The Breast Options For Your Sex Doll

Sex dolls have hundreds of options. For this reason, choosing which one you will buy can be a difficult task. A single-sex doll store can have a hundred selections. 

Once you have found the sex doll that you want to purchase, the next thing that you will have to face is the various options for customization and upgrades. For instance, the breasts of your sex dolls are customizable and there are three options for that: the standard, gel, and hollow breasts. 

The Breast Options For Your Sex Doll

The Different Breast Types and their Pros and Cons

Standard Breast Type

Standard breast types are quite easy to describe. They are either solid TPE or silicone, depending on the material that your sex doll is made of. This breast type is perky and firm. Yet, they still have a decent bounce and softness that you can expect from high-quality TPE or silicone. 

If you are not too picky in terms of the breasts’ feel, or if you are planning to save your money to upgrade your sex doll’s breasts, then this option is the best choice for you. 

Furthermore, a standard breast type is already realistic enough. This is the reason why most owners no longer spend money to upgrade them.

The Pros 

The standard breast type does not need any additional upgrade costs. In addition, they feel firm and perky. This breast type will also come with the sex doll that you will buy. So, you do not need to look for a store where you can buy them. 

The Breast Options For Your Sex Doll

The Cons

The only disadvantage that standard breasts have is that they are not as soft and as bouncy as the other sex doll breast types. Therefore, sex dolls with standard breasts cannot mimic the feel of a real human woman’s breasts.

Gel Breast Type

The gel breast type is the best option if you are looking for sex doll breasts that could best mimic the feeling of a real woman’s breasts. Gel breasts feel softer compared to the standard breast option. On the other hand, they feel more firm and perky than the hollow breast type.

In addition, the gel implants of the sex doll’s breasts are the perfect middle ground. This allows them to closely mimic the movement and feel of a real human woman’s breast. Essentially,  the gel used to create this breast option is made to feel and behave like a real human’s fat, making the sex doll’s breasts feel so realistic. Needless to say, the gel breast option is the best upgrade if you are looking for the most realistic doll breast possible. 

The Pros

Gel breasts are the most realistic breast option that you can ever have for your love doll. Apart from that, gel breasts are soft, yet, they are firm and perky. 

The Cons

There is only one downside when it comes to the gel breast type. It is the fact that this option is the most expensive one among the three. For this reason, if you do not have the budget or you are not willing to spend money to upgrade for such a breast type, then the gel breast type might not be the best option for you. 

Hollow Breast Type

If you are someone who likes his sex doll to have a pair of light and bouncy breasts that are extremely soft to touch, then you might want to consider the hollow breast type. 

As the name suggests, hollow breasts are hollow on the inside. Rather than being solid TPE or implanted with gel, hollow breasts are filled with air. This characteristic makes them more squishy and jiggly. For this reason, you will be able to gran and hold your sex doll’s breasts or watch them bounce relentlessly as you rock your sex doll back and forth. 

The Breast Options For Your Sex Doll

Moreover, the cost of upgrading from standard breasts to hollow breasts is not that expensive. So, if you really want your sex doll to have this breast option, then investing in it will be completely worth it. 

The Pros

The main advantage of the hollow breast type is that it is very bouncy. In addition to that, they are extremely soft and squishy. 

The Cons

One disadvantage when it comes to the hollow breast type is that they require additional costs for the upgrade from the standard option to this breast type. For this reason, sex doll owners who are not willing to spend some money may not find the hollow breast option as a good choice. 

In addition, hollow breasts are not as perky as the other options. They can mimic the feel of a real human woman’s breasts but not as much as the gel breast option does.

Final Thoughts

Choosing which of the three is the best breast type does not depend on their cost and feel. Instead, it depends on the characteristics that you want your sex doll’s breasts to have. If you want your love doll to have a pair of firm and perky breasts, then you may have to stick with the standard breast type that commonly comes with sex dolls when you purchase them. 

If you want your sex doll’s breasts to become jiggly and squishy, then the best choice for you is a pair of hollow breasts.

On the other hand, sex doll owners who want their doll’s breast to feel as close to a real woman’s breast, then the best choice for you are gel implants. However, it is important to note that with this choice, you will need to invest an expensive amount of money. If you are not willing to spend some dollars, then this option may not be the best choice for you. 

Furthermore, another thing worth noting is that no matter how cheap or expensive your sex doll’s breasts are, their durability and lifespan will depend on how you use and take care of them. So, you may need to do research as to how you should take care of your sex doll’s breasts to maximize the money that you spent on them.

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