Create Your Perfect Custom Male Sex Doll

Everyone attracted to men will be searching for a dreamboat. So who is your dream man? Could it be Leonardo DiCaprio? Or are you more of a Justin Bieber kind of person?

Your answer will vary, depending on various factors such as your personality. Now, the problem lies in looking for your ideal man. You can’t always expect to find someone that matches your ideals. That would be too good.

If you really like a celebrity, that’s even more complicated. Admit it or not, the distance between you and your celebrity crush is like the distance between heaven and earth.

But satisfying a person’s sexual desires is important for their well-being. So, how can you accomplish that if realizing your fantasies is almost impossible?

Experience the Ultimate Intimacy with AI-Powered Male Sex Dolls

That is why sex tech – and sex dolls, specifically – exist. They enable you to satisfy your desires using your money. To illustrate, you have so many sex dolls to choose from. There are black ones, Asian ones, blondes, gingers, muscular, transsexuals, etc. Whatever your preference for a sex partner is, you can find at least one model that matches that.

To make the search easier, sex doll companies allow you to customize a sex doll. With that, you can find a body type that you like, then tweak the doll’s features to create the “perfect man.”

There’s still some difficulty since male sex dolls are significantly fewer than female sex dolls. But worry not because this article got you covered. Here are 10 male sex dols that already look amazing in their default looks. But, you can customize them if you want to.

Without further ado, here they are.

Get Your Perfect Male Sex Doll at an Affordable Price

Here is a brief list of some custom male sex dolls that you will love! Visit any of our partners and you can customize your own from these unique ideas and ideal customizations!

1) Steaming Hot Silicone Male Sex Doll – Drew

Top 10 Custom Male Sex Dolls

This sex doll is screaming, “daddy energy.” Drew is such a good-looking man you will want to sit nowhere else but on his lap. Everything about him is manly: that stubble, the chest hair, the six-pack abs. But if you are not content with his appearance, you can customize him.

You can change Drew’s skin or eye color, for example. And if you don’t want chest hair on your male sex doll, you can also remove that.

2) Sexy Soccer Super Star Hottie Male Sex Doll – Seymour

Top 10 Custom Male Sex Dolls

Are athletic men in your scope of interests? If so, you will surely like Seymour. This man is fit and gorgeous. His sharp facial features, muscular body, and nice skin color will make you swoon. Seymour could also be packing either a 6 inches long or 9.8 inches long penis, depending on your choice. And that is not the only thing you can customize. 

3) Sexy Bartender Male Sex Doll – Khieno

Top 10 Custom Male Sex Dolls

Perhaps you like classy men. Then, this 5 foot 9 inches tall sex doll is the answer to your prayers. He has a mature face, a physically fit body, and the sex appeal of a Greek god.

As with the models above, Khieno is highly customizable. You can change almost everything about Khieno – even his penis, and we’re not talking about just the size. You can select whether you want it erect or relaxed.

4) Boxing Champion Black Male Sex Doll – Jack

Top 10 Custom Male Sex Dolls

Jack is a sexy black man. Indeed, he looks like a boxing champion. Those biceps, pecs, and abs look so good. It would be illegal for him to have a job that does not require him to be topless. And that BBC is nothing but jaw-dropping. 

If you want to give this man a different face, you can do that. Likewise, you can give him pubic hair if you feel like it. These are just a few examples of how you can customize Jack.

5) Hyper-realism Male Love Doll with Multiple Penis Size – Carter

Top 10 Custom Male Sex Dolls

Maybe you like K-pop idols or mysterious anime characters. If that’s the case, check out Carter. This handsome sex doll has white hair, an unusual hair color often associated with the said things. If you don’t like something about him, don’t worry; you can make some changes. The best thing is most changes will cost you nothing.

6) Roman Warrior Realistic Sex Doll for Woman – Gladiator

Top 10 Custom Male Sex Dolls

What could be sexier than a brave soldier? Simple. That would be a Roman warrior. That said, Gladiator is an excellent option for a male sex doll. Just look at this man’s hot bod. That will surely make you wetter than an otter’s pocket. And yes, if you want to customize him, you can do that. Create Your Perfect Male Sex Doll with Our Customization Options

7) Male Sex Doll with Multiple Size Penises – William

Top 10 Custom Male Sex Dolls

William is quite short – only standing at 5 foot 4 inches – but he is hung like a horse. So if you are into this type of man, he is a great choice. And because he is short, William weighs less than other male sex dolls. Mst females and skinny gay men will appreciate that so much. Therefore, William is indeed one of the top customizable male sex dolls.

8) Male Actor Love Doll – Joey

Top 10 Custom Male Sex Dolls

If you are looking for a Femboy that you can bang, you should take Joey home. He is the amalgamation of feminine and masculine. Joey has a big penis you will love having inside you. Moreover, he has an anal orifice that penis owners will love penetrating.

Please note that you have limited customization options with this sex doll. You can only change his hair, eyes, and skin color.

9) Life-Size Male Sex Doll for Women

Top 10 Custom Male Sex Dolls

If you are part of a bi couple looking for a doll for a threesome, this is one of your best options. This sex doll has a huge penis, so he can please the woman or the bottom. Likewise, his anal orifice allows him to please the man or the top. And if you want to change something about his looks, you can do that for free.

10) Stud Male Sex Doll – Justin

Top 10 Custom Male Sex Dolls

Last but not least is Justin, a silver-haired 5 foot 2 inches tall sex doll. He has a deep orifice that will please penis-owners looking for stimulation. Of course, he also has a huge penis you can ride. That’s detachable, meaning you can clean it easily.

You can change this sex doll’s hair, eyes, or skin color.

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