Top 10 Best Pokemon Sex Doll and Pokemon Love Dolls

Pokemon made such a huge cultural impact that it became part of almost everyone’s childhood. And with how adorable some of these fictional creatures are, it is not surprising that some people have grown very fond of them.

But what if you can have sex with Pokemon? Unless the Pokemon is Gardevoir, that would be weird. But things would be different if these pocket monsters had a human form, just like Latias in the Pokemon Heroes film. Right? But, if they have human forms, it does not change the fact that they are only made of pixels. You still can’t have sex with them.

That is where you are wrong. Sex dolls exist, and some sex doll models could easily pass as human forms of some Pokemon. You don’t need a Devon Scope to see them. All you need is to believe.

Do These Pokemon Sex Dolls Work For You?


Top 10 Best Pokemon Sex Doll and Pokemon Love Dolls

Clefairy, as its name suggests, is a fairy-type Pokemon. Before the discovery of the type she belongs to, people suspected Clefairy was an alien. There’s just something strange about this pink ball of cuteness.

If Clefairy had a human form, she would look like Jennifer. This sex doll looks incredible in pink – the Pokemon’s color. And she is super cute too. Moreover, an aura of mysteriousness surrounds Jennifer, just like the Pokemon. What could she be hiding? Discover it yourself. Hint: it has something to do with otherworldly levels of sexual pleasure.

This Clefairy sex doll can teach you how to dance under the moon expertly. She has oral, anal, and intercourse capabilities. Also, she has a steel skeleton with movable joints – meaning many sex positions are possible.


Top 10 Best Pokemon Sex Doll and Pokemon Love Dolls

Sableye is a dark and ghost-type Pokemon. It is mainly known for its ability to thrive in the dark and its gemstone-like eyes. Read that again, and you’ll realize how hot Sableye would be if it were a human. But no need to leave things to your imagination. You can just look at Carmen, the TPE sex doll. She is like the personification of the said Pokemon. 

Similar to Sableye, Carmen has hauntingly beautiful blue gemstone-like eyes. On top of that, she has thighs as thick as Mega Sableye’s defensive stats. 

However, Carmen has something that separates her from other Sableyes. Instead of just one, she has two jewels on her chest. And they are not hard; these B-cup breasts are super soft and jiggly. 

Those things, plus the jewel between Carmen’s legs, will make you long for the night. 


Top 10 Best Pokemon Sex Doll and Pokemon Love Dolls

Anyone who has played the Pokemon games knows how thicc Wobbuffet is. She tanks everything you can throw at her. Keeping this quality in mind, Holly stands as the perfect Wobbufet sex doll. With big breasts and wide hips, she is voluptuous AF. 

Holly has a 39 inches bust, 21 inches waistline, and 43 inches hips. This proportion gives her the Wobbuffet shape. 

But aside from appearance, Holly and Wobbuffet are also the same in texture. The Pokemon and the sex doll both have soft bodies. As Holly is made of TPE, her very soft skin feels close to how human skin feels. 

Wobuffet is also famous for taking hits and then hitting back two times harder. Holly is just like that. Put in the effort to please her, and you will receive double the sexual pleasure from her. 


Top 10 Best Pokemon Sex Doll and Pokemon Love Dolls

Chansey is the Pokemon mostly seen accompanying Nurse Joy. According to the Pokedex, Chanseys bring extreme happiness to the person that catches them. Piper, the 5’2″ D-cup TPE sex doll, is just the same. The sight of this gorgeous lady in your home will surely make you smile. Besides that, she can also give you sexual experiences that will make you grin like Gengar when you remember them. 

Take Piper home to experience full-body orgasms as you have never had before. Her oral, anal, and intercourse game will impress you. And just like Chansey, if you shower her with love and care, sex with her will become even more delicious.

This Chansey sex doll is the perfect companion. By making sure you are always happy and energized, she can help you become the very best.


Top 10 Best Pokemon Sex Doll and Pokemon Love Dolls

Umbreon is the dark type evolution of Eevee. One can get it by bonding with an Eevee during nighttime. It has rings on its body that glows beautifully when exposed to moonlight. Umbreon’s elegance makes it a favorite among Pokemon fans.

