Sex After the Pandemic Ends

It has been a while since sex culture has seen a significant change. Past revolutions have included changes from the normalization of contraceptives, pornography, masturbation to acceptance of non-heterosexual acts. These revolutions touch even the topics of polygamous relationships and abortions. They are responsible for the sex life we saw before the pandemic.

Sex After the Pandemic Ends

Now, a new revolution is about to happen. The viral pandemic that put the world in a stale state has also put a break for most sexual activities. It gave people time to think about what sex meant to them. Why do they like it so much, and what are they pursuing, really? The answers found are likely to change the sex scene after the lockdowns and quarantines are lifted. The world will see an exciting shift in how people approach sex.

With the help of the Kinsey Institute, Cosmopolitan has surveyed 2,000 people regarding how they see their sex life post-pandemic. Thinking about how it is pre-pandemic, the results were quite shocking. 

Here are some things they have uncovered in their study.

Goodbye to One-Night Stands

Yes, you read that right. The world is nearing an era where casual sex is not as prevalent as before the covid-19 hit. The lockdown has helped people realize that one-time sex is not really that satisfying. At least not as good as having a permanent partner that offers more than temporary satisfaction. Now, people have found out that what they are looking for, what they need to be happy, is intimacy and not the physical act of sex. Therefore, the way they look for sexual partners in the future will diverge from how they used to do in the past. 

More than 50% of the survey’s respondents said that they are not as interested in one-night stands anymore. Meanwhile, 64% of the respondents said that they are now less interested in having more than one sexual partner at a time. That is evidence that shows people now value intimate connections more than physical pleasures. The time of sex on first dates is about to get replaced by a time where people take a while before engaging in sexual activities. They will first try to know more about their potential partners to see if they are a great match and that their partnership can last longer than 12 hours. Building emotional connections and finding chemistry will become the keys to someone’s bedroom. All of these because people have not had sex for a long time, so they figured out that they will not die if that happens. They know that in the end, the wait will be worth it.

More People are Willing to Commit

Trapped together within the same building for over a year had tested several relationships, especially not married couples living together. The time they spent with their partners has made them know them more, both in their good and bad qualities. Despite this, despite learning about their partner’s imperfections, many people still want to commit to the relationship. They are determined to make it long-term. 

Sex After the Pandemic Ends

Data gathered from the survey revealed that of all the respondents who fantasized about breaking up, only 7% actually wanted to do it. The rest of the 93% are willing to overcome their differences, compromise, and accept their partners for who they are. Half of them even said that the lockdowns and the pandemic have helped their relationship grow stronger. They used their long time together to break bad habits and understand each other more. With this, they developed more affection and sexual attraction.

Consequently, their examples help others understand the essence of commitment. It will then lead to fewer cases of ghosting and cheating, which will then make a richer and healthier dating environment. 

Sex Becomes More Passionate

All the sweet little things above do not mean that people will have fewer and less exciting sex. In contrast, it will become more interesting. Since they have spent more time knowing their partners, they become more comfortable around each other. That means they became more open to sexual explorations too. It is the amount of trust they have in their relationship that made this possible. With it, a person knows that their partner will not make them do things that will hurt them. The confidence gained allows new things to be introduced in their sex life, making every intercourse more passionate than ever. 

Forty-six percent of the respondents have said that they are engaging in more sexual experimentation. It can range from mutual masturbation to role-playing to the use of sex dolls and toys.

The Acceptance of Sexual Products as Wellness Products

One more realization that the pandemic has brought is that sex is more important than how culture makes it out to be. It proved that sexual health is just as important as a person’s physical, mental and emotional health. That is why purchasing and using sex dolls and toys are now normalized when in the past, the deeds will guarantee side-eyes and snickers.

Sex toys had helped in bringing people sexual gratification during the pandemic. The newest trends, like Teledildonics, also helped couples maintain sexual intimacy even when they can not touch each other. In general, these products keep people satisfied when nothing else can.

The development of how society sees the industry will increase the production of more sex dolls, toys, and sex care products. Thus, more progress in sex culture is attained. 

Sex After the Pandemic Ends


Sex is largely considered one of the best things on the planet. The feeling when orgasm is reached is often described as reaching heaven. It is the peak of pleasure. Still, people found ways to elevate the experience and take sex to greater heights. Through embracing human’s emotional nature, by looking for intimacy and connection, sex will become even better. We can finally justify that it is the art of lovemaking. 

Having sex can be called dirty dancing in the sheets, but it does not mean the act should actually be dirty. There are ways to have sex without feeling regret or guilt afterward, and we are heading to a future where that is the norm. 

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