Furry Community: A Haven for Youth

The concept of being a furry is weird for those who are outside of their community. After all, the community consists of people who are very interested in animals that have human-like characteristics. They are so enthusiastic about it that they identify themselves as one of them. There are wolf boys, dragon maids, black-and-pink panda bears, and many more. Some of them even own fursuits or, for more sexually active members, mursuits. These are the people who would call Robin Hood from the 1973 animated film handsome and cat girls sexy. Therefore, it is understandable how outsiders get the impression that they have an unusual fetish. Here’s the list of the top 10 sex dolls in the market. 

Furry Community: A Haven for Youth

However, believe it or not, being a furry has more depth than just being sexually attracted to animal-human hybrids. That is only one corner of the community. For years, the community has served as a home to those who felt like outcasts.

LGBTQ+ and the Society

In the past, being a member of the LGBTQ+ community means being a target for mockery and ridicule. But, humanity has come a long way since then. Homosexuality, bisexuality, and asexuality are accepted now more than ever.  

However, some people still believe that it is wrong and sinful to be gay or lesbian, with even more resistance towards sex reassignment surgeries. They make it hard for people, especially the youth, who belong in the LGBTQ+ community, to come out and be themselves. 

With this, their mental health and well-being get affected. A person needs to accept his real identity and celebrate his true self to be happy. Take the person’s liberty to do this and what would be left is a perplexed soul. The person would not know how to act and what to do with his life.  

Furry Community And Inclusivity

In the furry world, anyone can be anything they like to be. No one judges anyone. If a guy says that he is a unicorn or a queen bee, no other furry will laugh at him. As long as he acts and behaves nicely, as long as he is not hurting anybody, the community will accept him no matter what his chosen fursona is. 

Since the furry community is this inclusive, it has been home to LGBTQ+ members. Here, there are no lesbians, or gays, or bisexuals. There are simply furries. Everyone’s the same, and that means there is no minority. The furry community is a place where one who cannot fit in the society can finally feel that they belong. How do high-quality sex dolls can help people?

It is what makes the furry community appealing. Members have varying fursonas, but they still are united as one. Some magic seems to be working here, allowing the existence of something as beautiful as the furry community. 

Furries and The Youth

Life is especially hard for young non-heterosexual people. At their age, they are still discovering the world and themselves. However, the negative opinion of others about not being hetero, it makes it hard for them to accept who they are. Whether they are in or out of the closet, some people will give them strange looks, implying that they do not belong. Some parents will even try to set them “straight.” They may even go as far as forcing their children to go t.o gay conversion therapies. It makes these young ones believe that there will be no place0 for them unless they change and stop being different. 

Furry Community: A Haven for Youth

Luckily, communities such as the furry fandom exist. The inclusive nature of their community welcomes every person, regardless of their gender, with wide-open arms. This embrace of acceptance is just what these people need and crave. For it to be found in such a peculiar community is mind-blowing. Nevertheless, their reception for non-binary people is hugely appreciated. 

Data from the International Anthropomorphic Research Project (IARP) has revealed that 70% of adult furries do not identify themselves as heterosexual. It is very different from data taken from the general population, wherein only 10% falls in this category. Although, these are data gathered from adult members only since ethic standards limit what they can do to members under eighteen. Still, these numbers can be used to figure out or hypothesize how many young members are not heterosexual.

Furry Conventions

If there is a fandom, there is a convention. These are events where people who share a passion for the same things gather around and celebrate what they love. 

For the furry community, the Anthrocon is one of the biggest and most known conventions. According to their website, the convention had 8,400 member attendees in 2018. It is not surprising how a portion of these eight thousand people are minors and non-binary. 

On their website, Anthrocon is a day when they celebrate their love for anthropomorphism together. There are mini-events designed to appreciate its beauty. These events showcase artworks, animations, and other creations that feature the cartoon animals they all love. There is also a parade of fursuiters that any furry would surely enjoy participating in or watching. Furthermore, there is an ample amount of activities targeted to the young ones. These are forums, discussions, and seminars that will help them grow, both as a furry and a person. It serves as evidence of how much they care for the well-being of their members. 

Furry Community: A Haven for Youth

It becomes evident that the human-like animals are not really what they are celebrating by thinking more profoundly. Instead, conventions like Anthrocon are about love for one’s self. They serve as reminders that, as long as you understand yourself, and are happy with what you are doing, then the opinions of others do not matter. Anthrocon, and the whole furry community, uplift the idea of uniqueness in everyone. They highlight that while as individuals, people have differences that are hard to ignore, it does not mean they should be against each other. In contrast, people should embrace and overcome these differences. Help someone accept who they are rather than converting them to be what is considered normal. 

If the furry community has achieved this level of inclusion, with a little more push, the rest of the world can do it too. How wonderful would that be?

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