Linda is an Umbreon that has taken human form. She looks simple yet very classy. H-cup endowed Linda is also a lover of the nighttime. During the evenings, she gets this mysterious glow that will make you want to make love with her until the sun rises. And you will definitely enjoy that. With Linda’s enormous breasts and anatomically accurate vaginal, oral, and anal orifices, sexual satisfaction is guaranteed. 

You can never go wrong with this Umbreon sex doll, so consider taking her to your home. 


Top 10 Best Pokemon Sex Doll and Pokemon Love Dolls

Gulpin is the stomach Pokemon. It has a huge appetite. Gulpin will swallow anything whole, even if it is of its own size. 

Jean is a special type of Gulpin. This TPE sex doll with a silicone head also has a huge appetite, but not for food. Instead of looking for food to fill her stomach, it is looking for a man who can fill her tight and deep holes. In exchange, she promises to give you sexual pleasure as you have never felt before. And that, this busty Gulpin sex doll does. Jean’s realistic 6.3 inches deep vagina and 5.5 inches deep anus will let you experience orgasms that trigger light shows.

Take care of Jean’s sexual needs, and she will take care of your sexual and emotional needs. 


Top 10 Best Pokemon Sex Doll and Pokemon Love Dolls

Braixen is a fire-type, bipedal, fox-like Pokemon. Many have fallen in love with this Pokemon due to how hot and sexy it looks. She is basically a Kitsune with fire powers, so that is not surprising at all.

Vixen is a Braixen that used its magical powers to become a human so she can have sex with men. Braixen looks super good as a Pokemon, but you will surely like this for more. Vixen has fiery red hair, fitting for a fire-type. Aside from that, she also looks super hot with her perfectly shaped body. With the free vagina warming Dildo, her fieriness is further emphasized.

 If you love steamy nights, go and take Vixen – the Braixen sex doll – home.


Top 10 Best Pokemon Sex Doll and Pokemon Love Dolls

If you are looking for a challenge, Cobalion is the one for you. This legendary Pokemon has fought a war against humans to protect Pokemons in the Unova region. Needless to say, Cobalion does not like humans that much. Still, one can’t help but be fascinated with Cobalion’s elegance and beauty.

Cobalion has now changed. She has decided to give humans a chance. So she assumed a human form and named herself Elaine to connect with humans. Elaine looks just as majestic as Cobalion. She has this stern look that makes her super attractive. 

Perhaps, you can be the man that changes Cobalion’s mind. Show her some affection and make love with her – please her through her three holes. Maybe with your company, she will learn to love humans. 


Top 10 Best Pokemon Sex Doll and Pokemon Love Dolls

Kingdra is the sea dragon Pokemon. Aside from Kingdra’s battle prowess, Pokemon trainers love Kingdra because of its regal and graceful appearance.

One Kingdra has taken a human form to search the land for someone who can please her. Appearance-wise, this form isn’t too shabby either. Gorgeous is not enough of a word to describe Hannah, human-Kingdra’s name. She has beautiful, wavy long hair that will remind you of the ocean and a figure reminiscent of dignified royalty.

And that’s her with clothes on. See her naked, and you will fall in love with her. How about her performance? You would be pleased to know that Hannah is excellent in bed. Being inside her deep and realistic vagina feels terrific. Likewise, her tight anus will surely impress you. She is also capable of giving fantastic blowjobs.

All in all, Hannah the Kingdra is an amazing sex doll. She is one of your best options. 


Top 10 Best Pokemon Sex Doll and Pokemon Love Dolls

Cinccino is, without a doubt, one of the cutest Pokemon in existence. Its most prominent feature is the long white tufts of fur on its head, which it uses as a scarf. This fur is coated in a special oil that gives it a lovely feel. 

Charlize is the Cinccino sex doll. She is as cute as the Pokemon but with a sprinkle of added sexiness. Just like Cinccino, the contrast between her beautiful, long white hair and her dark skin makes her stand out. 

But that’s not the only thing that you will love about this sex doll. You would also love her for her sexual expertise. With three realistic orifices – oral, anal, and vaginal – she will please you like a real woman. By the end of your first night together, you will be obsessing over this Cinccino sex doll.

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