The furry fandom is arguably the most stigmatized fandom because of misconception. When people outside of their community hear furries, they immediately think of sex-crazed people who lusts after animals. The truth is, furries are not like that. Far from that, actually.

Furries are fans of animal characters that show human-like characteristics. Some love them so much that they consider themselves one of these anthropomorphic animals. There are wolf boys and catgirls and others. They have a deep love for the animals they associate themselves with. So, no, they would not commit bestiality. They are not a fan of doing cruel things to the animals.

They will, however, enjoy having sex with fellow furries. Some would even wear special fursuits called mursuits while having sex. These costumes have openings in the right places that allow sexual intercourse. Though, only a few take it to the extreme like that. Most are content with small accessories like dog collars and fox ears.

If you are a furry fanboy or lifestylist looking for someone like that, you came to the right place. Listed here are the top 5 furry sex dolls you can find in the market.


Top 5 Furry Sex Dolls

Tundra biomes are home to some of the most beautiful animals. One example is the snow fox. These tiny creatures are cute and adorable. Sex Doll Genie has successfully captured that quality of snow foxes and incorporated it in their Larriya doll.

Lariya is a 5 ft woman with pink hair and a pair of otherworldly purple eyes. She is a furry who likes wearing white fox ears and a big fluffy tail. Her innocent face also adds to her adorableness. Then her body proportions can make any furry man feel aroused. She has bust, waists, and hip measurements of 85 cm, 52 cm, and 85 cm, respectively. She looks thick and warm, and for sure, you would want to bury yourself in her F cup breasts.

Larriya, the snow fox furry, has vaginal, anal, and oral sex capabilities. Her mouth is 13 cm deep, her vagina 18 cm, and her anus is 15 cm deep. No matter how you use her, she will give you a sexual experience that feels realistic.

Larriya is young-looking, petite, and well endowed with big breasts and butts. She is irresistible, and all you would want to do once you tasted what she could offer is be with her. That is what this foxy lady wants.


Top 5 Furry Sex Dolls

It seems like leopards are popular as fursona for bolder sex dolls. Leona likes all kinds of big cats, but leopards are apparently her favorite. Leopards are graceful, so who can blame them?

This brunette furry with attribution to big cats is always on the lookout for its favorite thing. That is your manhood, and Leona wants it inside her. It would be best if you gave it to her, and in exchange, she will let you experience fantastic sex that feels real. 

“Playtime” with this wild furry is always incredible. First of all, Leona is curvy and has soft E-cup breasts. You will have fun fondling those or watching them jiggle as you thrust in her. Speaking of thrusting and entering, Leona has three entrances. She is capable of vaginal, oral, and anal sex. Her mouth has a depth of 13 cm, her anus is 17 cm, and her vagina is 19 cm deep. 

This furry is hungry for sex. Give Leona a chance, and she will deliver. 

Belle: Only Fans Sex Doll

Top 5 Furry Sex Dolls

One of OnlyFans’ biggest earners is a furry. She is Belle Delphine, an Instagram model and cosplayer turned sex worker. Belle has aesthetics similar to Larriya. Belle is also a pink-haired girl, but she is going for what she called a weird elf kitty appearance rather than a fox. So, people who have fantasies involving Belle can customize Larriya to look like Belle and fulfill their desires. 

But actually, there is no need for that. A sex doll replica of Belle Delphine exists in the market. The product is sold exclusively by Silicon Wives. 

Now, it is important to note that making sex doll copies of celebrities is difficult. Sex doll manufacturers can not just do it as they please. Before they can produce even a single unit, they need to ask permission from the celebrity. Then, if the star is deceased, they need to get consent from the family. Still, that is easier said than done. Most celebrities decline the request, breaking the hearts of many. 

Moving on to the doll itself, it is as close to the real Belle Delphine as a sex doll can get. Belle’s hair and face were copied perfectly. With regards to body proportions, the sex doll missed only by a few inches in her height, bust, waists, and hip measurements. Many men would appreciate bigger breasts, but Silicon Wives kept it at B cup to remain true to their source. Most importantly, the sex doll captured Belle’s furry persona of a playful kitten.


Top 5 Furry Sex Dolls

The deer Patronus in the Harry Potter series made many appreciate the beauty of the animal. Their elegant stance, the majestic antlers, and the gentle nature of the deers make them more admirable. 

Fawn is a furry that was captivated by the beauty of deers, and she is just as beautiful as them. She is cute, petite, and sexy. Real women would be jealous of her body.

Like the baby deer she was named after, Fawn has a youthful and innocent look on her face. However, unlike fawns, she is not tiny. Fawn’s height is 5 ft and 7 inches. Only a few sex dolls are that tall. Generally speaking, sex dolls that tall are harder to manage because they tend to weigh more. That is not true in Fawn’s case. She only weighs 35 kg. She is taller than Larriya and Belle, but she is also lighter than both of them. That is noteworthy.

Innocent-looking Fawn is not as pure as you think. She is very sexual. Fawn would love to have you in her 5.9 inches deep mouth. After the foreplay, you can enter her 6.7 inches deep vagina to please yourself. If you want to spice things up, you can have anal sex with her instead. Her anal orifice is also 5.9 inches deep. 

The furry doll’s name is Fawn, but you will be the one fawning over her because of her expertise in giving pleasure.


Top 5 Furry Sex Dolls

Enough of cutesy furry sex dolls. Let’s now talk about the wild ones who will help fulfill your wildest fantasies. Sex Doll Genie’s Lakia is a leopard lady looking for a man fierce enough to try and domesticate her.

Appearance-wise, Lakia is very alluring. Her face is that of a confident woman who knows what she wants to do. Her looks will invite you to bed and make you not want to go away. Lakia is very seductive. You would not be able to resist her charms, especially when you learned how great it feels to be inside her. 

Lakia has three orifices – mouth, vagina, and anus. All of these entrances offer sex that feels realistic. Regarding measurements, her oral orifice is 15 cm deep, and her vaginal and anal orifices are boh 17 cm deep. With those, you can have steamy sex with Lakia in any way or position you want.

Ahri (Bonus)

Top 5 Furry Sex Dolls

If you are a gamer, you probably know who Ahri is. For those who are unfamiliar, she is a champion in the popular MOBA game by Riot Entertainment called League Of Legends. Ahri is a nine-tailed fox lady who uses magic against her prey and enemies.

Sexy Real Sex Dolls (SRSD) used the champion as inspiration for one of their furry sex dolls. Although their version is missing eight tails, the resemblance is there. They call her the Fox Woman with big boobs, medium waist, and bubbly butt for kinky sex players. She cannot use magic to devour your spirit either. However, she can deplete your energy by making you have sex with her until you cannot move. Her seductive foxy gaze will prevent you from refusing. 

The Ahri in League Of Legends loves dominating her enemies. Thus, she is the perfect furry sex doll for power play and BDSM. Like the rest of the sex dolls on this list, Ahri has oral, vaginal, and anal sex capabilities. That means there are a number of ways you can enjoy the time you spend with her.

Sex dolls, like the furry fandom, are stigmatized. However, the pandemic has made it clear that sexual wellness is essential for a person’s well-being. So, you should not be ashamed of buying products that will help improve your sexual health. Remember, furries want you to express your true self, not hide it. Do what you want, and unless you purposely hurt someone, nothing is wrong with you or in what you do.

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