Top 10 Natural Beauty Sex Dolls

People looking for sex dolls that look as realistic as possible have it hard. Why? Because one – the market is filled with sex dolls that look like they had boob jobs. They do not look natural. Two – there’s no absolute absence of sex dolls with natural beauty, so you may still find ones that are like that. However, selecting a model is easier said than done. Without doing extensive research, what you will buy may end up not what you imagined it to be. Thus, you would be left with a subpar doll, less money, and a feeling of disappointment. For sure, you would not like that. Thank goodness you do not need to do that.

Here are the top ten natural beauty sex dolls you can find in the market. You can never go wrong with any of these. 


Top 10 Natural Beauty Sex Dolls

If you did not know Anastasia is a sex doll, her photo might have fooled you. This 5 ft. 5 inches tall TPE sex doll looks so real and naturally beautiful. She is one of those ladies who doesn’t need plastic surgery due to how amazing she already looks.

Anastasia has beautiful long blonde hair you would love to run your hands on. Her hazy brown eyes are alluring, looking like they are constantly inviting you to bed. And her lips are really kissable. On to her body, she has cute C-cup breasts – just the right size. 

And, of course, people can’t talk about sex dolls without mentioning the doll’s sexual capabilities. Anastasia has vaginal and anal holes that are both 7.5 inches deep. You would love going deep in those.


Top 10 Natural Beauty Sex Dolls

Hopefully, you like redheads because this is a fiery hot doll. Rebecca’s tits may be average, but she’s still sexier than most women with relatively large boobs. She’s proof that a woman’s sex appeal does not come from the size of their assets but from how they present themselves.

Rebecca is excellent in bed. To start, she gives fantastic heads with her 5.1 inches-deep oral orifice. You would be addicted to it. Her vagina and anus that has ultra-realistic textures will also keep you wanting more. Rebecca is one woman who will make your nights spicy. That is why you should consider getting her. 


Top 10 Natural Beauty Sex Dolls

“Simplicity is perfection” would have been Zara’s motto if she were a real woman. She is literally the materialization of that saying. Zara doesn’t have that highly sought-after hourglass-shaped figure. Nor does she have melon-sized boobs. But, she looks like a beauty queen. Her body being “believable” is part of her charm.

One of Zara’s strengths is her natural beauty. Another is her sexual expertise. Would you want a blowjob? She can give you one. Do you prefer intercourse or anal sex? She is exceptional at both. All of Zara’s orifices feel realistic, so with her, you are going to have the time of your life. 


Top 10 Natural Beauty Sex Dolls

Emma’s body is like an art piece. Every part of her is just the right size – her height, butt, and breasts are pretty average. She legit looks like a typical woman, except she is gorgeous AF. Emma doesn’t need unrealistic body proportions because her pretty face is more than enough to excite any man. Upon seeing her, all you would think about is how good being sandwiched between her thighs would feel like. The answer is: it feels super good. She has a 7.5 inches-deep vagina, textured and crafted to feel like a real one. Thus, you would feel like you are on top of a real woman. And because of her natural beauty, that illusion is taken to the next level. 

With Emma, it would seem like you are with an actual human. She is the perfect companion. 


Top 10 Natural Beauty Sex Dolls

Marchell is one sexy, sexy lady. You would think no clothes would look good on her because all you will want is to see her naked on your bed. Marchell has round D-cup breasts – the size preferred by many men. It is neither too small nor too huge. Furthermore, her slender figure is to die for. Marchell’s face isn’t too shabby either. She looks like she can be the star in a CW show. If you would need to rate her appearance from 1 – 10, for sure, you will say 11. 

On to the question – how good is she in bed? This model has an anatomically realistic vagina that will surely please you. Aside from that, Marchell can use her equally as impressive anal and oral holes to service you. For short, she is exceptional at lovemaking. 


Top 10 Natural Beauty Sex Dolls

Anna, with her B-cup breasts, is almost flat-chested. Yet, you would prefer to see her on your bed over girls with bigger boobs. The secret is in her natural looks. 

But Anna is more than just a pretty face. She is a woman that is always ready to satisfy her man. This 5 ft. 7 inches tall doll offers anal, oral, and intercourse sex. Moreover, she has a steel skeleton that allows many sex positions. Hopefully, you have lots of stamina because each session with Anna will surely be more than one round.


Top 10 Natural Beauty Sex Dolls

While you were still in school, have you ever had a teacher you wished you could sleep with? If that fantasy came to reality, good for you. But if it didn’t – likely to be the case – here is your chance. 

The Juliana sex doll has the looks of a hot teacher. You’ll love having her in your bed. She has deep and anatomically accurate holes that will let you experience sexual experiences you have never had before. 


Top 10 Natural Beauty Sex Dolls

You can dress Vanessa up and make her an Instagram influencer, and none will suspect a thing. People would think she’s a real person. That’s how life-like she is. 

Vanessa’s realness does not stop at her physical appearance. Sex with her also feels like real sex, thanks to her expertly crafted orifices. There is nothing not to love about this love doll. She’s just too perfect. 


Top 10 Natural Beauty Sex Dolls

Amber is slightly on the short side, but that works in her favor. That height, combined with the absence of gigantic boobs, let her become the lightweight sex doll that she is. Amber is only 28 kilograms! That means you can take advantage of her steel skeleton and movable joints to achieve many sex positions with relative ease. As a bonus, she also comes with a free USB vagina heater. Without a doubt, having sex with Amber would feel amazing.


Top 10 Natural Beauty Sex Dolls

Do you prefer cute girls over modelesque ones? If so, Phoebe is the right doll for you. This girly sex doll has a girly face coupled with A-cup breasts. She’s excessively cute. Her pussy is also a bite-sized snack. It is small and tight, but it is deep. You can watch your whole shaft disappear as you enter her. That would certainly be satisfying.

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