreover, she likes to do things on her own. Tiana does not need anyone to do anything for her. She believes that you must work hard to get the things that you want. Her charming personality makes many men wish they were the frog Tiana kissed.

Silicon Wives’ Ebony is highly recommended for those who were captivated by Tiana’s personality. This sex doll has the princess’ African-American beauty. With a little customization, you can make her look like the real thing. 

Aside from Ebony’s appearance being close to Tiana, she is great in her own rights. Ebony offers oral, vaginal, and anal sex, all of which you would want to try.


Top 10 Disney Princess Sex Dolls


Cinderella’s tale is so famous that she needs no introduction. Almost all know about her, her glass slippers, fairy godmother, and cruel stepmother. People love how she remained kind, despite being surrounded by negative people. Her heart of gold is indeed a precious treasure.

Many men are crushing on Cinderella, and that’s highly expected. And there exists a sex doll that could satisfy their romantic and sexual desires. Madam Dolly’s Abbie is the top Cinderella sex doll. This 5’2″ has the princess’ iconic wavy blonde hair, blue eyes, and innocent face. All you need is to dress her up, and you’ll have your very own Cinderella. Though, you would prefer her without clothes for she offers amazing sex.



Top 10 Disney Princess Sex Dolls

Anya, or Anastasia, might have lost her memory in the story, but she did not lose her beauty or personality. She is a carefree and playful character – always trying to have fun no matter what she does. Also, she is witty, as seen with her light banters with Dmitri.

Anastasia is a ball of sunshine that would brighten any man’s day. Those whose fancies were captured by this princess can make use of a sex doll that resembles her. Luckily, there’s a sex doll on the market that is like that.

Joy Love Dolls’ Marchell Premium TPE Sex Doll is very reminiscent of the Roman princess Anastasia. On top of that, she can give a sexual experience that is like no other. So, Anastasia admirers can rest assured their money will be well spent.

It’s a good thing sex dolls exist. They could give a physical form to fictional characters like Disney princesses. Without them, sexual desires like these will never be fulfilled. 

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