Best Gardevoir Sex Dolls

Pokemon was released in 1996. Since then, the franchise has become a pop-culture phenomenon. The gamers who played the original games have grown up too. Many of them remained fans and played almost all the games that the Pokemon company and GameFreak have released. You may be one of them, considering the fact that you are here.

As of this writing, there are 898 Pokemon species in total. And when Pokemon Scarlet and Violet come out, that number will get even higher.

Most Pokemon designs look like animals. For instance, Seel is a Seal, and Torkoal is a tortoise. Others are anthropomorphic animals like Lucario and Zoroark. The Furry community loves these two and others similar to them. But there’s one Pokemon that is even spicier, and that is no other than Gardevoir.

Why Buy A Gardevoir Sex Doll?

Even since the debut of Gardevoir, this Pokemon has players lusting over her. Note that Gardevoir can be male or female. However, its appearance is closer to a female human. And yes, Gardevoir is getting this much attention because of that. More than any other Pokemon, Gardevoir looks most like a human. And unlike Jynx, Gardevoir is gorgeous.

If you type “Gardevoir Deviantart” on Google, you will see a staggering amount of sexualized Gardevoir drawings. That shows how many people fantasize about spending a steamy night with this Pokemon.

Unfortunately, just like all other Pokemon, Gardevoir is not real. It is a fictional character/creature. So, you can’t realize that fantasy. That is at least what close-minded or uninformed individuals would assume.

Sex dolls exist, and once again, you can rely on this to turn this fantasy into reality. You can customize a sex doll from many reputable websites to make it look like Gardevoir, which was given a physical, tangible form.

While you are on it, it is best to pick sex doll models that already look like Gardevoir. That will make you not need to tweak many things about the sex doll’s appearance.

Here are the two best Gardevoir sex dolls available on the market.

Hatsune Miku

Best Gardevoir Sex Dolls

Yes, the Hatsune Miku sex doll is based on Hatsune Miku, the anthropomorphized Vocaloid software. But, she surprisingly works great as a Gardevoir sex doll. 

One of the most iconic things about Hatsune Miku is her turquoise hair. You might argue that’s not the same with Gardevoi’s hair color because that’s green. However, you must remember that Pokemon have shiny forms, which change their coloration. A shiny Gardevoir’s hair is blue, and hence, it matches Hatsune Miku’s. That said, this sex doll will not just let you bang a Gardevoir. Instead, it will let you do it with a rarer Gardevoir variant. 

Now let’s talk about other reasons why this sex doll is an excellent pick. The Hatsune Miku sex doll is gorgeous, for starters. Her overall appearance is sure to turn you on. More so when she’s butt naked; that sight guarantees a stiff erection.

The Hatsune Miku sex doll’s height is average; she is 5 feet 5 inches tall. She weighs only 29.8 kilograms. So, moving her around your house will not be a pain in the butt.

And speaking of butts, this Gardevoir sex doll has an extra-fine one. It is one of the best bubble butts you will ever see. 

That’s not the Hatsune Miku sex doll’s asset worth mentioning either. This Gardevoir sex doll has D-cup breasts. Because she’s made of TPE, these round, jiggly things are as soft as real ones. You will love touching these.

Now, onto the body parts that you surely are most excited about: this Gardevoir sex doll’s orifices. She has anal, oral, and vaginal sex capabilities. She can give you blowjobs with her 5.12 inches-deep mouth. After that foreplay, you can choose between her anal and vaginal orifices. Her anal orifice is shallower than her vagina; it is only 6.3 inches deep. However, like real anal canals, it is extra tight and snug.

Meanwhile, her vagina is 7.09 inches deep – the deepest of the three. All these orifices are anatomically accurate. Please note that you need to purchase the addons for the mouth to make it as anatomically accurate as possible. Nevertheless, all experiences with this sex doll feel like real sex.  


Best Gardevoir Sex Dolls

If you like regular Gardevoir over her shiny counterpart, this is the sex doll you should check out. Zephaniah has short green hair, much like what the said Pokemon has. And she is pretty too, so you can’t go wrong with choosing her.

Zephaniah also has a fair complexion which is nice since Gardevoir’s “skin” is white. That’s another similarity that makes Zephaniah a strong candidate for realizing this fantasy.

The question is, can she hold a candle against Hatsune Miku? Indeed, she can.

Zephaniah has E-cup breasts, one size larger than what Hatsune Miku has. She is also blessed with an hourglass figure, with a BWH ratio of 30.71 – 19.69 – 34.65 inches. Her slender figure matches that of Gardevoir’s. 

This Gardevoir sex doll is 5 foot 3 inches tall and weighs 33.8 kg. So moving her and posing her is also very manageable. That’s much appreciated because Zephaniah has an articulated metallic skeleton. With that, you can have sex with her in different positions.

Zephaniah has three orifices – anal, oral, and vaginal – and they are all fantastic. This sex doll’s mouth is 4.72 inches deep. Meanwhile, her anal orifice is 6.3 inches deep. Last, her vagina is 7.87 inches deep. Being a TPE sex doll, these feel realistic. If you close your eyes, you may forget that you are getting it on with a sex doll and not with a person.

The best thing is you can even make these experiences even better. You can equip Zephaniah with a moaning/sound function. That added element will make sex with this Gardevoir sex doll more exciting. You can also make her breasts gel-filled to make them jigglier and bouncier. As a result, Zephaniah will become as realistic as possible.

You can see why Zephaniah is one of the best Gardevoir sex dolls, and one of our favorite Manga sex dolls of all time with all that’s said.

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