Top 10 Cyberpunk Sex Dolls

After many years in the development stage, the game Cyberpunk 2077 has finally been released by CD Projekt. It is an open-world role-playing game where you play as a customizable character called V. While other games of the same nature, you can pursue romantic relationships with some of the characters. However, Cyberpunk 2077 sets itself apart because it also allows the player to engage in sexual relationships. It is not pretentious and acknowledges that sex life is part of our lives. The game even lets you customize your character’s genitalia! Because of these, you might think about what it would feel like to have sex with characters living in Night City.

Here are the top 10 sex dolls that can help you fulfill that sexual desire. They may not look like the existing characters in the game, but they radiate the same vibes and energy as them. These dolls will fit just right in Night City and in the Cyberpunk universe. 


Top 10 Cyberpunk Sex Dolls

Lizzy Wizzy does not have biological organs anymore. They were swapped with the latest generation of Moore Technologies implants after she ate a poisoned apple during her concert. But that is just in the game. If you like to have a special time with the celebrity, when she was still a completely normal human, you can do so through the sex doll Boxxy. Their names even rhyme!

Boxxy was made to be a seductive pole dancer. This “personality” makes her even closer to the Cyberpunk celebrity that is Lizzy Wizzy.

Boxxy is an ultra-realistic sex doll made with TPE material. She is capable of giving oral, vaginal, and anal sex.


Top 10 Cyberpunk Sex Dolls

Altiera Cunningham, known simply as alt, is the fastest nightrunner and is the developer of the Soulkiller program. She is the personification of beauty and brains. 

Alt has spent her money on enhancing her beauty, which made men drool over her body. Aria, the sex doll, has the same backstory, making her the best candidate for an Alt love doll.

Her perfectly round breasts, slim waist, long legs, great complexion, and golden locks make her look like a sex goddess sent here to please men. You can even add an intelligent sound system to her, so sessions with her will be more fun. 

Aria has three orifices of varying depths. Her vaginal depth sits at 7.1″, her anal at 6.3″, and oral at 5.5″.


Top 10 Cyberpunk Sex Dolls

Hanako Arasaka is a skilled Netrunner. She was the one who used the Soulkiller program on its creator, Alt Cunningham. Do not underestimate her because she has a sweet personality. At work, she is able to lead through her calmness and assertiveness.

Suki is your best option for a Hanako sex doll. She may appear a lot younger than Hanako, but the vibes they radiate are similar. First, Suki looks Asian. Then, just like Hanako, she is like an innocent girl who is also ready for action. All types of action! Yes. That includes steamy ones. 

Suki is a platinum-cured silicone sex doll with a steel skeleton and movable joints. You can do her in different positions. 


Top 10 Cyberpunk Sex Dolls

The US Cracks is a popular Japanese idol group in the Cyberpunk universe. It comprises three American-born Japanese girls who go by the codenames Purple Force, Blue Moon, and Red Menace.

Star’s name alone makes her a perfect citizen of Night City. Then, her oriental beauty makes her a perfect US Crack love doll. By simply changing her hair color, you can have either of the three pop icons on your bed, waiting for your performance. If you fancy an orgy with all of them, you can order three Stars, and you are good to go. 

Star may appear like she was from a virtual world, but what she can offer in bed is so close to what real sex feels like. Her assets include D-cup breasts, a big round butt, and a tight vagina. You will surely have a blast with your intimate time with her.


Top 10 Cyberpunk Sex Dolls

Punks, neon lights, colorful hair, and futuristic settings. What comes to mind when these four combine? A DJ! Night City has one DJ; she goes by the name Bara Nova. While her appearance has not yet been revealed, there are speculations that she is the same person as Nina Kraviz. 

Your best choice if you fantasize about Night City’s DJ is Remi. She likes all kinds of beats, including the sound you make when you are pounding her. She offers fantastic oral, vaginal, and anal sex.

You can pretend Remi’s default looks is how the mysterious DJ actually looks like. Or, you can customize her so she would resemble Nina Kraviz better.


