Sex Doll Use in a Nutshell: A Complete Guide on How to Use a Sex Doll

If you are a new sex doll owner, then a whole new journey is in your hand. But it is worth noting that you did an excellent investment in buying your sex doll. You will be having a new experience of having a silicone wife. This can provide you with a stressful and drama-free relationship as well as a gratifying sexual experience.

Moreover, what makes a TPE sex doll different from a silicone or even a human woman partner is that your TPE and silicone wife will not ask you things about your job, your looks, or how much money you have in your pocket. Meaning, you will remain as a free man. In addition, your sex doll will not demand anything from you except that you touch her body and enjoy the things that she can offer. 

Sex Doll Use in a Nutshell: A Complete Guide on How to Use a Sex Doll

How To Prepare To Use A Sex Doll

However, there are a number of things that you should know to make the most out of your sex doll ownership journey. This is because your sex doll will mean less if you do not know how to use and take care of her.

So, if you are looking for a guide that will allow you to know how you could properly use your TPE sex doll, then this article will definitely help you.

The Guide to Using Your Sex Doll

Once the doll that you have always dreamed of arrives on your doorstep neatly packed, it is time to do the most crucial job of unboxing it. Contain your excitement first and carefully place your package in a room with a large floor space. You will need a good amount of space when you unpack your doll as you need to lay her flat.

In addition, it is important for you to have prior preparation on how you will unbox your love doll. This is because a single-sex doll typically weighs from 50 to 70 pounds excluding the packaging weight. For this reason, it will be so much better if you could have someone to help you unbox. 

After placing your doll in a storage room with enough space, cut the package’s tape open using a cutter or a knife. However, you have to be careful not to push your cutting tool to deep as you might cut your sex doll’s skin by doing so. 

Now that you have cut the box open, go ahead and wash your hands clean. You are going to hold and take out your doll so it is important that you will not smudge her delicate skin. For this reason, wash your hands thoroughly before touching her.

Once you have cleaned your hands, it is time to do the unpacking. The head of your sex doll is packed in a separate bag. Carefully remove that before getting back to the body of the doll.

In addition, remove all the other accessories that come with the package. Most of the time. The accessories included in a sex doll package are clothing, a closet sex doll storage system, and cleaning tools. 

It is now time to lift out the body of your doll along with the blanket that is wrapping it inside the box. Wrap your arms around your doll, lift it carefully, and then gently place it carefully on the floor beside it. After that, you can connect the head of your sex doll to its body and put its wig on.

The Best Ways to Use Your Sex Doll

Now that you have assembled your sex doll, you can enjoy having some sexy time with her. To make the most out of that sexy time, the key is to stick to the tested methods of using your sex doll. 

How to Have Vaginal Intercourse With Your Sex Doll

A sex doll generally comes with a fully functional vagina. This allows the sex doll to provide the sexual pleasure that is almost the same as having sex with a real human woman. That being said, you can use your imagination so that you can emulate sex with a real woman.

Sex Doll Use in a Nutshell: A Complete Guide on How to Use a Sex Doll

Place your sex doll in a position that turns you on. Next, penetrate her and move the same way you would have sex with a real woman. The pressure and friction that the doll’s vagina will be no different to the feeling of having sex with a human woman.

Having Anal Intercourse With Your Sex Doll

A lot of men are no doubt fantasizing about anal sex. This is nothing unusual. As a matter of fact, anal sex is pleasurable for many men. However, the problem is that it is difficult to look for a partner who is willing to fulfill such a fantasy. 

But a sex doll will never say no to your anal sex fantasies. You can have as many anal sex sessions that you want without your sex doll complaining. In fact, your sex doll was created to provide you with sexual gratification. Can Sex Dolls Perform Oral Sex?

Let us get straight to the point. Yes, your sex doll can definitely perform oral sex. However, it is important to note that receiving a blowjob from your sex doll feels different from having a blowjob from a real woman. It is evident why there will be a difference in terms of experience.

But while oral sex with a silicone sex doll would feel different, there is still an assurance that it feels good. What is even better is that you do not have to worry about your partner getting gag reflex.

Sex Doll Use in a Nutshell: A Complete Guide on How to Use a Sex Doll

How to Use Lubricants On Your Sex Doll

A lot of sex doll owners keep a lubricant at hand to make their sexual experience with their doll better. However, you should always remember that you could only use a water-based lubricant. This is because an oil-based one can damage and stain the skin of your doll. 

Apply the lubricant prior to penetration. In addition, do not put too much lubricant on your doll as it could cause a sticky and messy penetration point.

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