Hyper-realistic Sex Dolls with Human Temperature Skin Surge in Sale During Lockdown

The sex doll industry has witnessed an increase in sales as lonely men who seek companionship during the coronavirus lockdown are buying their own silicon dolls.

The continuous advancement of today’s technology allowed manufacturers to create highly-sophisticated sex robots. These sex robots have skin that mimics the temperature of a real human’s body, providing their owners with warmth during cold nights of isolation. 

Ryan James, a Sydney man owns the sex doll distribution firm in Australia called Southern Treasures. He said that sex dolls or companion times are perfect for single people who cannot go to dates due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Hyper-realistic Sex Dolls with Human Temperature Skin Surge in Sale During Lockdown

According to Ryan, one popular feature of sex dolls is their ability to heat up to the body temperature of their owners. He even added that a lot of individuals opt to sleep with sex dolls and cuddle them instead of having their heater turned on all night long. 

Sex dolls with the self-heating feature are imported from China. Their skin is made with a mixture of plastic properties called thermoplastic elastomers or TPE, and melted rubber. This combination makes the doll’s skin feel soft and fleshy. In fact, some sex dolls are so realistic that they have imperfections such as blemishes, and pores. Such types of dolls can cost $3,100 AUD.

What the Most Popular Doll is As Said By the Southern Treasures Owner

According to the Southern Treasures owner, the most popular doll is named Danae. This doll has tanned skin, blonde hair, and is wearing army camouflage.

Ryan also added that his company is keeping a stockpile of life-like sex dolls at their facility in Sydney. This is to keep up with the increasing demand from consumers. He also noted that sex doll sales for the female market are surging, as well. 

The Aussie businessman noted that people are gradually seeing that relationships are not for everyone. His customers have also openly said they have already given up on going out and dating, or searching online, to look for a lifetime partner.

Increase in the Demand For Sex Dolls and Adult Toys Among the Female Market

Not only items designed for men have increased in sales. Instead, sex toys that are designed for women have also gained popularity along with male sex dolls. 

One of the leading sex doll retailers called Sex Doll Genie noted that orders have significantly increased during the past months. Purchases by heterosexual partners are already up 33.2 years on year for April. However, the months February and March were able to break the previous sales records.

In addition, Sex Doll Genie has also seen an increase in demand from single males of all sexual orientations more than double. A 51.6 percent increase in sales in the months of February and March. During the same period, orders made by females also grew by 15.8 percent. 

Furthermore, Sex Doll Genie is the largest adult doll company in the world. It offers more than 2,600 premium, hand-crafted, as well as made to order sex doll designs that come from 16 different brands. 

According to the company’s co-founder and CEO Janet Stevensen, they are seeing that the sex doll industry is going through a revolution amid the COVID-19 pandemic. There is a significant surge in orders made by both couples and single males and females.

Stevenson also added that couples who are in quarantine together seem to be more open to trying something new in terms of sex. Their company is also witnessing more single males and females placing orders for the first time. Stevenson thinks that this is because they see having sex with a love doll as a safer alternative to dating apps such as ass TInder right now.

Hyper-realistic Sex Dolls with Human Temperature Skin Surge in Sale During Lockdown

Furthermore, Sex Doll Genie’s CEO said that what people are seeing now is the fact that sex dolls are going mainstream with both men and women who are enthusiastic about bringing a sex doll into their bedrooms. 

Needless to say, the quarantine caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a good result in the sex doll industry. People are now slowly accepting that sex dolls are here to stay and that a lot of individuals will patronize this product. Sex dolls are also a safe alternative to human interaction. This can be the reason why a lot of people are bringing home their own instead of interacting and having sex with a real human.

Sex Dolls Are Not Enough Companions, Study Says

Ryan admitted that sex dolls are a taboo subject of discussion. However, people will start to accept them a little bit more as time goes by.  As mentioned, some people are already firm in their belief that they will no longer find a human relationship, prompting them to own a love doll. 

Hyper-realistic Sex Dolls with Human Temperature Skin Surge in Sale During Lockdown

Also, Ryan said that people do not have the time or restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Experiencing loneliness and coping up with it varies from one person to another. While some people are enjoying their time in isolation, others are struggling due to the reduced in-person contact. However, the fact the relationships help in maintaining good mental health is applicable to everyone. For this reason, the study said that it is still important to maintain some level of contact with our social networks. 

Different means of contact can be through a phone call or chat, or even video calls to check in with a family member or anyone you are close to.

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