Silicone Sex World Review

Silicone Sex World is an online sex doll supplier based in London, UK. It has been in business for quite some years now. Ever since its establishment, it was able to build a large customer base.

The store’s goal is to become one of the leading suppliers of TPE and silicone sex dolls in both the US and UK. In addition, Silicone Sex World applies thorough marketing of their sex dolls using various online platforms. It also markets via magazine features, such as Sunday Sun, The Daily Mail, the Daily Star, as well as The Sun and The Mirror. 

Silicone Sex World Review

Moreover, the company stocks a vast array of sex dolls not only for the male market but also for the female one. There are different designs for sex dolls made from various materials. Silicone Sex World allows its clients to choose which they feel best fits their needs and demands.

Apart from male and female sex dolls, Silicone Sex World is also selling accessories to make your doll feel and look better. You can get extra heads for your sex doll, wigs of different colors, and sex dolls’ body parts like removable penises and vaginas. With these accessories, you will be able to enjoy having sex with your love doll with utmost satisfaction. 

Silicone Sex World’s website allows customers to choose sex dolls and accessories with ease. This is because the website was graphically designed with excellent detail with the company’s products laid out very well. It allows you to browse through different pages — build your sex doll, find your sex doll, recent doll images, accessories, info & advice, as well as contact us. This way, customers will have more details about the sex doll and accessories they are planning to purchase. 

Silicone Sex World: The Sex Doll Collection

Every TPE and silicone sex doll at this company is manufactured in China. They will then be imported into London, UK. For this reason, customers can make sure that all the sex dolls they are purchasing came straight from the manufacturer. In addition, all the Silicone Sex World products were tested and have passed all the required quality tests. Needless to say, those who purchase sex dolls and accessories from this company can ensure that they will get high-quality products that are worth their investment. 

In addition, all the sex dolls that Silicone Sex World sells have incentives. They will be delivered to your doorsteps wearing sexy clothes, a wig, a USB heating stick, as well as extra silicone that customers can use for repair. Female sex dolls also come with a vagina cleaning device. 

There are also other sex doll accessories that come with your purchase including sex doll heads, body part accessories, and premium doll wigs.

The sex doll choices are of a wide variety. Both the male and female markets have a vast array of choices. The male dolls can be customized based on the customers’ preferred body size, height, eye color, skin color, hair color, and penis size. They come with a detachable penis for women who have weird fetishes of having sex with a shemale.  On the other hand, men can also customize female sex dolls based on the effects that they desire. They can even choose if they want either a removable or a permanent vagina. 

  Needless to say, the products sold by Silicone Sex World are all-inclusive and provide worth to every purchase. 

Shipping Details

When you order a sex doll and accessories from Silicone Sex World, you will be given 24 hours to cancel your order. After that, the company will begin processing it. Another 24 hours will run before your purchase is forwarded to the manufacturer. It will take about 14 days for your order to be produced. Once finished, the manufacturer will then ship it back to Silicone Sex World.

Upon receiving the sex doll or accessories that you ordered, the company will do all the necessary quality checks and controls before it ships the doll to your address within a week. Therefore, you will receive your doll between 15 and 21 days after making a purchase. 

You may say that the production and delivery time is quite long. However, the manufacturer is in China and the seller is based in the UK, so the said time is still fast considering the distance and processes that the doll and accessories need to undergo. 

Silicone Sex World Review

All the sex dolls from Silicone Sex World are shipped in plain brown boxes that do not have any marks, labels, or logos. This ensures the discreteness of the purchase and protects the customers’ privacy. In addition, the sex dolls are carefully packed as fragile goods. This way, you can be at ease knowing that your order will be delivered to you in perfect condition. 

Moreover, the company ships worldwide in every country. However, Islamic countries are not included as Silicone Sex World respects their strict laws in terms of sexuality. The delivery is free of charge and there will be no hidden charges on your purchase.

Silicone Sex World’s Return Policy

As mentioned, all the sex dolls that are sold by Silicone Sex World undergo thorough checking and quality control before they are shipped out. For this reason, most of them arrive at the purchasers in perfect condition. However, there are still some instances when the sex doll may come with some minor defects. If this happens, Silicone Sex World expects the customer to call the company as soon as possible, preferably within a day.

Depending on the damage that your sex doll has, the company will guide you on how to correct it. If the damage is too severe for a DIY repair, it will arrange to pick up your sex doll and deliver a new one to you.

Silicone Sex World Review

In cases when the sex doll would be returned, it is important to note that it has to be unused. If you have already used the doll, the company will no longer accept it.

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