Top 10 Gamer Sex Dolls

One of the most popular pastimes nowadays is video gaming. The hobby is so mainstream that there are global tournaments for some games. Many aspire to join those competitions, as the prize can be as high as millions of dollars. 

That is easier to achieve than done, however. There are plenty of competitors for each game. Most steamers in Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook’s main content is about video games. Many of them are highly skilled players. They come from different countries and different races. So, yes, there are sexy girls that got famous for their gaming expertise. 

You might be, in pop culture’s terms, simping for them. If you are not interested in the streamers, you may be fantasizing about the sexy characters found in the games. 

This article presents you with a list of the top 10 gamer sex dolls available in the market.


Top 10 Gamer Sex Dolls

Silicon Wives’ sex doll replica of Belle Delphine is one of the best models you can purchase. For those who have not heard of her, Belle Delphine is an internet celebrity most famous for her lewd content in OnlyFans. While her content does not feature her playing video games, Belle has cosplayed characters from games like D Va. Also, the gamer tag is attached to her because she sells Gamer Bath Water, which is actually water she used when she took a bath. Why be content with that and watching her videos when a sex doll replica of her exist? 

The Belle sex doll is almost the same size as the real Belle Delphine, with only a few inches missing here and there. It has vaginal, anal, and oral sex capabilities.


Top 10 Gamer Sex Dolls

One look at Killian, and you would know who she is supposed to be. The manufacturers of this sex doll took inspiration from the movie Alita: Battle Angel. A cyberpunk MMORPG mobile game was released to let players experience the world from the film. 

Alita is a female cyborg with amnesia. Her memories were hazy, but she instinctively remembers the legendary martial arts Kurts Panzer. Skilled in martial art, Alita became a bounty hunter and hunted cyborg criminals. 

Killian is a sex doll modeled after the crime-fighting cyborg. Do not expect her to be cold and metallic, however. She is made of TPE material, which means her skin feels soft to the touch. Killian, like Alita, is also skilled in something. Instead of a martial artist, Killian is a sex expert. Her oral, vaginal, and anal orifices will make you feel the sexual pleasure that feels like heaven.


Top 10 Gamer Sex Dolls

Kitana is a princess in the realm of Edenia. She is 10,000 years old, which is considered very old on Earth. However, in her realm, people of that age are still considered young. 

Princess Kitana fought her stepfather Shao Kahn and freed her homeland from his grasp and cruel ways. She did it using steel fans as weapons.

Undeniably, with her combat prowess, heart, and character design – especially the old ones, Kitana is one of the sexiest characters in the game. 

If you are her fan (pun intended), you might want to get yourself an Akira sex doll. This model resembles Kitana very closely. Her silky black hair and timeless beauty are captured perfectly. This doll has oral, vaginal, and anal sex capabilities. With Akira, you can experience having great sex with the Edenia princess.


Top 10 Gamer Sex Dolls

Ahri is a champion from Riot Games’ MOBA game League of Legends. She is a fox lady with nine tails, and her concept is based on East Asian legends. 

In the game, Ahri is a strong character. She is graded as an A-tier mid-laner based on her good win rate and high pick rate. Aside from her capabilities in the game, she is famous because of her skin which are very pretty. 

Good news for Ahri’s mains and admirers, there is a sex doll that looks like her. Sex Doll Genie’s Larriya is a pink-haired fox lady. Admittedly, Larriya does not look precisely like Ahri. Although, you can fix that with a few tweaks here and there. You can make her look like Ahri in her Spirit Blossom or KDA All Out skin by customization.


Top 10 Gamer Sex Dolls

DOTA 2 and League of Legends are the two most popular MOBA games on PC. For mobile players, one of the most popular is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The game was heavily inspired by LoL, but as time went by, it developed its own identity. It currently boasts more than 100 Million downloads on Google Play Store.

One of the best mid-lane or support heroes in the current META is Selena. Her kit gives vision and so much pick-off potential for her team. Enemies should be careful because if they got hit by Selena’s abyssal arrow, they could get stunned for multiple seconds.

Without skin, she does not look that pretty. Unless, of course, if you are into body paint. However, her limited epic skin makes her ultra-stunning. She seems like the silver-haired elf princess found in fantasy shows.

One sex doll from Sex Doll Genie also looks like that. She is Inge, an E-cup breasted, 4 ft 9 in elf girl. Buy her and customize her a little bit so you can turn your Selena fantasies into reality.


Top 10 Gamer Sex Dolls

YorHa No. 2 type B or simply 2B is the first protagonist in NiER: Automata. She is an android weapon that protects the remaining humans from the machine lifeforms that invaded the planet.

2B’s eyes are covered by her standard-issue military visor, which she rarely removes. Despite them being hidden, she still managed to look attractive. Perhaps it is because of her thick thighs.

You know what? There is a sex doll that shows a resemblance to 2B. She is Suki, Silicon Wives’ sci-fi sex doll. If you cut her hair, then give her a black dress and visor; you can have your very own 2B. Spend your nights squeezed between those juicy legs and enjoy the sexual capabilities of Suki, the sex doll. 


Top 10 Gamer Sex Dolls

Capcom’s Street Fighter is one of the most popular fighting games. The series existed before consoles and gaming computers were a thing. Many men grew up playing this game, and they still love it until now.

In Street Fighter resides a sexy pink-haired woman who loves wearing skimpy clothes. She is Poison – named after the ’80s glam-metal band. Because of Poison’s choice of wardrobe, much of her skin is exposed. Of course, men get turned on by that. 

Lakia is a sex doll that looks like Poison. If you replace Lakia’s leopard ears with a black peak cap, you will see the resemblance. Lakia is your best chance at having intercourse, oral or anal sex with the sexy brawler.


Top 10 Gamer Sex Dolls

Who would not want a woman like Lara croft? Lara is the main protagonist of the Tomb Raider series. She is an English Archaeologist who loves exploring ancient tombs and hazardous ruins around the world. Lara is physically fit and highly intelligent. On top of that, she is adventurous. That is sexy.

The needs of those who wish to have a good time with Lara Croft can be answered by the sex doll Tracey. With Tracey’s long brown hair, she looks like Lara.  

The best thing about Tracey is her closed eyes. It adds a sense of vulnerability which converts to sexiness. Lara has always been strong, but for sure, she wants a man to take care of her. You can be that man by getting yourself a Tracey sex doll.

Hatsune Miku

Top 10 Gamer Sex Dolls

You would recognize her as the anime girl with long turquoise pigtails. While she has that aesthetic, Miku did not originate from an anime. She is the personification of a Vocaloid software voicebank developed by Crypton Future Media. The internet took a liking to Miku, so she quickly rose to popularity. That led to the creation of the first games to utilize audio created in the Vocaloid software.

You might have been dreaming of spending nighttimes with Miku but erased those thoughts because she is not real. Cheer up! You can actually have that experience. All you need is to buy Sex Doll Genies’ Miku Hatsune sex doll. Bonus, the doll is a grown-up version of Miku, so her body is more developed.


Top 10 Gamer Sex Dolls

When speaking of the DC universe, Wonder Woman gets most of the men’s attention. But, some – furries, most notably – are more drawn to Cheetah’s animalistic appeal. The archenemy of DC’s most famous female superhero has appeared in various games, including Injustice 2. 

For those of you who like furries, Leona is one of the best sex dolls. She does not really look like Cheetah, to be honest. However, her leopard ears and leopard print clothing make her emit the same vibes as the supervillain. If anything, she is sexier and more attractive. All you need to do is imagine that that is how Cheetah would look if she were more human. After that, you can enjoy steamy sex with your favorite DC furry character.

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