How to Keep a Healthy Relationship During the Pandemic

When in love, all people think about is being with their partner. They miss each other every time, even though they have only been apart for less than thirty minutes. However, with the covid-19 pandemic, they have been hit with a realization. Couples have just found out that extra togetherness can be unhealthy.

How to Keep a Healthy Relationship During the Pandemic

Cabin Fever and How It Affects Relationships

Having cabin fever means being sick of being stuck in a place for a long time. It causes irritability that can affect a person’s relation with their housemate. For couples who are stuck in the same premise since lockdowns began, this is a big issue.

At first, you would think that being stuck with your beloved is one of the best things that could happen to you. Base on what is happening right now, it seems that is not true. It can actually cause a strain on your relationship. 

For the first few days or so, this may not be a problem. But as time goes on, you can get tired of each other pretty quickly. Since you are together 24/7, it is inevitable for disagreements to occur. You will also discover more of the bad traits or qualities you disapprove of that your partner possesses. This can turn into a toxic relationship that can get worse and worse over time.

Still, if handled properly, you can take this long alone time with your partner to strengthen your bond and improve intimacy instead. Here are some things you can do to keep a healthy relationship in a time when it seems impossible.

Have Solo Time

Allowing space and time for yourself has a number of benefits to your well-being. It will enable you to collect your thoughts and ponder over them. Furthermore, it helps you absorb and process the things that are going on. You will also have time to plan how to handle it. Take this as a mini-vacation from all the chaos. It will help you destress and generate positive energy. Once rested, you will be able to face the world again, no matter how bad the current situation is.

Alone time could be hard to achieve since you are essentially trapped in your home. Still, it would be best if you tried to find ways to focus on yourself. Relationship with yourself is as, or probably more, important as your relationship with other people. Take time to unwind and disconnect from everything besides your core. It will help you relax and, ironically, improve how you connect with others. Do not be afraid to ask your partner if you need space; it is your right. And be ready to give them the same when they ask for it.

Plan Dates

If all you do is work, eat, have sex, and sleep, things could get monotonous, repetitive, and boring—no wonder why you will feel sick of it. 

How to Keep a Healthy Relationship During the Pandemic

Dates are proven to improve relationships and increase intimacy between couples. Learning more about each other and enjoying time together makes relationships happier and healthier. Pandemic or no pandemic, this remains a fact. 

If you want your relationship to last longer than the lockdown, then you should always spice things up. Your pre-pandemic plans may have gotten canceled, but that does not mean you cannot arrange for new ones. 

You do not even need to go out for your dates. For instance, you can plan for a romantic candlelit dinner. You can also make popcorn and watch a movie on TV, pretending you are in the Cinema. Ask your partner for a slow dance. If you would like, you can also use the time to explore your sexual desires. Do something kinky, play stripping games, or throw a sex toy or sex doll into the mix. 

In short, you should have time to rediscover each other. Go have fun! It is hard to fall out of love when you are enjoying their company.

Interact With Others

You might argue that this has nothing to do with your relationship with your partner. That is not true. Connecting with family and friends keeps you sane. These interactions will remove the feeling of life during the pandemic one-dimensional. Through these conversations, made possible by current technological advances, you can put the thought that you are stuck with your partner to rest. In the aftermath, they reduce what hate that has been building up in your relationship. 

Be Present

These are stressful times. So, it is likely that most of your quarrels are just you venting out on each other, and not that you despise each other’s face. To prevent this from happening, make your partner feel how meaningful your presence is. Make them realize that it is not a coincidence that you are there with them. You are not like a sex doll that he brought there because he wants to. Instead, you are there because you chose to; you both did. You are in there because you promised to be each other’s support. So make them feel loved. 

You can express that you care about them in so many ways. Simple things like asking how their day has been or how they are holding up are not as simple as you think. They mean a lot. 

If you frequently have heated arguments, discuss the matter. Remember, as they say, communication is the key. Dedicate time to talk about what happened, and try to understand each other’s point of view. Then, make the necessary adjustments so you can both be pleased. 

How to Keep a Healthy Relationship During the Pandemic


Life during the pandemic is different from the life you used to have. As long as the threat of the virus exists, it will put your relationships to the test. These relationships are what will get you through these difficult times. So you should not take them for granted. Do your best to take care of them and keep them healthy, no matter how difficult the task can be. Always try to see the bright side of things. Do not let cabin fever get the best of you. Prove that your connection is so strong, that even a global pandemic cannot break you up.

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