Top 10 Cyberpunk Sex Dolls

This Italian TPE sex doll shows a resemblance to the Cyberpunk character Melissa Rory. She is a lieutenant and prominent member of the Max-tac division or Night City’s equivalent to the special police force. Melisssa later met with the main character V. She was also the one who appeared on the trailer released back in 2013. 

Alternatively, you can see her as Panam, who is the romanceable female character for male bodies.

Admittedly, Alesandra does not look exactly like Melissa nor Panam. But, with proper customization, you can get a doll that looks like her, and you can use it to satisfy your desires. 

Alessandra has a vaginal and anal depth of 6.7 inches and an oral depth of 5.1 inches. She is also quite tall for a sex doll with a height of 5 ft 7 inches.


Top 10 Cyberpunk Sex Dolls

Judy was one of the few characters a player can romance in Cyberpunk 2077. That sounds great. However, there is bad news for men. She likes girls, not guys. 

Thankfully, while you cannot date her in-game, you can have fun with her in real life. Through Leah, you can have quality time with Judy Alvarez. Even better, you can have sex with her.

Leah does not have the same hairstyle as Judy, but she has her signature highlights. Give Leah a haircut, and without a doubt, you can make her look like Judy. 

You have the option to order her with a heating system that would warm her to normal body temperature. On top of that, you can have her with a moaning system. These options will make your time with her as close to the authentic experience as possible. 


Top 10 Cyberpunk Sex Dolls

Cyberpunk offers diversity. Aside from NPCs of different colors, the game also lets you make your character black. 

One black character that stands out is Maman Brigitte. She is the leader of the Voodoo Boys gang. “Mama” Brigitte is a strong woman who radiates authority. Unfortunately, there is no romance route for her, nor is there a sexual one.

If you dream about having sex with Brigitte, Silicon Wives’ Destiny is the doll for you. With a few tweaks and customizations, you can bring your favorite black character to life. 

Destiny is a top choice for this because she has impressive depths on her orifices. Her vaginal and anal holes both have a depth of 8 inches. Most of the ones you can find only have six to seven inches vaginal depth, and that would cause the anal hole to be shallower. Then, Destiny’s oral depth is 6 inches – again, higher than average. These deeper holes will accommodate longer shafts better, so time with your Brigitte will surely be a fantastic experience.


Top 10 Cyberpunk Sex Dolls

Claire Russel is the redhead bartender at Afterlife. She was once an engineer in Militech before she quit and pursued a simpler lifestyle. Claire was responsible, and she was friendly towards their customers. She memorized their drinks of choice, and she even named some drinks after them. Not to encourage you to take advantage of drunk women, but they and alcohol just mix so well. They could give you the best nights of your life.

Rose here is a TPE sex doll with red hair, like Claire. She cannot drink nor serve you drinks, but with pretend play, she will be able to. You can customize Rose to be your Claire. 

She has a vaginal depth of 7 inches, and anal depth of 6 inches, and an oral depth of 5 inches. You can also add a heating system that will make her insides feel like the organs of a real person.

Elle Diabla

Top 10 Cyberpunk Sex Dolls

There is something attractive about a woman who knows what she likes. Evelyn Parker is an intelligent and ambitious woman who wants to achieve more in life. Her eyes are glued to her goals so much that she is willing to take advantage of others so she can reach closer to her dreams. She is cunning and mischievous. Evelyn even tricked the Voodoo Boys once when they hired her to steal something for them. Talk about playing dirty. Though, that quality of hers adds to her sex appeal. 

If you are lusting after that kind of woman, El Diabla is the one for you. This little devil is a queen of mischief. Swap her default red hair with blue, and you can have Evelyn Parker in real life. She does not offer oral sex, but the traditional and anal sex she will give you will be enough for you to forget about that.

Night City is a sexually active place. However, it is unlikely that the developers will release sex doll versions of their characters. So, fans must make do with what we have. The good thing is, sex dolls are customizable, so making them look like a replica of the characters is relatively easy to do.

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